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  1. 1. Security Officer. 2. 3. 4. 5. Letov Tarasovich.
  2. As a lot of people have said here just go with it, but most importantly. Have fun. Seriously. Don't do shit that's optimal if its something you don't think you'd enjoy. Every antag and loadout will have different playstyles. No one's going to be really watching you unless you're fairly well known at antagging so don't feel like you've got a salty ghost audience. Have fun. Make mistakes. Get bodied. Learn from them. Become better. And, over time, you'll get over those jitters.
  3. ngl I can think of many ways to game these. I'd tone down some of the positive boons HEAVILY.
  4. >be me >play atmos >repipe to make everything neat and tidy >monkey brain activate when clean pipe >see breach in electrical maintenance >blob? >walk in >see this >suicide succumb on the spot >salt in dchat >an infected mouse has appeared >be me
  5. Narrators Voice: No, no he could not.
  6. the floor melts x32 the floor melts x32 the floor melts x32 the floor melts x32
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