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  1. This meant a lot to me mostly because I'm a huge nerd.
  2. Pretzel is a Warforged glamour bard with the Entertainer background. And also a huge nerd.
  3. I made a thing for Santa! He even gave me a cookie!
  4. I'm upset that things are not on steam but having competitors is a good thing. Hopefully it will cause both sides to strive to be better than the other. Still sucks tho.
  5. Uh... Well Egg was a clown that only said the word egg. He was lost to the badmins after the great nest attack of 2018. That's all I can tell you without being assassinated.
  6. have a wonderful time with my family and friends. Lots of hugs and helping out as assistant and maybe some medical work if it's as simple as it is when playing. To be honest I'd be freaked out at first but over time I'd just be pretzel.
  7. I like to think that I take a part of me and make it into a character. Jessica Connor was my anger and my doomer outlook on life. Pretzel/PTL-303 is my happiness, my loving nature, and my wanting to be constantly hugged. Overall I'm that much like them in the end. Nowadays I do tend/try to keep a "Pretzel" Mindset when chatting on discord, forms, and sometimes IRL since Jessica is a dick.
  8. My one and only contribution to 2019
  9. My Boyfriend made this for me and it's awesome.
  10. It's Lute string The super cool and super yellow kenku monk. Well known for slapping a dwarf so hard they lost consciousness and poking a giant in the toe with a long stick tell they died. D&D is special and it's important to remember your first badass.