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  1. Poolbay lives again Fun cold room with Edgar A real pool with Sizzle Me kidnapping the captain for a tea party getting a silly medal and Miraviel being awesome :)
  2. My Final Escape TEG And an exceptionally good mining round I had
  3. The SM exploded pretty much right as the shift started. Told the captain I would try building a TEG. For the first time ever it both worked and didn't cause a plasma fire!
  4. Had a great mining round last night 30,000ish mining points, 10,000 credits, a mining drone friend named Ross and a very cool looking outfit.
  5. Had a nice round as security secretary with L.I.F.T.
  6. I walked up to a tunnel clown and asked to be told a joke
  7. I had my first NT Rep round in well over a year. It was pretty smooth tell I got this in the mail.
  8. Ichor the Padawan about three days before order 66 happens. Dominic the Wild Magic Sorcerer and his trusty familiar
  9. With the help of Jade Burnwood, the miners, and the wonderful people in RnD I was not only able to set up the SM for the first time but also run the Bluespace Harvester for the first time, all in one round!
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