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  1. I like the idea, although this'd lead to a lot of random "paper" names cluttering up the tag. That's not a real problem on the player side of things, but the endless "obj/item/paper/reqform" and "obj/item/paper/jobchange" would mess up the admin side of it. Still worth it in the end, though, as just having paperwork easily accessible (without having to futz with godawful BBCode) would almost certainly make people more likely to use it.
  2. I'm a fan of "Fist Aid," myself; I'm totally gonna say that the next time I have to restrain some tweaker idiot at work to treat them. Lessee, to lay out their background: "You are the Orderly. Your job is to keep the Medbay clean and safe." Access: Medbay, Surgery (to help with patient movement and keeping Surgery safe from tspiders, slaughter demons, and similar baddies), Maintenance. Starting Equipment: Uniform, shoes, ID+PDA (Medical cartridge), Medical headset, soap, space cleaner, 1 pair of handcuffs. Has CQC applicable in Medbay areas, like the Chef's "Close-Quarters Cook
  3. I like the idea of this, and wouldn't mind manually updating objectives if someone ahelped asking for it in-game. Problem is, it's a lot easier to track "dead" than "legless," or any of the similar suggestions. The closest we can get is "marooned," which is fairly easy to record (target not present on escape shuttle/pod at end of round), ditto for "dead" one way or another. To give an example, let's consider how you'd record if someone is legless at the end of the round: -The first obvious approach is to log whether or not the target mob still possesses "/obj/item/organ/external/arm" and
  4. I've seen it suggested before as well, and I've no issue with making "Security Cadet" an alternate title for the Constable as you suggest. Ultimately, though, I think it's best to bundle multiple potential roles in one rather than specializing everything, and the position has enough leeway to be both 'low-speed security' and 'baldie with a baton' at the same time. To address your other points in turn: -Uniforms: You've got a good point regarding the importance of uniforms, but doing so requires additional coding and prep work. While I agree that Constable-specific uniforms would be handy,
  5. Tl;dr version: Currently, Seccies have to juggle low-speed stuff like "teach a baldie how to not hit himself" and "toss the Clown out of Medbay again" alongside high-speed stuff like "harmbaton a vampire" and "cremate changelings." These two roles don't gel very well, so let's split them into two complementary positions. Introduction: As a job, the Security Officer is easily one of the most thankless ones. There is no learner position, no easy way to get into the job, and lethal consequences when you make a mistake. You're thrown into the deep end right from roundstart and expected
  6. There's nothing clean about dying out in the Black. The lucky ones have proper suits; they're protected from the elements, or at least 'till I get involved. The unlucky ones get to feel their blood seep out through their skin, gasping at air which won't ever come, feeling their eyeballs boil out from their skulls. Killing out here is an ugly business. And best of all, I'm up against the worst sort of enemies. "Prep to breach," I mutter into my headset. His name was Edward. Brown hair going to grey, bit of a paunch, loved to go on about his synthsteaks and the pets he trained. Nice
  7. Interesting. Unfortunately, code-wise there's a bit of an issue: cult only really works with the cult gamemode activated, which then creates four roundstart cultists and the usual Nar'Sie objectives. It'll take some testing to see if basic cult features (runes/talismans, conversions, etc.) would still function outside of that.
  8. I should preface this by saying the issue of confinement and suicide watch is a pretty relevant one for me personally, as I handle a lot of it in my line of work. From the information you've presented, I would assume the following: 1) The officer's behavior sounds normal for a real-life job, but somewhat problematic for a vidya gaem with after-death options available. I don't know if they were simply playing up the "overly professional redshirt" role a bit much or were just trying to fuck with you, but if I was in that position I'd have gotten your+Command's permission for an execution an
  9. "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance..." -Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 I knew things had gotten bad when the nuke started talking to me. "Hey, MacTavish," the Nuclear Fission Explosive grunted cheerfully, waggling its tail fins in greeting. "Feelin' a little under the weather there, a
  10. "Space BBC: Still (Under)Funded by Space Britannia" Hello, viewers. I'm your host, Sir David Rattenborough, and I've been necromantically resurrected to provide my soothing voice to your nature documentaries. Today, we're venturing into the Epsilon Eridani sector to see the exotic life-forms which live in such a hostile environment: The NSS Cyberiad is home to many unique specimens, including the hostile Tribunus Shitcuritus, the well-meaning Medicus Inscitus, and the dangerous Quaesitorus Validatus. Today, however, we are in search of the elusive Puer Greytidus, which
  11. Glad you liked that 'un! There's a balance to sardonic CC shitposts, in between "being an entertaining asshole" and "just being an asshole." If you're up for it, I might use the Sankinovs for more CC riffing in the future.
  12. Soundtrack - "Big Iron" "To the town of Cyber-iad stomped a Durand one fine day," (~ooo~ooo~ooo~) "Hardly shot at folks around him, didn't have to much to say," (~ooo~ooo~ooo~) "No one dared to ask his business, no one dared to make a slip," "For the Durand there among them had a big ion on his hip..." ("big ion on his hiiiip...") It was evac in the shi-ift when he rode into the town, (~ooo~ooo~ooo~) He came ridin' from the south side, slowly lookin' all around, (~ooo~ooo~ooo~) "He's an antag loose and runnin'," came the whisper from each lip, "and he'
  13. Hello, everyone. Since becoming an admin I've run various events of different scales, and I'd like to hear the perspectives and opinions of the people involved. If you have any feedback, comments, or suggestions (or want to suggest a new event), lemme know below. Large-scale events: (major, round-spanning events which end up dominating the round) 1. "CentComm Defectors:" 2. "Space Pirates:" Medium-scale events (large events which have an impact on the round, but don't completely take it over): 1. "Colossal Missionary:" 2. "Masked Killer:"
  14. I'm a longtime Seccie myself, and I'd have to agree with many of the earlier issues raised in this thread. More to the point, I'd argue that quite a few of them are closely connected: -The learning cliff: Security is an extremely difficult job to learn, requiring both robustness and knowledge of station SOP, server rules, and a thick enough skin to survive a storm of criticism. -Actual shitsec: While often just undeserved whining, much of that criticism is actually quite fair. I've seen prisoners left in cuffs for 15-20 minutes in Processing, utterly ridiculous criminal records place
  15. I really like this idea, all in all. It lets secborgs stay relevant against biohazards, while still subjecting them to significant penalties ("1 hand+0 backpacks" vs. "2 hands+backpack o'guns") that allow organics to remain important too. (as an aside, when playing Secborg against blobs/xenos/terrors, I find it's almost a relief to finally die. Whaling on some isolated bit of blob for ages, with literally nothing more than a harmbaton to hurt the thing, is all kinds of no-fun)
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