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  1. Not really SS13 related but... I hope you enjoyed it either way, really liked how Krek's portrait went so I tried drawing a Sertian then claiming it as my OC.
  2. okay (Rook, my oc, Drake's Kolb, and Qwerty's Kicha jamming)
  3. Hi! Check Trello for more example and commission status https://trello.com/b/OBPcf17S/emilitias-commission Some dumb ss13 examples
  4. ART, I FORGOT TO POST ART here's scarlet and frens
  5. Thanks a lot, I really like yours too Angelica. I appreciate it. Also, haven't posted here for a longggggggggg while, here's @Cheeseman's Krek, Noble of Clan Tristan, a Kidan.
  6. Commons Name: Scarlet Mikhailovna Einholve Canilunzt Name: Skarlett Mikharurztna Einholvic Gender: Female Orientation: Bisexual Nicknames/Alias: Scar, Ruby5 (radio callsign) Picture: (hair let loosed) Age/D.O.B: 22/2563 Place Of Birth: Kelune, Vazzend Species: Vulpkanin (closely resembles the wolf variant) Blood Type: A+ Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: Nanotrasen (employee), the Assembly (former employee), NT Workers Union (member) Religious Beliefs: Neo-Racht Monism Childhood: Growing up on a major orbital station above Kelune, Scarlet spent most of her childhood life practicing medicine as her chosen career, occasionally breaking into the docks and warehouses to meet with sailors of other species from faraway parts of the galaxy. Picking up mechanical skill, Tradeband, and putting together a dream to see the frontiers and the heart of SolGov despite the warnings of those older sailors. Adulthood: She signed a Nanotrasen contract at the age of 20, becoming a Cyberiad physician at a very young age and has been bounced around by the administrative department a lot due to her adaptive skills. However, most part of her modern life are obscured away by her lack of expression in the matter. How she lost her left arm and eyes is still unknown. Detailed Information Appearance: Scarlet is a 5'4 natural red Vulpkanin with a curled up tail and a custom made left cybernetic arm. Despite being small, she retained her athletic build with an arrogant, if not rebellious feel from her movement and stance. Her long hair covers an eye with a bun tied up behind her ears, showing only one orange cybernetic eye. Character Voice: Scarlet speaks fluent Galactic Commons with a slight Canilunzt accent, sounding blunt but sweet at times depending on the situation. She could adjust her pitch to be either deep for normal conversations or higher with her acquaintances. Personality: Although she's chill and caring, she can become irritating for those above her if she does not respect them, often acting arrogantly or bluntly towards those whom she thinks are in the wrong. She, however, act extremely kind towards those who are inexperienced and will show them the way around or try her best to save everyone. She doesn't speak much, but suffice to say she has some controversial thoughts within the security and medical department and Nanotrasen as a whole. Medical Record: [REDACTED] Personal Relationships Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear These are only a list of people whom she have had interactions with in the past, she, however, probably knows you as well. Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy - Nanotrasen - Syndicate - SolGov - USSP - The Assembly Other Information WIP
  7. The Dog Wrestler Waltz Original: Exurb1a Arrangement: Emilitia Ennehrt Here's how it sounds in space (bluespace lag as usual) How it's supposed to sound Wanna play it on ss13 instrument? The Dog Wrestler's Waltz.txt 240 BPM is awesome also This would not be possible without @BlackDog's help, thanks a lot, more is coming since I'm enjoying doing these.
  8. You mfs talk flaming shit within my baton range actually has lore below, not just meme She likes to keep her PDA strapped to her right upper arm and wear a black security coat instead of the jacket. Also the radios are clipped to the back of her ear, not too tight though. Her rank is Cpl (Corporal) and wears three ribbons on her coat: Cyberiad Magnificent Medical Medal (ICly cannon, thanks Sophie/Edroy), Dagon special operations service ribbon (one of the 4 expedition operative to make a landfall onto a rogue planet), Nanotrasen Service Medal (every single nukies round I immediately join sec force and help command out, I assume she'd get an award for at least getting captain out of a sieged bridge at least twice). Realistically she has NSS Cyberiad and NDV Dagon (NDV because NTSS is the retired version of Dagon) service ribbon or whatever every crew/sec has when you serve on them, but she probably snatched one from NRS Orion too since Dagon practically orbits around the communication array.) Helka and Velklana version will come with some lore.
  9. Here's some more contribution. I'll let the others do their own Toobposting
  10. The idea started when we were doing a Jackbox Party game with 5 people and we started posting ss13 references in it. Then everyone pretty much agreed telepathically to post Toob in bracketeering which was awesome. Toob was not included in the said session.
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