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  1. Planning to make it so you need a lot of units for one snow tile. I plan to balance it around a fully teched up science department so those shitters don't stand a chance. Let's say a full bluespace beaker can cover a 4 by 4 room. Even if you filled a BoH with only beakers of snow you could still not cover a significant part of the station. Added to that the temperature needs to be low enough for snow to stay. As soon as someone decides to use a heater/thermostat that snow is gone.
  2. That is like two departments working together. Literally impossible with our crew xd
  3. What about this? @KyetThe amount of units used per snow tile is what could keep it from being intrusive for other players.
  4. Mission failed, we'll get 'em next time. New gameplan is making a snow chemistry recipe. You can splash this on the floor and if you splashed (insert amount here) units it creates snow.
  5. I will have my team of expert coders look into this when making the PR
  6. Yeah I would say that the area they cover right now is too large and with my previous thermostat PR it is probably possible to cause some real damage if it was used that way. Still think the playerbase will be responsible with it though.
  7. That plasma fire was so pretty I tried to recreate is safely for a pyrotechnic show idea. Sad to say that the way I tried did not work.
  8. I think it is something really fun that is arbitrarily restricted. The PR is probably easy to make for people that know what they are doing but for me I need to be sure people actually want this.
  9. Very quick and simple. Is anyone against having snow machines year round instead of them being a Christmas only thing? I really want to make my drask paradise room and have snowball fights.
  10. The empty box idea has my vote.
  11. Would you be opposed to some type of labeling system that allows heads to remain anonymous while still giving a sense of feedback about what is happening to a PR? Or is anonymity a deal breaker? @Kyet
  12. I wish the service areas of cargo and RnD were bigger. Like 2 counters, consoles and machines so more than one person can get serviced at once. That is my suggestion. Quicker service = shorter lines = less blocked halls.
  13. That was a great prince round for me. The fans were the only thing that kept me going despite the numerous injuries.
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