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  1. SOP for Gamma Alert has been changed. Essentially: SOP does not apply at all during gamma alert. Sec can do whatever they need to do to ensure the safety of station/crew. If you interfere with people dealing with the emergency (e.g: sec, command, ERT) you can be detained. If you physically threaten such a person, (e.g: by pulling out a weapon) they can respond with lethals. If you actually attack such a person, they can field execute you on the spot. Don't be the idiot who thinks it is cute to drag people away from ERT, or try to disarm them, during G
  2. Mentor apps are now open. See here for info & how to apply: https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/85-open-mentor-applications/
  3. Nov 25: MrSynnester was promoted from Trial Admin to Game Admin RadiantFlash retired from Trial Admin due to lack of time
  4. The following changes have been made as a result of head discussion of items brought up in the 2nd community survey: The "Repeat Offender" space law modifier is now +10 minutes, instead of the old +5 minutes. Combat implants (anti-drop, CNS rebooter) are now considered "restricted weapons" under space law, which means that scientists giving themselves or other people such implants without authorization is grounds for the person who gets the implant to be charged with major crime 304 possession of a restricted weapon (10-15 minutes). The person who did the surgery may also be char
  5. I wasn't going to butt in, but wow, you really goat me there.
  6. IAAs should usually deliver their reports to the department heads, not to the Captain. If an IAA feels a department head is ignoring their concern without good cause, then they can go to the Captain, but at that point the Captain's concern is the department head not managing their department. Not the original issue. Captains can ask NTR or IAA to investigate something, but they're more likely to ask the NTR (if its serious enough to warrant the Captain's attention, it almost certainly involves a department head, so asking the NTR to look into it is appropriate). The one case where a Captain
  7. Here is the proposed TO-DO list for Paradise, based on the 2nd survey. The goal here is to provide a list of practical, helpful proposals for improvements to Paradise based community feedback. This is based on the second survey discussion notes and data.
  8. Obviously, in our version they'd be separate offices. They'd just be connected to the same "service" corridor.
  9. From an admin pov, my main concern with psych is the fact that a good chunk of the time, it is played by players who are absolutely bald, and decide to kidnap someone, straightjacket them, and force-feed them drugs. Because that's what they think is appropriate for a psych. I've had to ban more people from psych/medical for this than I care to remember. As such, any mechanic which psychs can abuse to detain people for long periods of time, or really at all, is probably not a good mechanic. If we're going to give psych a mechanic, something they can use to make the job more interest
  10. I've been thinking about a terror spider game mode for ~3+? years since they were added. Right now, I think they're better as a late-round event. We already have enough team-deathmatch game modes (nukies, blob, shadowlings, etc). SS13 is at its best when its about mistrust, paranoia, suspicion, and only a minority of gameplay is team deathmatch (after everything goes to hell). So, terrors are really best suited to be a late-round event which dramatically ups the difficulty, not a round-start thing. Also, from a development point of view... I've put an enormous amount of work into ge
  11. Hello everyone. Back in April, we paused our Patreon for a month, and instead encouraged our patrons to donate towards real-world charities aimed at helping the victims of COVID-19. Now, with COVID-19 on the rise again, and winter expected to be difficult in many countries, we're pausing our patreon again. Only this time, we're pausing our patreon for the remainder of 2020: November and December. During this time, existing patrons will continue to get their perks, but won't be charged anything. We hope that our existing patrons will consider donating to charity instead. We
  12. I've rewritten much of the IAA job page: https://www.paradisestation.org/wiki/index.php/Internal_Affairs The major differences are: Now covers new mechanics, like the recently added procedure radio channel. Now has much easier-to-read format, with bullet points. Now explains that IAAs are perfectly encouraged to wander the station and check up on the various departments, notifying that department's head if the department's jobs are violating SOP/etc. IAAs shouldn't be sitting in their office all shift. Now provides more/better guidance on various spec
  13. Kyet


    Runechat is now merged, and in the game. For more information, see the Guide to Runechat.
  14. Here is the proposed TO-DO list for Paradise, based on the 1st survey and subsequent threads/voicemeetings. The goal here is to provide a list of practical, helpful proposals for improvements to Paradise based community feedback.
  15. Some tips: Verify command is actually alive. During hectic rounds, they might be dead before you notice. You can check via suit sensors. Think for a moment about how busy the department is. If the brig is under attack, the HOS is probably in a firefight, and not even looking at their chat window. So they won't hear anything you say. In these situations, try again in a few mins. If you need to get the heads to report in, station-wide announcement is best. Partly for the 'ding' it makes. Partly as it appears in large font. You can also PDA message them, which has a 'ding' as
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