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  1. I am fine with having a dedicated staff member whose job it is to oversee the wiki. I am also fine with giving expanded permissions to: - Mentors (e.g: patrol, autopatrol, maybe rollback?) - Wiki Contributors (unsure what I'd give them) - Some sort of new not-an-admin-but-has-curator-permissions-on-the-wiki role (maybe delete pages, probably not bigdelete/blockuser)
  2. Feb 15: pineapplesalad has joined the team as a Trial Admin Feb 24: The following Game Admins have retired: Saxis tullybburnalot Twinmold Dadman234 / Da Dman234 Tayi / Tayswift Brandon / BrandonSacawv
  3. For what it is worth, I am rarely in the Bridge as Captain, and yet I rarely get killed. I do, however: Max my suit sensors at roundstart, and then re-max them after any kidnap attempt Drag the blueshield around with me if I am going anywhere except brig and he's available. If he's not available... wait for him to be available, or get a sec officer as an escort, or go alone but be more cautious. Give the blueshield the pinpointer too so they can locate me via the disk I always carry Avoid acting like security, this includes chasing threats who attack you too far
  4. Some items (e.g: Mirror Shield) are very strong. Maybe too strong. Not sure if this is the best way to deal with that, but it does have other benefits as well (like encouraging them to go after their sac target earlier, instead of just before summoning). So, maybe. Personally the thing that really gets me is the fact that even ERT are quite limited in dealing with mirror shield cultists, especially if they also have other high power cult items.
  5. I would support a PR which removes glowshrooms' ability to self-replicate. I might even support nerfing them even more then that, such as by just preventing you from planting them anywhere except hydroponics trays.
  6. Feb 1: lightfire53 has unretired and is once again a Game Admin
  7. Jan 29: dearmochi added as PR Reviewer
  8. There's a big blue Discord button on the right of the forum homepage. I've also added a Discord button to the navigation menu at the top of all forum pages.
  9. I don't really see any upsides to doing paperwork. Just ask the department head over PDA: "(name here) wants a transfer to (job here). Yes/No?" No answer within 30 seconds? Or "no" as an answer? Request denied, tell them to pick another job for transfer, or go bother the department head in person if they really want that job. Usually the head will PDA back immediately, but even if you have to wait 30 seconds, which is not typical, then you can spend that time dealing with the 2nd person in line, so its not even wasted time. As HOP, nobody ever challenges the transfers I do... but if th
  10. Paperwork is a waste of time, and HOPs should not be forcing anyone to do it. If a HOP needs another head's approval for a job transfer, it is far faster to get it by radioing or PDAing that head. Takes seconds, where making people do paperwork takes many minutes. Really, when I see a HOP forcing people to do paperwork, the only conclusion I can draw is that they're a jerk who enjoys wasting other players' time.
  11. Nations was axed completely because it was god-awful. It required an EXTREME amount of babysitting by admins and even then typically turned into all-out war due to the actions of one idiot in each department. Nations as a game mode was so bad that the only time admins would reliably use it was when a new admin had just joined the team and we wanted to haze and torment them as much as possible for their first shift as an admin. Its primary use was literally making admins suffer. There were one or two admins who'd also force it as an event, but this was rare, as it typically required 2 admins mi
  12. Xenos are in the code, but their round type is not in active rotation. The reason is that they're not well balanced or fun. If the online admin(s) are prepared to go the extra mile in making the crew suffer, though, they can be a late-round event. They're not in active rotation even for that, but its still possible for admins to force the event.
  13. Jan 14: Denghis has joined the team as a Server Dev
  14. Kyet

    Death Note

    Too OP. Effectively lets you kill anyone on the zlevel at any time. Even if you're on the other side of the station hiding in maint. With a single kill objective, you can just write their name 60 seconds before the shuttle docks at CC, guaranteeing a greentext in the most boring way possible. With hijack, nothing stopping you from just copy/pasting the entire crew manifest into it to give the entire crew heart attacks at once. From an admin point of view, aside from the silly balance implications, I'm also not looking forward to the ahelps that go like this: Them: "why did I die?" Us
  15. The following people have been added as mentors: octagonalfridays (formerly golfboy) sabreml shmabu boppybear dommygaming henriquekill9576 norstead peakperformance carthusia bormac balthusdire sirryan2002 matttheficus woje Thank you to everyone who applied to be a mentor.
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