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  1. Dec 26: cazdon has become a Trial Admin
  2. Kyet

    Santa Mission

    For the next week or so, the Gateway will always connect to the seasonal 'Santa' away mission.
  3. Nov 20: Drakeven has become a Trial Admin eler00 has been promoted from Trial Admin to Game Admin Landerlow has been promoted from Trial Admin to Game Admin TheSardele has been promoted from Trial Admin to Game Admin Dec 18: Normalyman has retired from Game Admin 25charactersorless has retired from Game Admin
  4. If anyone reading this finds it interesting, they might also enjoy reading: Chinese Room.
  5. Hey folks. To help keep the wiki updated: The menu on the left side of wiki pages now links to the "how to contribute to the wiki" guide, as well as a list of pages needing update. I'll likely be going through the contribution guide, updating it to a shorter and more readable format, as well. Each page that needs update is clearly marked as such, and the reason it needs review/update is shown on it. Players can add/remove pages from the list, very easily, using the provided instructions. So, if you notice something that needs fixing/update on the wiki, even if you're not an experienced editor, you can still easily flag it as needing update. Wiki editors can now volunteer to maintain a wiki page. Details are at: Essentially, editors that do this are volunteering to help keep pages up to date even if the underlying game mechanics / information changes, e.g. due to a PR being merged. I've volunteered to maintain the wiki pages for the various features I've added myself (like terror spiders). I encourage our long-term players with expertise in a specific area of the game to step up and volunteer to help maintain wiki pages about that area.
  6. Over the last 24h, nobody could register on our forum, due to a captcha issue. This is now fixed. Credit to @E.I.G.H.T. for being the only person to mention it to me on Discord, so I could fix it.
  7. We are moving domain, from (bork, bork!) to So: Try out our website at the new address: Update your saved bookmarks. Make sure your browser's password manager has your password saved under the new domain (typically, just login once on the new domain, and it will offer to save it) If something doesn't work, contact me (via Discord PM)
  8. Kyet

    Forum Updates

    Additional updates made today: Updated forum software version (maintenance release by Invision software). Updated discord integration code again (bug fixes by 3rd party authors). Lots of backend maintenance
  9. Kyet

    Forum Updates

    Changes made: About 10 players had an in-game account linked to a forum account, and then the forum account was automatically deleted by the forum because they never finished their forum registration (never confirmed their email address). This left those players in a weird state where their byond account was linked to a forum account that no longer existed. All of the affected accounts have been fixed, and the code has been improved to account for this situation. The forum has also been reconfigured to no longer prune (delete) accounts where the owner fails to confirm their email address. The "registration completion" banner (which prompted everyone to link their discord account) has been removed. It showed up to everyone, including banned players, which was not ideal. All banners have also been hidden for forum accounts which don't have a confirmed email address, to avoid confusing players with multiple instructions on the same page. A new "Add Discord for easier login, an invite to our Discord server, and perks" line has been added to the top of the page for ingame verified forum members without linked Discord accounts. This is much smaller than the previous banner, and only shows up for verified accounts. It is not currently possible to dismiss this notice, though I may add that in future.
  10. Plasmamen did not RP more when their karma price was 100. Plasmamen did not suffer a reduction in RP levels when their karma price was reduced. Based on those facts, I don't think that changing the karma price of Vox, or other races, will affect the RP level of Vox players. I'm skeptical about the karma system in general. We do not review, moderate, or otherwise verify the effects of the karma system. We just take it for granted that it works. I've never seen any evidence to prove it works. I've never seen any evidence that karma totals measure RP ability/willingness better than pure playtime does. At times, I've been tempted to just abolish the karma system entirely and just use playtime for everything that's currently karma-locked.
  11. Nov 11th: brandonsacawv has returned to the staff team as Game Admin.
  12. Nice idea. Unfortunately, gateway maps require a LOT more effort to create than you think.
  13. I've done a major upgrade to the wiki. As of today: Logging in to the wiki now uses your forum username/password. You no longer have to remember a separate username/password just for the wiki. Creating a wiki account is now automatic, when you log in via a forum account which doesn't have a wiki account. No more manually registering separate wiki accounts. Logging in will now synchronize your email, email verification status, displayname, etc with the forum, so it won't get out of date on the wiki. Game Admins now automatically get moderator permissions on the wiki, including the ability to view the list of unpatrolled edits, and to mark edits as patrolled. This enables game admins to keep an eye on the wiki. Players can no longer send each other email via the wiki. This had the potential to be annoying.
  14. Updates made today to our Patreon integration: Fixed a bug that was causing people with expired pledges to still get Patreon perks as if they were current patrons. Patron status now synchs from your forum account to your Discord account, the same way that other roles do. This eliminates the need for Patrons to separately connect their Discord account directly with Patreon. It also prevents situations where the forum thinks someone is a patron, but the Discord doesn't, or vice versa. It also ensures that ex-patrons have their patron tag in Discord removed. Patrons of the $1-4 tier are no longer counted as patrons anywhere. They don't get the Patreon Supporters group on the forums, the role/tag in Discord, or any ingame perks. This is a strictly token tier which does not grant anything, per the tier description. To make sure your patron status is correctly updated: If your forum account needs to be activated (you'll see big red text at the top of the page if this is the case) then activate it. Link your Patron account to your forum account here Link your forum and discord accounts here Your benefits should be synched everywhere (on forums, ingame, and on Discord) within an hour.
  15. Today, I reworked how the forum handles member ranks and titles. Short version: The forums no longer give you extra permissions after you've posted once. Instead, they give you extra permissions after you verify your forum account ingame. Patreon supporters no longer have their names displayed in cyan, but they still have "Patreon Supporter" listed on their posts, and unlike previously their supporter status won't cause problems if they are also an admin/mentor/etc. Since this update required a LOT of work on the backend, I urge all staff/mentors/donors/etc to double-check that their forum accounts work correctly. If you notice any issues, message me.