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  1. Some tips: Verify command is actually alive. During hectic rounds, they might be dead before you notice. You can check via suit sensors. Think for a moment about how busy the department is. If the brig is under attack, the HOS is probably in a firefight, and not even looking at their chat window. So they won't hear anything you say. In these situations, try again in a few mins. If you need to get the heads to report in, station-wide announcement is best. Partly for the 'ding' it makes. Partly as it appears in large font. You can also PDA message them, which has a 'ding' as
  2. I'm not sure this guide is helpful. There are lots of things it says that are just not accurate, at least for Paradise. For example, This is not at all how we look at rule-breaking. Most people who break the rules do so for one of three reasons: They're a new player who never read the rules, possibly just assuming the rules are the same as the last game/server they played They're a less new player who is trying out more serious roles (like command) for the first time, and haven't yet learned the ins and outs of what is expected of these higher seriousness roles
  3. August 10th: Esenno, Friality, Doc, and Tourte have graduated from TA to full Game Admin Sept 5th: Vargh has unretired and is once again a Game Admin Sept 22nd: SteelSlayer has joined the staff as a PR Reviewer.
  4. Here is the writeup of the notes from the meeting on Saturday (9/12), where we covered the results of the 2nd survey (Special Issue Paradise 2020 Community Survey). Goals were figuring out: What the survey told us What it means What we can learn from it / improve based on the results This meeting ran from 1:45pm to 6:20pm, or about 5.5 hours total. Notes are from the voice meeting plus editing a day later to reflect opinions in the survey's freeform answers. Please post your commentary/etc here. This thread will run for one week, to enable everyone to h
  5. Survey data: here Announcement: here Doc discussing results: here Post your commentary/suggestions/etc in this thread please.
  6. RE: IAAs getting access to permabrig Unfortunately, half the time I would not trust the IAAs to tie their shoes, let alone access permabrig. I'm working on rewriting the IAA wiki page, but until that happens, and people start treating IAA more seriously, I'm very skeptical about giving them extra stuff. RE: Injunctions Injunctions should probably just be removed totally. They're never used, we probably don't want the HOS to start enforcing things that aren't even in space law. SOP (including demotion) provides better tools to handle things like abuse of a megaphone. Its not even a
  7. Quick update: New forum skin is now applied for everyone. Old skin is disabled. Discord integration has been patched, confirmed to work, and is now re-enabled.
  8. Update: I've replaced our old custom skin with a new one. The new custom skin should have almost all the same colors and features as the old one, but is from-scratch redone to be 4.5 compatible, and is vastly easier for me to maintain. You might not notice any difference. Extremely observant people might notice some subtle color or styling differences. Discord integration remains disabled for the moment, as fixing that requires an update from the plugin author.
  9. I ended up building a new skin for the forums, based on IPB defaults, but with our colors, and manually importing each of our major changes. With a few CSS overrides, this should solve 99% of issues with forum colors/templates.
  10. The forum has had a major update today. Here's what you need to know. For the next few days, take backups in notepad of any post you are about to make. While I don't anticipate having to revert the forums, it is possible, and I don't want you all to risk losing any posts. For the next few days, Discord integration will be disabled. Due to the new forum software not being compatible with old templates/CSS, you may notice a lot of weird visual artifacts on the forums. Report these (or any other forum-specific bugs) in the 4.5 report thread here.
  11. I don't think Magi+HoS+Captain=>Parole is a viable system. Its hard enough to convince even ONE of those people to grant parole, let alone ALL of them. The reason for parole going off the Magi alone is that Magi is supposed to be the final authority on space law on station... and unlike the HOS, the magi is there to ensure justic/fairness for all, including prisoners. The HOS should in theory do this, but in practice they often fall into the "play 2 win" mentality whereby they'd just never grant parole to anyone ever.
  12. Options for discouraging that include: ICly, specifically say that the EOC must have been caught to be eligible. EOCs that turn themselves in unprompted are not eligible for parole. OOCly, add an advanced rule that says EOCs who turn themselves in at shift start get antag-banned, since if they don't want to be an antag they should be ahelping to get the status removed, not turning themselves in roundstart and giving away the game mode instantly. Either way, it seems like a solvable problem.
  13. From: https://www.paradisestation.org/wiki/index.php/Legal_Standard_Operating_Procedure#Parole Current requirements to get parole: If someone is an EOC, OR has committed a capital crime, then parole is only allowed if authorized by the Magistrate or Captain. They should not authorize this unless it is a serious emergency and the parolee is expected to help deal with the emergency. For example, a non-violent syndicate engineer may be paroled to help fight a blob. For all other prisoners, Magi/Captain/HoS/Warden may authorize parole at their discretion. They are advised to con
  14. Here is the writeup of the notes from the meeting on Sunday (Sept/6), where we covered the results of the 2020 Paradise Community Survey (the 1st survey, link here) and tried to discuss them and figure out: what the survey told us what it means what we can learn from it (ideas for improvement) Please bear in mind that this meeting ran from about 2:30pm to 9:30pm, and while the last ~2 hours were social, that still leaves ~5 hours of discussion in voice with a huge number of people about every topic under the sun. I wrote up these notes the next day, attempting to
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