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  1. I joined this chain for the Numbers not for the quirky things. I thought this was all about a race. Not quirky things, gotta go fast! Numero OTTO
  2. Medbay can be really boring, really stressfull or noth most of the times and your appreciation for the medical jobs may really depend on the team that you are working with I was wondering who they should be for you to maximize the FUN (or minimize the stress) Just name the medbay that you would like to play with. So a paramedic, a chemist, a coroner, at least two doctors (or surgeons or nurses), CMO, medborgs and a Virologist add whatever you want to the list as long is from a medbay or subtract from it. Chemist: Patrick Thompson Chemist #2: random bald (always funny when medchem explodes... Nah it is just that I like to teach people) Paramedic: no idea "insert random unathi" Coroner: Sol-oorm-uurm (Is this the name of that crazy Drask?) Doctor #1: Zerno Orze Doctor #2: Kar-Ski Virologist: Linda Clarke (I put her at the same level of kindness/nightmare of MOMMY) CMO: CMO's Hypospray Some honourable mentions: Henk de Fries, Autumn Angley, Mak Wusam and brother, random medbot with dreadfull name.
  3. /me looks around, crawling out of his cave. ONE!!! /me quickly return back to his cave. (Got a lot of time in my hands)
  4. Bernard Forlan was my name. I once roamed the hallways of the NSS Cyberiad and i ate and drank with you. I, Bernard Forlan, am an agent of my gods, the first Words of the universe and this is the story on how I died. In every religion there are wolfs disguised as sheeps, men and women who have other objectives than only showing the right path to their flocks and I was of them. I was an agent of the Words and of the Syndicate. They asked me to retrieve the advanced magboots of the CE and to eliminate an annoying witness. The station goal was the construction of a BSA and the CE, unfortunately for him, decided to build the BSA at the old bar, near my chapel or to be more precise, near my incinerator. On how i acquired his magboots I have no intention to explain it is not the reason that I write it, let it be known that the CE was "removed" and his boots collected (I'm sorry MIKE-121 but when I have to handle something regarding a member of command I always choose the safest path, you know, I learned the hardway how the Blueshield ans those death implants are efficients). I was happy with my doing, some may call me hypocrite for preaching something and acting in another way, and yes I was, but do not think that I was using my followers or my faith only to cover my traces and to not arouse suspicions. l restored my chapel and it was admired by the whole crew I had followers, I was having sermons and administering sacraments to my flock. Many learned the path of the Words, many know what Logosomy is about. With this many there was a vox, named Skreezle, at the time I took him for an interested crewmeber, little did I know what this vox would've meant to me. I was returning to my chapel to recite a sermon when this vox slipped me into a closet and took me in a little temple build in the maint, here the vox asked me to knee with him and to talk about my religion. I was happy to comply, the set up was interesting and there was a window and some crewmembers were watching so I taught them about my religion. Then I understood what the vox wanted. The door was bolted I could not escape but strangely I still had my rod and my bible, enough tools to quickly eliminate any threats, the vox had better tools. He told me of his way, the way of the slip and the perfcetion of the body then he brought me to a inner shrine, with black curtains and a lot of soap. That was it. The vox wanted to kill me but I, foolishly, decided to play his game. I grabbed a bar of soap and I tried to slip him, I managed to do that only one. Then his superior martial arts skill, his nightvision HUD and the infinite amount of bar soap in his pockets bested me. I quickly understood that I was like a mouse in a trap. I decided to use all the tools at my disposal, I called for the power of the Words and using my bible I healed my wounds, then I transformed my hands into a fiery weapon and I was going to fight back, it was too little too late. The brain damage was rising I was not thinking correctly I started screaming nonsenses, blasphemous words. Skreezle knew I was done. He asked me for my last words. "YOU WILL DIE WITH ME". I took a gun sent be in that moment via my PDA but it was ineffective. I unloaded my entire magazine on that vox and he deflected every shot. In a last attempt of saving my life I threw my gun at him, with my surprise it was effective, not enough. I was doen once again but this time with a bag on my head. I succumbed to the lack of oxygen. My body was placed on the altar of the shrine and my spirit now... I have no idea were I am... Is this Paradise?
  5. Getting carded as an AI by a cling. Cling is killed by sec. Being put with the cling in the incinerator while screaming "I'M STILL IN HIS BAG". Incinerator is turn on. No more AI.
  6. Silmz-get-here: SLIMZ-get-Here Giambattista Abate: Stop faxing CC Ludovico degli Umberti: BSA the hobobridges? Alberto Vaccali: De uonderful scef Rads Fringil: Expert DNA reader Randomized Theifing Vox
  7. When I had the chance to build something I decided to create a nice museum. Everyone got greytided me not! Next time more plasma and uranium statue.
  8. >slips on the wet floor, someone immediatly and telepatically comunicates with you "Attention, floor is wet".
  9. Name: Silmz-get-here Age: 37 Race: Unathi General occupationa role: Quartermaster, chemist Biography: A unathi born in the voidness of space as a pirate slave. He served the "Ciurma dei Pirati della Pizza, della Pasta e dell'aceto" as a drug producer. He learned with the Pirates the basics of robustness, chemistry and hiding like a coward (this last one was mastered by him). He was "rescued" by the Solgov at the age of 22. After recovering the major wounds contracted during the "rescue" attempt he signed an NT contract. As a unathi slave pirate the Solgov soldiers shot at him at first sight, but being an harmless, miserable, inferior race saved him and it was, instead of being executed, "sold" to the NT, bureaucratically speaking, his contract is a bit more restrictive thatn the normal ones. Qualifications: Good knowlege of Space laws and SOP, proficiency with any type of chemicals (went to a night school to have a degree), Master in Xenobiology from a telematic university Neo-Ruskiya: written: bad - Spoken: Excelent Sin'unathi: Written: good - Spoken:Excelent Galactic Common: Written: Excelent - Spoken: Good Italian: Written: Excellent - Spoken: Good Other names: Silmz-get-Spaced, Silmz-get-wiz (ths one when he's called as a nerd apprentice from he's collegues of the telematic university), Silmz-get-there, SIlmz-get-Drunk, Silmz-get-Quite, Silmz-get-Harmbatoned. OH AND READ THIS! MY NAME IS SILMZ NOT SLIMZ.