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  1. After speaking with a few people, this idea would be very cool but hard to implement... (maybe someday if a coder is bored? hmm?) A more realistic option would be to have CC send a message that the station goal is to build another station on the engineering construction site , have the HOP or admins open up ~50 engineer slots and ~25 atmos slots, with the eventual goal of moving the entire N.S.S. cyberiad onto the construction site. Cargo will need a lot of points to order materials, so they should have a boost at round start. If things get bogged down by mining and research not making enough points, admins should give them more points through out the round. Station goal: Construct another station on the construction site directly east of the engineering outpost.
  2. Name of Event:Construction Mania One Sentence Description: Everyone comes together to build a station. Map Changes: Yes(but limited) delete the Nss Cyberaid, add a small cargo and arrivals shuttle bay area and fill the map with lattice Code Changes: Yes (but limited) Cargo has infinite points and people spawn with hard suits, oxygen, tools and metal and glass. Suggested Number of Players: High pop Full Description of Event: "Nanotrasen has hired you on as part of their station construction crew, build a new station." Or alternatively "Nanotrasen has decided that the NSS cybernaid is outdated and a new station should be constructed." The new map should contain a cargo shuttle with infinite points and and an arrivals shuttle that leads to a giant lattice structure. Everyone spawns with an engineering hard suit, oxygen, tools, metal and glass The layout should turn into an awful mess of everyone's creative input. A theme or purpose could be added to the station such as, Build a mining station, defense station, research station or galactic hotel. (welcome to suggestions here) Random events like radiation should be toned down until at least 30 minutes into the round where people can hide in maint, but aggressive carp attacking a construction crew would be funny. I recognize that not all people want to play engineering so if the round was extended perhaps people could play the job they really wanted to play, So first they build a bar and then bartend, same with science. At the end of the round perhaps the map could be saved and turned into a space ruin. Anything and everything is up for change I would really love to see this played out. So if there is something you would change to make it more palatable please tell.