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  1. I have made a post regarding lore here Basically add a lore section where people can collaborate on lore that isn't wiki-development so its more focused on lore, and I just realized this is not the 1st survey question discussion where lore was talked about...
  2. In response to the semi-formal community meeting on September 6th I propose we add a lore section to the forum under server related section and next to wiki development. I think this would be a good idea because: The current wiki development page is filled with lore and game mechanic changes. Adding a specific separate space for writing and constructive criticism could help the quality as well as the amount of lore. It is hard to write new lore, without bouncing it off other people. It is hard to edit another persons lore without talking to them first and knowing why they w
  3. I was being demoted because I got mailed to the captain office and popped out with laser tag guns and shot him a bunch, so I prayed Honk mother help me I am being demoted because I pranked the captain. get teleported to arrivals security was chasing me, Honk Mother blesses me with a bunch of honk grenades and space lube grenades I ran away, got caught again Honk Mother helps me reach critical mass, while pranking security the whole time.
  4. After speaking with a few people, this idea would be very cool but hard to implement... (maybe someday if a coder is bored? hmm?) A more realistic option would be to have CC send a message that the station goal is to build another station on the engineering construction site , have the HOP or admins open up ~50 engineer slots and ~25 atmos slots, with the eventual goal of moving the entire N.S.S. cyberiad onto the construction site. Cargo will need a lot of points to order materials, so they should have a boost at round start. If things get bogged down by mining and research not making e
  5. Name of Event:Construction Mania One Sentence Description: Everyone comes together to build a station. Map Changes: Yes(but limited) delete the Nss Cyberaid, add a small cargo and arrivals shuttle bay area and fill the map with lattice Code Changes: Yes (but limited) Cargo has infinite points and people spawn with hard suits, oxygen, tools and metal and glass. Suggested Number of Players: High pop Full Description of Event: "Nanotrasen has hired you on as part of their station construction crew, build a new station." Or alternatively "Nanotrasen has decided that
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