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  1. I would lament the removal of it, I have had great RP experiences being the "Rage Cage Champion" using CQC as a traitor, and I wouldn't want to strip that experience from anyone.
  2. well good to know so i dont waste my time, are there any admin smites you would want?
  3. Are there any admins who would benefit/use https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/15801 If implemented it would only be an admin smite ability and not the genetics or preference option. I am also a new coder so there's no guarantee I'll be able to figure it out, but I'll give it my best shot, I just wanted to gage interest.
  4. Name of Event: Wizard Duel One Sentence Description: 2-4 Wizards in the Space Wizard Federation are up for promotion to arch mage and must duel to the death on the station. Map Changes: No Will this work with the standard NSS Cyberiad map. Just remember that anything requiring mapping changes is unlikely to be organized any time soon. Code Changes: No Will this work with the standard Paracode base. Again, anything requiring coding changes is a long way off. : It should be, if it is not I can make a wizard subtype. Or parts of this event could be changed. Suggested Number of Players: HighPop Extended/ Cult Extended, can likely be done in the last 30-45 minutes of a round Full Description of Event: Its a tradition as old as time, the previous Arch mage has retired/died/been assiasinated and its time to select a new one. As the Space Wizard Charter Scroll reads, When a new Arch Mage must be selected, all contenders for the seat will duel to the death! The previous Arch Mage, Otto BillyBonk declared in his will that the duel shall occur on the Nanotrasen Space Station NSS Cyberiad, for the hostile environment of the Cyberiad will prove to be a great arena! "I want my successor to be strong! If my successor can beat the other wizards and contend with the Cyberiad, they have earned their place as Arch Mage." - Excerpt from Otto Billybonk's will Couple Considerations: Consider if Wizards should be able to use wizard apprentices, or slaughter/laughter demons. As these are higher ranked wizards(and it being late game with R&D being maxed out + Fighting up to 3 other wizards) Consider giving them a few more spell points, and any other items/bonuses the game admin sees as necessary Couple ideas for bonuses traitor items, no slips, more spell points, extra wands, etc. Announcement from the Space Wizard Federation: It is with heavy heart we inform you the Arch Mage Otto Billybonk has died. As per tradition the next Arch Mage will be selected by dueling the other contending wizards to the death. Arch Mage Otto, named the Cyberiad in his will as the arena for this selection process. He knows you will provide great challenge for these contenders, and he only wants the best to lead the Space Wizard Federation. Thank you. Objectives: Kill the other wizards competing for the Arch Mage Position. Survive P.S. If you do this event, PM me on discord The Yeetster#6769 , I want to watch the game to see how it works, or If I miss it, make a reply to this thread and tell me how it went. The Name Otto Billybonk is from a D&D campaign I'm in, its my friends Gnomish Wizard Character, picture of him
  5. Space pods are not very intuitive, and other servers have action buttons for firing weapons, locking/unlocking doors, opening/shutting pod bay shutters etc. Shouldn't have to have the space pod tab open to do space pod stuff. 1:30am, will make this a nicer suggestion in morning, am tired+college
  6. Maybe the speed solution is to make xenos slower on non-weed turfs, That way they have to actually plant weeds to have that super advantage, It would also make sense lore wise that xenos make structures they are good at traversing while prey are not. I would also like to see CM style resin walls, doors and base building. That's the most fun part about CM, at least for me.
  7. @Sirryan2002 Can you provide a couple examples of well written articles so I can try to copy their style? I will still look at and follow the style guides.
  8. as admin punishment you could be forced to play prisoner role for then next X rounds, and if you die/ghost you're not able to rejoin the round. somewhat of a soft ban for EORG instead of temp bans.
  9. I remember sitting in a discord call with kyet and S34N, and someone mentioned the idea of a new map specifically created for paradise and our culture, becuase all "our maps are ports from other servers it brings their culture." Now I've never mapped and cant even understand how difficult making a new map is, so this idea is more of a question, Would that even be possible? Making a map specifically for paradise? I've just made my first PR and mapping has been a big interest for me for awhile, If someone was willing to teach me I could try and help any mapping project. Again, question/suggestion here.
  10. The airlock north west of the arrivals shuttle has no access restrictions.
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