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  1. I was just told to make her in Syndicate clothing. M1911 was my choice , complain right to Dayana
  2. Hello! Just finished my new work! This time I was drawing Dayana @White In Sky, friendly Slime person I know for a couple of months. It was always a great time to see her around and it was a pleasure for me to draw her. It was my first try to draw slime person and I know it could be done much better Anyways I am glad for all of your support and I appreciate that. Love you all ! *squish*
  3. Gosh, I love your backstory! It would be much more interesting for me to patrol with Natalya, now when I know this much about her!!!! So complex story ^.^
  4. Thanks everyone! ^.^ I am so glad that you like it! .. I worked pretty hard on that last one and I appreciate your support! ^_^
  5. Greetings everyone! I have finally finished my drawing in a bit different style! It is Saki Kobayashi and Katlyn Hudson @Veloxi on night out! I hope that you like it.. love you all! ^.^
  6. Greetings! ^.^ Today I was trying to draw certain object from game that none likes to use as it means doom to all survivors. I have made it in a bit cartoonish style, I was planning to use this picture as background to something else I was working on, but decided otherwise. I hope you like it! ^.^
  7. I will surely share my next work too! ^^ Thank you for the support!
  8. Aww, thank you Drakie! ^.^ I did not expect this from you
  9. Hello forums! I have seen a lot of great work from artists in here and wanted to share something too! ^.^ This is one of my very first attempts to draw character from server and specifically it is Natalya Sokolova (one of the most robust officers I have met). It has been great moments to spend time with her on station and the player is very nice and kind too @Norstead! Only additionally.. I know that it is nothing special and it has many mistakes in it.. and I expect criticism, also I would appreciate some suggestions or tips from anyone who is willing to give me some! ^.^