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  1. Even then, crew will meta it being extendo basically and then either cryo or sit around twiddling their thumbs because they all just came down off their unga sugar rush.
  2. Dynamic isn't quite possible rn but- soon™? It would solve a lot of issues- however it might cause some others, such as cult traitors being too powerful? But that's a topic fit for another thread
  3. Make wizards (and there items) dust on death. So when the wizard dies, all of its stuff disappears.
  4. Security records: - Letov has shown a proficiency in ripping and tearing.
  5. Me: slaps roof of this thread "This bad boy can fit so many shitposts in it"
  6. I didn't know about the low blood thing.... that is kinda insane.
  7. Whether you want to cause a delam, or stop one, this guide has you covered. There are 3 types of engine delam caused by different things. All delams create station wide hallucinations to those not in lockers. SINGULO DELAM- the SM collapses into a SM charged singularity when too many moles of gas are on the SMs turf TESLA DELAM- the SM explodes and creates a tesla, happens when the SMs EER is above 5k EER NORMAL DELAM- SM just blows up init So the engine is on fire what now? "Danger! Crystal hyperstructure integrity faltering!" DO NOT PANIC. Don't. Seri
  8. Great guide! But no breathing is worse than space proofing. Internals are much more common than being space proof and you can pull off some stupid combos with space proofing. Evidence, reactive armour + being space proof + syndie teleporter. You become the slipperiest person on earth. Also I am pretty sure shock immunity makes you immune to tesla shocks so it has to be atleast like... D tier. Outside of those tier nitpicks, good guide.
  9. Is there any chance that you welderbombed yourself in chemistry and added it to your lore? If you did that is incredibly cool.
  10. Community opinion is taken into consideration when merging prs however we aren't an emoji democracy, just becuase people dont like a change doesn't necessarily mean it wont be merged.
  11. If we limited speed boosts when dragging flag robes would be useless for their intended function, converting. The issue with flag robes is their use in combat with security. They are clearly not designed for combat as the damage modifier suggests, however they are designed for speed conversions. Making people slower when dragging makes non lethal kidnappings much much much more difficult. In the situation you provided, the cultist would have to stun, then kill the other people they were stood with in order to convert them. Not ideal. Instead of nerfing their conversion ability, we should nerf
  12. we finally found widemonds mass (1 unit = 1kg)
  13. What's the issue with the robust people getting the role each time? Surely they are most fit for the role? We dont want cult leader to end up like nukie leader where they just panic half the time and dont know what to do.
  14. Where do you think the balance of cult is? Too strong/weak? In what areas? What could use changes? Discuss!
  15. If you could give one piece of advice to all contributers, what would it be?
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