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  1. I agree with every single thing here. Except the two handed thing. I'm not sure, it just feels off for a laser. BOH has always been science powergamer juice. Nerfing it in this way would nerf many strategies that aren't healthy for the game. To give some examples: - one sec officer caring and entire armoury and healing to dunk on whatever antag - one antag carrying an entire armoury to dunk on sec - miners carrying hundreds of eldritch bulkey swords each with the power of wizard items - crew carrying 4000 guns to blast down a blob I do completely agree with making AEGs bulkey. This way crew can only store one at a time in an armour slot. Finally, I'm not convinced aeg + teleshield is all that OP. Especially once tasers are removed. All in all, good suggestion.
  2. and so we have come full circle. back to where we started
  3. The smite could give them the unclonable trait :}
  4. I had an idea for an admin smite a while back. It would break all of a targets bones! Very good to use on CMOs/doctors who pray. Good way to make their coworkers hate them.
  5. Can we take a second to appreciate LITERALLY everything in this thread being top quality??
  6. I would prefer if it didnt just make ammo. It would be cool if the ammo was instead reusable. And it sorta acted like a penatrator sniper shot. Decent idea.
  7. A journey I am grateful to share with you. With you all, I cannot state how much I appreciate this community. Thank you.
  8. This is due to gameplay reasons. Imagine a vampire who has glare and rejuv getting shotgunned to death for existing. Roundstart vampires are weak, so you cannot really let them be lethalled. However the lore is- well bad. *The code includes mentions of space Transylvania and i HATE it.*
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