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  1. Perhaps some, slight, stat buff while near your blood brother? Or to help alleviate that we could go with teams of 3. Especially seen as we tend to pull in higher pops than TG.
  2. I don't play medbay, but I don't get SRed. one major issue, I feel, outside of the things outlined in this post are: the "you skin is literally decaying off you" text doesn't go away, simple bug fix the name, and recipe. holywater implies its literally magic, I would rather it not be literally magic. gibbing, could we have some other negative to misusage than gibbing? really only because of how antags can weaponise it to really easily permakill anyone. something like husking, or organ damage, or both. other than that, the points in this thread make sense. if someone does write up a design doc revolving these ideas I might look into coding it. I don't play medbay so I cannot write it myself.
  3. Tbh i would love if rads gave ipcs hallucination. Would be cool.
  4. My major issues with cult, as it stands, is that they aren't considered kos fast enough. I don't care about being permakilled. Shit happens. But my god lets me kill the cultists atleast. It takes 30% of the crew to be converted on low pop or something for cult to get halos. This is huge, and then you consider the fact that it's not counting crew, it's counting all players. This includes ash walkers, ghosts, admins dicking around on the admin room. Also the instant ranged stun spear. That issue speaks for itself though. All cultists with visible gear, flag robes, shielded suits, etc. Should be considered armed and dangerous under space law. This isn't even a balance concern at this point. Often cult isn't fun to fight, you are forced to ferry tiders from maints into processing, then sit and wait 150 seconds for them to either unbuckle and teleport away or get deconverted at the end. But sinking autorifle rounds into a cultist with flag robes is very cathartic, much needed sanity for security on a cult round. But yeah I'm gonna stick to ordering mindshields and autorifles as soon as cult is called out and mindshield any deconverts. I am tired of people getting deconverted and walking into maints again. Thank you for coming to my ted talk
  5. I am gonna be honest. I don't see how this could be abused that hard. the HOP already starts with sec comms so its not like the HOP would abuse this if they were an antag. I suppose if the HOP is giving out sec comms to other people? but then, they are just instantly gonna get found out cos ooh antags have sec comms! HOPs vendor for sec comms is empty! wonder what happened there!!!! I imagine that this isn't because headsets ran out, instead that they don't know where to find them.
  6. Could be interesting if used sparingly Not sure how you are gonna pull these off. Using sdql to delete all of disposals will not make the server happy.
  7. Don't necro a thread to add nothing to it
  8. *cracks knuckles* here we go preference tier list by the GODDER GAMER (relative to rurik) Chazzer: S tier - HOS (roundstart teleshield), CE (get to order supermatter crates and nobody can say no), atmos tech (just based), shaft miner (with KC, anything else is unbased) A tier - Security officer (no roundstart teleshield) B tier - warden (cool gloves but not many opportunities to frag antags with them), station engineer (like atmos tech but less based), blueshield (cool revolver, big drip) C tier - Captain, HOP. D tier - assistant (bridge hoboing ), magistrate. E tier - Paramedic, Janitor, Mime, NT Rep, Medical Doctor, Coroner, QM, Cargo Technician, RD, CMO, Chemist, Explorer, Chaplain, Librarian, Chef, Bartender, Barber, Ghost Roles (except ash walkers they are A tier). F tier - botany (powergamers), shaft miners with KA (powergamers), scientists (powergamers), RD (powergamer), AI, borgs and robotics (I just hate silicons), genetics (powergamers), detective (they keep lethalling the antags I want to lethal), clown (cos rurik likes it), virologist (its fucking boring), IAA (they tell me off for lethalling antags) Brig phys tier - Brig phys
  9. You can, and we do. This is genuinely a consideration for every single change, is this sustainable? Can it be maintained? Cos we have a group of people who have to do that, they aren't called maints for nothing. Of course it isn't. Because you don't contribute to the git. You aren't the one doing the maintaining.
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