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  1. Hazard's dates are always wonderful, despite what some... naysayers may have you believe. Meathooks are non-negotiable.
  2. An interest in Space Witches hmm? I foresee magical events run by a Witch in the future of this server.
  3. So I like to imagine he's flipping at high speed, and since he's bleeding, flinging blood *everywhere.*
  4. Glad you felt right at home when you've just arrived! I'll be sure to look out for ya in round. TG's rules are quite different to Paradise's, so to mirror what Shina said, if you have questions about the rules or just want to know if something is acceptable, dropping an AHelp or messaging an admin on discord can get you clarification. They're nice, approachable people, and while they can get busy, they're happy to answer your questions regarding rules.
  5. Gothet's naming convetion was always a good one I feel. Wonderful artwork!
  6. Context: I'm traitor, buy Binary Key with intention of subverting the AI but to my big surprise, the AI was already Malfunctioning. I had hands, they did not, so they were totally on board with working with me. Turns out malfunctioning borgs are total drama-queens.
  7. This is why I love cult, you can play serious support roles, and don't just have to worry about kidnapping more people all the time.
  8. Bittersweet is the best way to describe a lot of the best stories in ss13 and I think this captures that wonderfully.
  9. I would like to share two special round that are fairly similar and both some of my favorites. Ever since the Syndicate One-Use Communications console no longer needed an Agent ID to send a message, I always wanted to go there as Non-Syndicate and Roleplay some Syndicate Recruitment. My first few attempts failed over the past few weeks, but today I had success twice! First time I was extremely formal, and contacted saying my employers would not re-negotiate the terms of our contract, and I wanted to investigate alternatives. My response was quite formal as well. In fact, I was told "We have position that will nicely fit your particular talents." Amazing! I follow the Skrell Syndicate Officer through the portal, wind up at a very bloody Syndicate HQ, only to be handed a Mop and Bucket. Duties included cleaning up blood, then cleaning up blood in the same spot as the Officer tracked blood in the same spot repeatedly and purposefully to force me to clean it. I had to chop up a body with a cleaver and stuff the bits into a trash can. Finally I had to disarm a landmine. This ended in an explosion, and I apparently failed the interview, thus my corpse was tossed into the teleporter taking me back to station. Round was nearly over, so was never found. Highquality almost mini-event that I really enjoyed and appreciated. Second time I was given a job proper! It was a good old-fashioned traitor round, and I found myself at the depot, once again asking for employment after seeing their wonder 'Join Now!' posters. I just couldn't resist! Anyway, this time I was totally thrilled to find that I got an *actual* job as a discount Syndicate Comms Agent! I had explicit orders to not disrupt crew (aka don't be a shitter) and to assist agents with whatever intelligence they needed. Every agent was told they would have some over watch should if they buy the encryption key. I didn't get much time to really help but it was a ton of fun. The AI turned out to be Malf, and had to detonate, so all plans got canceled early. HECK big thanks to the two admins that let me have some fun, I hope they had a bit of fun being syndicate officers. (I'd love to see them used more.) I feel extremely lucky to have had both of these in one day. Always wanted to have Syndicate Recruitment RP, since we always see the result and never how it was done. As much as I'm tempted to try this more, I think I'll be satisfied with these two rounds. It was very nice for the admins to setup these small things for me, and I wouldn't want them to keep doing that.
  10. Now that is a wonderful compliment. It's also really cool to how Drake has improved with time!
  11. The background looks like a giant eyeball! And that's cool!
  12. Absolutely add Spacenet, your *Days* are numbered, slaver! And honestly this is really cool.
  13. Gonna draw every character in Paradise at this rate. That wouldn't be so bad.
  14. Looks amazing! And I can already see her going rogue, the eyelights shrinking to tiny dots just before the kill.