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  1. 1 time... 1 time I miss a message and misread another. actually no, I did it a few times before.
  2. 6. Is this about me forcing that shirt onto you, Wolf?
  3. A whole shitton of work. I haven't had a stable schedule at all for the longest time though. However, I'm starting a new new job which means I can finally count on being around. Protip: Do not work in private security if you value free time. (or just find a reputable company to work for, rather than some overstretched small town contractor.) When I do have free time though, I like hiking, running, or working on projects around the home.
  4. 4 headmins denying sergals. That's right, FreestylaLT came back for the sole purpose of telling you no
  5. Four cute vulpkanin guys asking for my number. Lucky me!
  6. 11 validhunters whining about group antags murderboning
  7. 7 days of Ssethtiders building tables goddamn everywhere
  8. I could see cardiac arrest being a red heart with an exclamation mark in it, and cardiac failure being a black heart.