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  1. I agree that this should be available as an option on the ERT spawner (a toggle like we have for commander, perhaps?). Currently, we have to VV the module choices on these borgs and if there are more than one it's a major pain in the ass.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Country Context required
  3. As an admin, you can just send a deathsquad for them, silly christa.
  4. Yeah, the whole "harm to prevent greater future harm" thing really does rub me the wrong way personally since that just sorta throws the laws out of the window since you can justify anything with enough brain juice spent on it. Not to mention it's a total nightmare to approach from an admin perspective when an AI player does something that is, due to the advanced rule, technically fine.
  5. There has been some effort towards allowing "tabs" for chat in the form of mochichat. That being said, this is a phenomenally difficult thing to code, goonchat is deeply woven into our systems. It would take a full chat rework such as mochichat to accomplish this.
  6. I agree that since the change we have only seen the revolver ruin more rounds for people, either due to detectives not realising it does lethal damage, or by people who don't seem to care. Not all admins are on the same page against enforcing against it too, so things become a bit of a muddied mess from a rules standpoint. Note that this is my personal experience and I am not speaking on behalf of the admin team. Either the change should be reverted, the gun should go, or we make a new tool that takes its place that does not currently exist (temporary proximity tracker? Not super accurate, I don't know just spitballing)
  7. The review PDF is in keeping with the 2021 theme, broken.
  8. I like the idea a lot, but perhaps it would be something more suited to when we have the dynamic gamemode?
  9. Also FYI there was an attempt to balance them, but it never really gained much leadership approval outside of one headmin. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/15990
  10. Maybe if you get them in a neck grab it could work then, I'm not sure.
  11. Interesting idea, whats to stop someone just tazing you and then blasting your head off with no counter?
  12. So, as mentioned by rythen, personal opinion here and not an official stance. I can tell you right away that 3 and 6 are fine IMO, 5 is okay if you get permission in ahelps. 2 is very context dependent, if its green alert and not much is going on, sure. If its red and most of sec are dead due to a vampire rampage then no. 4 and 7 are clearly not acceptable. If you want to do 4, ahelp for custom objectives any you might get an admin who's got the time to arrange it. 1 again is context dependent, amassing guns can easily cross into powergaming territory. For example: warops declared and you, the warden, immediately take all the guns for yourself. Thats no bueno. However if most of the crew are dead or dying and you find like 6 guns lying about, taking them is fine. It really does depend on the situation and there is no "one size fits all" answer.
  13. The one thing I worry about here is them "camping" perma just because they can. It is annoying enough when officers do it, but this role can sort of lend itself to doing so. Camping perma removes any chance for captured antags to try anything of note, something I personally feel is quite detrimental. (Perma should not be a bottomless pit you can throw antags in and guarantee redtext.)
  14. Quite frankly the dock having two locking airlocks seems a bit pointless to me. The interior one could be removed and just have one door to the shuttle
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