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  1. One problem I can see with this is players "metagaming" the fact that its now an extended round. I think most of sec would cryo, players might start doing silly stuff knowing they wont get mistaken for an antag, etc.
  2. Now this is cool as hell, amazing work lad. Anyway, im off to get culted, see ya.
  3. Me and bubs made a monstrosity (it was bubblegum himself). There was also a monkey that was the inverse of this and it sacred me.
  4. To be fair, Esseno, ban statuses (for anyone with a linked forum/discord account) and appeal history are public. If it serves as a cautionary tale against powergaming geneticists being a 'gateway dug' into bannable behaviour, what's the problem? I don't remember how it was worded in the original post, but if it was intended as a warning to future geneticists, I think that's fair enough. Edit: Sorry if this is off-topic, feel free to hide the post if you think it is :)
  5. Man, no S rating for chav, or mention of chav at all? Sad :(
  6. Welcome to briggston, where we aim to rehabilitate you. Enjoy sofas, socialising, and potential 4 way fights in our new gen-pop cell!
  7. So I think most of these are covered already, regarding these two: Floors do have dirs, mostly seen along the edges and corners of rooms. FastDMM should not really be used for mapping anymore, the only feature it has that is worthwile is the rotation function that lets you rotate selections in 90* intervals.
  8. Hi all, Now that we have map rotation and more users are picking up mapping, it has become apparent that our lack of mapping standards and lack of mapping direction has caused issues in the past. Why make these changes? Delta and is a spaghetti piped mess, and both delta and meta's standard map practices are all over the place. I've written a suggested addition to the Mapping Standards section of the current paradise contributing guidelines. I also feel there should be someone who ensures these standards are followed, considering how busy the maints and PRR's currently are,
  9. Straying into design discussion with this one, but how do you personally feel about the fact that a lot of balance decisions are made by people who don't really play actively, or "bridge hobo" when they do log in? What would your thoughts be on a system not too dissimilar to EVE online's CSM? Also, Apple or Android?
  10. Gladly: is considered -> should be considered Making it more vague here lets doctors apply it in a broader way, rather than it always being true. psychological problem, and a waste -> psychological problem and a waste I think for readability removing this comma would help the sentence flow. Patients may be treated at the lowest priority. -> Injuries that are the result of self harm should be treated at the lowest priority. I think it would help to clarify what patients this is talking about, I know it might seem obvious from context but thes
  11. This makes sense to me. Being punished for not trying to revive someone who offed themselves seems totally ludicrous from an OOC perspective.
  12. Forum username: @S34N Discord (include tag numbers): King Arthur#3021 CKEY (BYOND username): s34nw Characters you play in-game: Llinos Owen, Mint Link to the list of PRs you've done: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pulls/S34NW Link to the list of PR reviews you've done: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pulls?utf8=✓&q=is:open reviewed-by:S34NW Link to any other examples of your PR work (e.g. on other codebases) to give us an idea for your skill as a PR author: I only c
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