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  1. your aggression against the GPF have not been forgotten tread lightly ms shaffer (this is me, primed)
  2. This is the kind of problem with karma roles that hold as much power as the magistrate does. Things like these aren't stuff to get you noted or job banned (typically), and by itself is no issue. But the 'stress' that comes with playing security is that nothing comes by itself - if you have a traitor bombing the medbay, you also happen to have a changeling breaking into the armoury. If you have a permabrig prisoner getting broken out by an unknown EC, well, sucks to be you because there is a terror spider nest in the chapel, etc etc.. The magistrate being an asshat just because they want to or
  3. The thing I did: Somehow got brigged within 30 minutes of the round as a vampire traitor. Vampires and traitors, on their lonesome are a force to be reckoned with. I've seen hijack traitors play around with ERT crews and security as well as vampires doing the same without getting caught (or letting themselves be caught) several times, and I feel that I'm not the best but not the worst at playing an antagonist - I got caught making a stunprod as the HoS saw me (since I was making it in the auxiliary tool storage room) as they walked by. I had already gotten a shitton of traitor gear so I dec
  4. Plasmamen are supposedly religious, and slimepeople are supposedly (former?) tribals. However, not enough (and by that, I mean VERY few) players use that to their advantage, which is why it seems like vox have more indepth lore when in actuality it's pretty much the same aside from the wiki going about on the roles vox arkships have.
  5. This is going above and beyond for a typical security main, however don't feel too bad that you got killed by the vampires, because the taser is very hit-or-miss, mostly because of the instant stun and long buffer time between shots. Lots of times there are incidents where security is super competent because they manage to hit all their taser shots, and others where they could be doing everything correctly and be a dream team but not land a single shot. And anyways, if they were vampires like you said, they could rejuvenate from the stun with no blood cost and only a cooldown, so if you hit it
  6. Episode 2 on why you should not break into CC:
  7. Request DENIED. This request has been automatically DECLINED by the Player Administrative Bureaucracy and Paperwork division. Reason being: no
  8. Bang, bump.. The sound of more useless junk bumbling around in the disposals pipes. It doesn't really bother me anymore, just more white noise to add to the rest. Walking down the narrow, dimly lit, rusting maintenance shaft, I find two pairs of chairs, a box of cigarettes and a box of matches on one of them. "Must've been one of the construction workers," I mumble quietly, walking towards the chairs. They're facing out to a window, and as I approach it, displays the vacuum of space surrounding and engulfing the Cyberaid, illuminated by the lights of various stars. I pull a chair out as I
  9. Think it should be longer than 4 hours, since at least for me, it took a good day to get down the controls, forget anything else
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