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  1. And every ID Computer on the station breathed a collective sigh of relief, as did the Captains who watched over them from the bridge. On a serious note though, should you ever return, ping me on Discord so that I may once again take up the mantle of ID Computer defense while calling ERT to handle a single traitor. Those are the among rounds that I most cherish.
  2. Oh, sometimes there are reasons... ...but yeah, attacking someone nice enough to teach you is an awfully cynical way to go about things!
  3. Ah yes, Jason Jedd! Katlyn once spent the last quarter of a round teaching Changeling Jason Jedd how to work the ID Computer and play HoP. Good times! Katlyn wasn't even attacked or absorbed after the training was done!
  4. In a spoiler because some things once seen, can never be unseen...
  5. Oh, where to begin? I love it so much. This scene of off-station home life for Katlyn Hudson and Saki Kobayashi. Drakeven has incredible skill at capturing the life energy of these characters it's just so amazing. I want to go into all the things I love about it, but I'll wait for some more responses first. I need to tag @Akuen and @SilverLightsune too.
  6. I used to be a big fan of cryonics and leveraging technology to become immortal. Today, I am the opposite. I take comfort in the fact that I am certain to cease to exist at some point. On a broad scale, immortality is bad for human progress. Look back in history and pick your favorite era to live in, forever. Think of the people in power in that era, they will not grow old and die, they will never be forced to abdicate their power or resources to the next generation. Their ideas of morality will be enforced to protect their monopoly on power. Or worse, it will be replaced by the
  7. I think we might have spent the rest of the round emoting "Ian and I broke into the brig and I dressed myself up as a prisoner before I 'escaped' and was later arrested by a security borg for being in a place the HoP gave me access to". Which admittedly would have been fun, but maybe a little tough for a Warden busy with the brig?
  8. After I told my boyfriend this round, he mentioned that she in a backhanded way just called Zeke "petty" and personally I thought it was hilarious! Unfortunately I don't remember names very well, and didn't think to write it down anywhere... But I have a feeling it was a Katlyn.... something? ^^' I just discovered this today! Thank you for the beautiful drawing of Katlyn! You were RPing with my character, Katlyn Hudson. I remember this scene. In fact, when I first saw Zeke on the bridge, I thought to myself (OOC), "Hey, that's Zeke! The Skrell from PhantasmicDre
  9. Golden spawned into the round as a Mime. She walked next door to find the Clown Silly Willy Billy in his office. Golden tried to get the Clown to give her his spare uniform; the Clown said no, Mimes and Clowns are enemies, so no suit for Golden. Golden went to Med Bay and convinced a Coroner to get her a Crew Pinpointer from the NanoMed Plus; as luck would have it, Silly Willy Billy had his suit sensors on! Golden hounded Silly Willy Billy, attempting to knock him down and steal his Clown suit off his body. Silly Willy Billy did not like this, and called for Security to a
  10. So, I've been incredibly blessed to be present and participate in three Congress events held on the Cyberiad. One of them was very brief, due to the Master Controller dying and the server getting rebooted; the other two were great. I wanted to write this up as feedback for the admins that run this event, because I believe it to be rich with possibility. Here are some general ideas about the event: Make sure the room has a holopad for the AI. Make sure the room has a requests panel for announcements. Provide books for each type of participant, to explain their roles:
  11. Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot to me that I am appreciated. And speaking of appreciation, thank you so much for the beautiful rendering of Katlyn. It is so amazing how you are able to make the character come to life. If I try, I can sometimes draw a stick figure with the right proportions, so I am just awed by your skills.
  12. I am playing Katlyn Hudson, and roll Head of Personnel ... traitor ... with hijack. Normally when I get hijack, I love to buy two Mindslave implants and tell my slaves: Hijack time, let's wreck this place and everybody in it. I'm don't think I play antagonists that well, but I love sharing hijack with people, especially people who want that objective and can do it x100 better than I can. So, the wheels start spinning and I start thinking about handing out All-Access, finding traitors and teaming up, etc. Then the Captain announces they need to Cryo. Hijack Traitor Katlyn Hudson i
  13. The term "antagonist" is a bit overloaded in the context of SS13, so I should clarify what I mean. I don't mean that the Magistrate is playing an Antagonist role in the game (i.e.: cult, traitor, changeling, etc.) By antagonistic, I mean the dictionary definition of the word: Last week, and this week, I've played a shift as Captain, where the Magistrate was actively antagonistic toward the Head of Security. Now, I get that the Magistrate is the highest authority in Space Law on the station. If the HoS says, "Send them to Perma!" and the Magistrate says, "Nope, not
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