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  1. Updated with people that wanted me to add them/relevant people.
  2. Updated after all this time.. grrrrr..
  3. I shall keep this all in mind! Thank you!
  4. Just bad spriting that I do.. I'm being forced to make this threaD send help.. XPro Witch Donut Sushi or maybe Shesi? Chicken? Chicken with Worm.. Random Floor Tile Other Random Floor Tile https://gyazo.com/661d57f4a6c184107e7a060db1f2ec12 Nerd https://gyazo.com/12eb14478e925d5c2ee09973af47d59a Stunbaton J'eff the Quack https://gyazo.com/d308ac021b6c39f2c029aa65e42e9f3f Bad Toast https://gyazo.com/c01d85e8f7b5a10de6b754ef720c9d95 Uno Reverse God I wanna die.
  5. What is the GPF? Added Faction: Spacenet
  6. <:: CONNECTING TO NETWORK. ::> ... ... ... <:: CONNECTED. ::> <:: Opening -- [Crew File: 80210] ::> <:: Crew Member Name: [Dayana C*** Shaffer] <:: Crew Nicknames: [Day] -- [Bayana] <:: Age: [25] <:: Gender: [Female] <:: Documented Race: [Human] <:: Blood Type: [B Negative] <:: Hometown: [Samana, Coasta Rica] <:: Birth-Family Home Address: [580, Beachhaven Road] <:: ====== Crew Medical Clearance ====== ::> <:: Crew Timeline: 2X
  7. By far better than any round I can actually recall.. NEVER TRUST IPCS!
  8. I'd rather just break into EVA as mechanic to be honest.
  9. Just a short film I made to test out the software footage I have and for fun. The Description: A skrell gets upset due to the station's trash they slip on and vows to take revenge on the station. Or something like that. Bleh.
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