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  1. I'm late to the party, but I thought it worth mentioning that the CE's jetpack IS confirmed to be deconstructable for Engineering 6, it's there at the start of the shift and not an objective for traitors, so it's good for speed if Cargo is having trouble and typically won't get you too many stares. Also, the super hard disk drive will advance both Data and Engineering levels. You can just print one of those instead of a holographic sign projector and mining drill to up the levels simultaneously.
  2. As you are probably aware, every standard, humanoid race in the game is bilingual by default, able to speak in their race-specific tongue as well as Galactic Common. A lot of players even choose to be trilingual, adding a third, even more seldom used, language to their metaphorical toolbox. It's a system that, while intentionally obnoxious at times, is enjoyable to me and clearly based in reality. Anyways, the main topic of this post is language blending, that is, using multiple languages in a single sentence or phrase. In real life, multi-lingual people will often substitute in words from the different languages they know as needed, sometimes explaining the meaning afterwards, but sometimes not. This is something that happens frequently in real life, and unsurprisingly, this is actually a system in the game, being able to switch languages mid-sentence. Here's an example: What is being input: "The old days, just like on :1 Earth. :9 You remember :1 Earth, :9 don't you?" What is being output: " The old days, just like on Earth. You remember Earth, don't you?" The blue text is the human-specific language, which will appear in blue coloration for everyone, but to all non-humans will be read simply as gibberish. The way that the language system works, you can switch languages at any time, and any amount of times during a statement by simply typing in the language's prefix prior to whatever you want to switch. From a purely practical viewpoint, it's easy to dismiss, as it's much more convenient to just change an entire statement, but switching languages more smoothly makes a lot of sense from both a real world and RP standpoint. Whether you are covering up a racial insult, referencing something old from the lore, or simply trying to stand out a bit more, language blending is a viable and immersive option.
  3. Eh. Just saw I had this for some reason. Couple months ago, there was an event where the admins filled a vault with a sizable amount of cash, and I used some genetics shenanigans to break in and stuff my account.
  4. Dionae can feed off two basic lights sources(3x3) when used together. (e.g. lit welding tool and PDA flashlight) The clown's multicolored crayon is essentially infinite food. Wizards have a "staff of animation" purchase, that works similar to the living vending machines event. Employ on welding and fuel tanks for maximum hilarity. Ascended shadowlings can be killed by a nuke, and incapacitated by a loose singularity, but not a loose tesla. A sorium explosion will break holds and drags, even when handcuffed. Viable for cheeky get-away attempts when Security finds you via voice-activation. Shadowpeople and shadowlings can survive prolonged exposure to light, given they are in a locker or cardboard box. Labcoats, and some jackets have their own storage slots, that most officers won't check in a pat-down. You can scan a mouse with a chameleon projector for maximum immersion. Shielded hardsuits and archmage armour deflects all thrown items. You can easily disable their capabilities with nothing more than the contents of your emergency kit. Special shotgun rounds craftable in the crafting menu are useful. Meteorshot rounds will blow an airlock off its hinges, and the ion scatter shot is potent against swarmers and borgcursions. Though generally frowned upon, you can hide from the law and anyone else who may be pursuing you on the Arrivals Shuttle, especially in the small front room.
  5. Name of Event: Syndicate X Nar'Sie One Sentence Description: A high-ranking member of a certain pirate-tech conglomerate now serves a red-space deity, and can utilize the tools given to them by both worlds. Map Changes: Minor Possibly needing to seal off and stabilize atmos in the Abandoned Teleporter for the start of the event. Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: High - 80+ Full Description of Event: Under unknown circumstances, a member of Syndicate middle management tasked with negotiating with a local sect of Nar'Sie has gone missing, along with a couple of their underlings and a valuable crate of equipment. However, a local Syndicate outpost on a has picked up a Syndicate tracking beacon making its way nearby to the hostile Cyberiad, and the Syndicate has activated several sleeper agents aboard the Cyberiad to handle this newfound threat. Two or three cultist-traitors spawn into the Abandoned Teleporter with standard civilian clothing, dufflebags, agent IDs, the tools they need to get the teleporter running and a single super-surplus item crate. They will be given a classic cultist objective set, however, their first priority will be to find and dispose of a tracking beacon found in one of their bags. They will be given the following overarching objective as well: "Do NOT allow the presence of the cultist sect aboard the Cyberiad to be revealed." At about ten to fifteen minutes into the round, somewhere between five and ten newly activated "traitors" will be given the following objectives: "Identify and eliminate the cultist sect upon the Cyberiad" and "Do NOT allow the presence of the Syndicate aboard the Cyberiad to be revealed". These traitors will be given classic uplinks with twenty telecrystals. One of the traitors will be the Chaplain, if there is one. The key to this event is the lack of information. The syndie-cultists will not know that they are being hunted down. The sleeper agents will not know who exactly they need to kill, or that their targets are armed with Syndicate weaponry, so they will need to do some sleuth work. And the crew, of course, will not have any idea what is going on, lest they are one of the newly converted cultists or simply a witness that needs to be silenced. The addition of the stealth objectives is to provide the illusion of a normal round until someone is found out, and then for the crew to watch as the whole thing unravels into chaos.
  6. This is a pretty tired excuse for....something....but here's a short list of some of the less-used methods that I've used for changing the look, voice and race of a character that don't rely on being an antagonist. Slimeperson Progression: If you have access to Xenobiology, and they have gotten to both black and blue slimes, you can turn yourself into a slimeperson. The extract from a black slime contains "advanced mutation toxin", which turns an injected individual into a slimeperson, and then shortly after, a slime. The extract from a blue slime contains "frost oil", which, if injected during the slimeperson stage, will halt the progression of the advanced mutation toxin, and you will now be a slimeperson, albeit a completely pale one, with the same name and voice. UI Genetic Element Changing: If you have access to Genetics, you can pretty easily change your UI elements, which include your gender, hair, hair color, eye color, skin color and tattoos. The Guide to Genetics on the wiki page specifies what each UI block does to change these elements. Several genetic abilities allow you to do this as well, "morph" directly letting you change your UI elements, "polymorph" allowing you to copy the UI elements of another player, which, if given an incompatible race(e.g. vox and human)will give you a default UI, a bald, pale human in the case of a human user. Hair Changing: Using a mirror, you can change your hair and hair color, and given the accessibility of mirrors, this is an incredibly easy way to fly under the radar if being looked for. ID Hiding: If you put your ID in your PDA, and your PDA into your ID inventory slot, you will be identified by the PDA name, not the ID within. When an ID is in a PDA, the PDA itself has the ID's access. This is extremely useful for ID swiping. (Also useful for the Blueshield if they want to have Captain Access at all times, but want to be identifiable otherwise)
  7. Diona, dionae. It was only a little while ago that I really started to enjoy playing diona, as I see them as arguably the most forgivable of all species in terms of gameplay, and objectively one of the best species for new players to play. That might sound a little weird, but I'll elaborate. Dionae, are one of, I believe, the six species that someone can choose to play as free of charge. But, what really makes dionae optimal as a species choice for newer players is the way that they encourage the game to be played. Dionae are differ from humans with three additional game mechanics. They starve quickly in darkness, are given constant healing and nutrition while exposed to light and take extra heat damage. Assuming that the players in question are familiar with the game mechanics and game itself, which, admittedly, is not always true, this encourages said players to stay out of dark and dangerous maintenance areas, which is always good, to not pick fights with Security, who primarily employ energy or burn weaponry, and to lastly just help out others medically with the knowledge that, given light, diona passively heal and are better suited to play at being a combat medic. Even disregarding all of this, the passive heal afforded to dionae is worth it, so much so that I've voluntarily chosen to retcon some bionic limbs onto my diona character as a sort of balancing mechanism. Given all of this, I just find it a little bit strange that dionae are relatively untouched among the experienced and newer playerbase alike in lieu of the vox/slimeperson/IPC/vulpkanin meta. On somewhat related note, I'm also a bit confused as to why nukies and SIT are comprised almost solely of humans. Given the allowance of changelings, vampires and traitors of all different races into the ranks of the Syndicate, it seems odd why these specific teams are only humans. I understand that there might be some code limitations, and the few times that I've seen admins attempt to spawn racially diverse SIT teams, what ended up happening was an equal parts hilarious and terrifying mashup of species(in one instance, I was officially a grey, but had the skin tone and model of a human, the black eyes of a grey floating several inches in front of my nose and a dysfunctional headpocket that immediately dropped anything placed in it, not to mention the fact that my character used the clothing model of a grey, making my back and shoulders bulge through my jumpsuit). Simply put, I'd like to see racially(specieally?)diverse nuclear operative and syndicate infiltration teams, or at least some reasonable explanation as to why the Syndicate enlists humans exclusively for their group-work.
  8. Pretty simple idea here. Post the actual name of a species that you aren't particularly fond of and then an offensive nickname for it.
  9. I'm definitely of the opinion that this, or a similar system should be implemented both for total playtime and for role playtime. Spending a lot of time playing Security and Science(which, of course, are the two departments where all great greytiders go to die)I'd like to think that I've become relatively newbie-friendly, if someone asks about something, I'll explain it IC and reference them to the wiki if they're having trouble, but, just as often as not, new players will silently take up their station and get frustrated with being berated when trying to feel out unintuitive game mechanics and server rules, just as I remember when trying out non-Service departments for the first time myself. Worse, even, as was stated, I've directly experienced being actively pushed out of doing my role by virtue of being a new player, which is understandable in some more essential contexts(RnD, any sort of Command, Medical Doctor & Surgeon), but more commonly in peripheral roles like xenobiology and botany that are generally considered fun by more experienced players, creating a really shitty environment where newer players get the impression that perfection and efficiency is valued over having fun and experimenting. Now, by no means do I want to toot my own horn in being a great guide, I've had my share of cancerous interactions with new players, but I do believe that something clear and recognizable to distinguish people new to the server, the various departments and specific roles would encourage more player-to-player assistance like that of which I've experienced from both sides and foster a more helpful environment, as(I hope)that a clear "newbie" indicator would be at least able to prevent experienced players in departments like Science and Cargo from actively denying new players from learning the game organically, through experimentation and gentle aid, and at best would create a group of psuedo-mentors within the departments who'd be willing to teach newbies IC.
  10. Disclaimer: This is not a guide on the role of Geneticist or using the Genetics Lab. This is strictly a guide on the ways that one particular genetic power can be utilized, and may not be complete at that. Overview: The geneticist is chief among the ranks of underestimated roles on the server, and with the right stroke of luck, along with a little bit of skill, can become a real force to be reckoned with. This guide hopes to explain all the uses of one particular genetic power that a geneticist may find, may you be fortunate to find yourself in the possession of one. Functions: Passive Ability: None Active Ability: Move shit. Open shit. Use shit. Press buttons. Steal people's ID cards. Description: Telekinesis is, by a long shot, the most versatile, and simultaneously the most overlooked major ability in the metaphorical toolbox that is Genetics. Telekinesis is also, objectively, the most complex power, and many of its uses require thinking outside the box. The specific functions of telekinesis, in no particular order, are as follows: Basic Throw: This is the most common usage of telekinesis, and, as such, will likely be what you default to in a crisis. In essence, the way that the "basic throw" works is the player clicks on the object that they wish to telekinetically grab, and then click somewhere else, where they wish to "throw" the object. Keep in mind that after being "thrown", an object remains in the telekinetic grab, and can be thrown again, as well as the fact that pretty much any movable object can be "thrown". Mechanically, the basic throw is exactly the same as a regular throw, except for the fact that multiple throws can be chained together, making weapons such as spears and floor tiles, that deal more damage when thrown, and weapons like baseball bats, with knock back, especially potent in combat, and for just fooling around. You can "throw" as fast as you can click, which makes ranged combat easier, and allows one to break windows, grilles and even doors by continuously throwing common objects such as oxygen tanks and fire extinguishers at them. Basic Attack: Incredibly basic, as the name states, telekinetically grabbing an object allows the player to attack machines and doors with the held object. Grilles can be attacked even without grabbing an object, but electrocution still applies. Basic Use: A little more complex than the basic throw, and very specific, the "basic use" can be applied to closets, crates, doors that do not require an ID and buttons. With unlocked doors and buttons, a player merely needs to click on the door or button they wish to use, such as shutters, and that object will be activated. Closets and crates are a little more complicated, requiring the player to first telekinetically grab the object via a basic throw, and then press their respective use hotkey. This will open or close the closet or crate being held, and can be used obnoxiously to much success. Another function of this ability, is that a telekinetically grabbed object adjacent to a machine, such as a beaker to a chem station, can be inserted in, or food, if adjacent to a player, eaten. Machine and Console Use: This is where the telekinetic grab shines the most. Any machine or console in viewing range, given you have the proper ID access to use it, can be opened, but this comes with a roadblock. Machines and consoles require the player to be standing within three tiles to them for usage, and generally have their functions grayed out until the player enters this range, making the telekinesis somewhat limited. However, even this limited function is incredibly useful. One of the most gimmicky things to do is to find a computer console that requires an ID, like at the Security line. When accessing the console telekinetically, the player has the ability to eject the ID from the console directly into their hand, disregarding walls, windows, people and distance between the player and the console. Obviously, this is incredible exploitable. Unfortunately, this is not true for modular consoles, such as fax machines and the HoP's ID console, which will simply eject the ID on the same tile. The usage of Telekinesis can be employed in numerous obscure, little functions, simply because of the admirable attention to detail given to it by the coders. Even more specific ways to utilize the above functions are as follows: Telekinetically grabbing a rolling chair, vehicle or wheelchair, buckling yourself to said item and rapidly "throwing" yourself forward allows a player to obtain speeds rivaled only by cultists wearing a zealot's robe and heated slimes. Keep in mind, you do not open doors automatically when doing this, so having a free hand to swap to is useful, and, as chairs work in the game, you will block other players upon contact and get pushed around when stationary. Within three tiles of a computer console that requires an ID to be inputted, such as Medical or Security Records Consoles, a player can eject any ID that has been inputted directly into their hand. This is particularly useful with Security Officers, who often change Security records in areas accessible to the three-tile limit, and require their ID to remain in the console for as long as they are changing records. Closets are your friends. Quickly moving and closing a closet or crate in your wake when being chased will stall your pursuers for long enough to get out of their vision, and block any incoming projectiles. The ability to close a closet from range is also effective in hiding evidence. All basic functions(basic attack, basic throw and basic use), can be utilized anywhere within your viewing range. This allows you to multitask to a great degree, a player being able to force any number of firelocks at the same time, for example. Basic use is your friend when it comes to simple labour tasks. A telekinetically grabbed crowbar, for example, can be used to pry up floor tiles adjacent to it. Keep in mind, this is mostly limited to non-intent related uses. To my knowledge, butchering, and other intent-specific game mechanics cannot be used telekinetically. Many buttons, like the doors in Medbay, or the shutters in the OR and Detective's Office, do not require an ID to press, and can be used to again, hide evidence. Keep in mind, shutters will block your line of sight if you wish to press the button again. Basic attack will deal the same amount of damage as a regular attack with the held object, but with objects that have a high, or even medium throwing damage output, it may be more useful to throw, as enemies do not have to be directly clicked on, only be in the line of fire, and, while basic attack has the regular attack cooldown, basic throw does not. Properly utilizing disposal bins is key in theft and item denial. If you can throw the item you want to have, or want to deny someone else from having, into a disposal bin, you will have placed that object in a situation where you have a significant advantage in later obtaining the item in question, the Cargo Office Disposals line being visible from the hallway. Beware of scary people with scary syringe guns. Who knows what could be fired out of that monstrosity, perhaps even the dreaded mutadone. Getting hit with a single mutadone syringe will reset your genetic sequence, and you'll have to give an unhappy farewell to telekinesis. Above all, telekinesis is best employed as a distraction. It's something that is extremely difficult to use effectively unless you are dedicating your full attention to it, and over-reliance on it is equally unhelpful. The difficulty of employing all your skills when roleplaying, working or fighting is compounded, simply because telekinesis's relative scarcity affords it little familiarity among even the experienced playerbase, and the idea that anyone will be able to casually utilize all of its functions, ever, is unrealistic. If you are lucky enough to come into the possession of a telekinesis mutation, may it be through the efforts of a geneticist or just a really, really lucky rad storm(don't stand in rad storms. please)you become a powerhouse, not by virtue of possessing an admittedly unbalanced and overpowered game feature, but through your knowledge of advanced gameplay mechanics and when to use them. Damn, I just keep adding to this, don't I? Been having so much fun just meming around with telekinesis that I've found some more easter-egg functions, if you will.
  11. Sleeping and studying economics at uni, which I'm admittedly pretty terrible at.
  12. By no means do I know the existing combat system very well, but I like the idea of adding this extra layer where targeting specific body parts affects different things. However, I do think that it's worth mentioning that some of these things are already in the game to some extent. I believe there is already a low chance in which punching activates a "weaken" ability that stuns for some time, although I think that making that ability only applicable to certain parts of the body(i.e., head, upper body, lower body)would make more sense as someone doesn't necessarily get stunned in real life from getting punched in the hand or foot. All that I can say is that for a system like this to be implemented, RNG definitely should not be generous, as there are already enough ways to deal various types of damage in the game. As a sidenote, getting punched or kicked in the groin(for males)does a lot more to someone than causing them to drop whatever they're holding. I recall lying in the fetal position for about an hour, puking and pissing out blood. It's not fun.
  13. *Disclaimer* ADVICE IS NOT CONFIRMED TO BE FACTUAL, USEFUL OR LEGAL Welcome! This is a list. I'm not sure at the time of writing, but this may become a very long list. One that is added to over time. What is in this list, you may be asking. Assorted tidbits from my time on the server, little tips and tricks, advice if you will, about game mechanics, some obscure and some well-known. A lot of the stuff on this list is going to be gimmicky, cheesy, cheap. But that's what it's all about. Now, let's get a-rollin'. Original List: Ten units of meth is a good amount for escaping situations you don't want to be in. It's enough for you to maintain the stun reduction and speed boost for a reasonable amount of time, but not long enough to cause any major damage or have a high chance of causing an addiction. If you have an EVA suit, internals and some uncrushed bluespace crystals, you can get just about anywhere on the station. Thermite can burn through reinforced walls after applying a welder to it half a dozen times. The formula is one part aluminium, one part iron and one part oxygen, and you can splash it on walls using the harm intent while holding a beaker. Optimal slipping strategy is to get on the same x or y tile as the victim and to throw the slipping object directly at them. Telekinesis can be extremely effective at thievery, destruction of evidence, ranged combat, and general pranking. The wire for door power is randomly generated at the start of the round, but is the same for every door. If you can find it on one, you can quickly hack through others. RnD can create some of the most potent BnE tools during the late game. Sonic Jackhammers can break down both regular and reinforced walls and Jaws of Life can open any non-bolted doors. As a vampire, if you spend some time gardening, you can get enough biomass to create some monkey cubes, which will prevent you from starving. Easiest biomass comes from wheat. You can catch objects thrown at you with an empty hand using the grab intent. If you have the means to break down two walls, you can break out of the perma-brig by destroying an east wall in the bottom entering area, and then a south wall in the Execution Chamber. The outlet at the far Northeast end of the station, right next to the Arrivals escape pods, doesn't require any access, and is useful for spacing unwanted objects or people. It is very difficult for humanoids to break into a locked closet without an emag, however, simple mobs can completely destroy the closet very quickly. Breaking down the clown or mime statues will yield five sheets of bananium or tranquilite respectively. A Warden has buttons in their office capable of locking down the prison wing or the entire brig. This is useful for preventing break-outs. Or break-ins. A Warden, HoS or Security Officer blob spawn can easily cripple the station by destroying weapons en masse. Simply collect the armoury into a locker, and stand on the locker's tile when you burst and everything inside it will be destroyed. Groupfighting always has a relatively high chance of resulting in friendly fire. Watch yourself and those around you. Bags of Holding can carry objects that are too large for other bags. You can break down a standard door with a fire axe in thirty to fourty swings. You'd be surprised how little time that takes. You can cripple Cargo for some time by destroying the buttons that open the supply shuttle's blast doors. Those things are difficult to replace. With a voice changer, chameleon suit, agent card and frequent visits to the locker room for a little hair work, you can change your identity at will. Emagging the supply shuttle console will enable you to order "ERROR_NULL_ENTRY" crates and "Special Ops Supply" crates. They contain syndicate gear. Chainsaws can be made using a circular saw, plasteel and cable coil, and are one of the most deadly melee weapons for the layman Assistant to come in possession of. Whispering and then going silent when someone positions themselves adjacent to you is a good way of getting yourself sent to the Brig and force-fed holy water. Or to the Therapist's Office. Borged individuals are considered "dead". You can put desk lamps into a belt slot. The numbers given by the Genetic mind-reading sequence are the individual's account and pin number, they thing they are thinking about is random and the way they feel is their intent. Using the numbers given in an ATM will allow you to access their balance balance. You can pass through holobarriers by switching your movement type to "walk". Most swords have a block chance of ranged and melee attacks. Wielding two swords to double this chance is viable. Praying is a mixed bag. Try to do it when there are many admins on, and make your requests reasonable, lest those up above decide to send a lightning bolt your way. Bananas are easily as robust as tasers if utilized correctly. Especially acid bananas. Most HoPs do not check with the AI to see if you are on the manifest if you ask for a new ID. This is useful for vampire and changeling morph shenanigans. Sometimes ghosts will try to warn you of an incoming threat. If you see the lights flickering, or feel sadness, be weary. A Traitor Coroner with an agent ID can quickly gain access to much of the station. The disarm intent is incredibly useful if outgunned. You can turn the tide of an engagement by disarming or knocking over the right opponent. Misinformation is potent if used correctly. Calling out fake antags will draw attention away from you, and may distract Security for a short while. It's amendin' time. Why am I adding to this list? Who cares? Amendment Numero Uno A Capulettium-Neurotoxin cocktail is a great way to completely take someone out of the action. Capulettium makes them appear dead and knocks them out, people are generally less likely to interact with a dead body than a live one, the Neurotoxin works its magic and continues the knock-out if the dosage was sufficient. Stable mutagen shenanigans can enable a non-changeling antag to operate in a similar manner to a changeling. Have the materials for stable mutagen on your body, an empty syringe for taking blood from your victim and a preloaded syringe of stable mutagen christened with your own blood. Once you take a blood sample from the victim and administer your preloaded syringe, make your stable mutagen with that blood and voila. You can gain access very quickly, the go-to being a Command or Security role that normally cannot antag. If you have a crowbar and a screwdriver, you can dismantle any machine quickly. Screwdriver first, then crowbar. If you want to further the sabotage, take and dispose of the circuit board. Using this method of destroying the roots can cripple the station if you target vital machines, like the Destructive Analyzer and Circuit Imprinter in RnD or the Medbay's cloning and cryoing facilities. Just be weary of the fact that the Secure Tech Storage probably has a replacement. Most lit rooms have a light-switch. Using your knowledge of switch-flipping, you can more effectively hide by doing so. Light fixtures conduct high levels of electricity. By placing a conductor into one, like a radio headset, you can electrocute yourself. A loaded RCD is an extremely potent sabotage tool and enabler of advanced BnE operations. It's also nice for shop making. Closets can be made with only two metal. If you're in a pickle, and need to hide evidence fast, making a storage closet and running is an option. In the Orion Trail game, immediately killing a crewmember is optimal in ensuring you have enough food. Clowns and Mimes have access to each other's rooms, but not their closets. As an antag with medical access, it's usually a good idea to pick up a crew pinpointer from a NanoMed machine. Body shields are effective. If you are kidnapping someone while chased, make sure they remain standing for the duration of the chase, so they can soak up lasers, taser charges and bullets while you flee. Disposals is not an incinerator. People can, and will, go into space to retrieve what you've dumped there. *scream............also a PSA. Please do not kick diona nymphs. It isn't very nice. Amendment Number Two: Electric Boogaloo Shooting a slime with a temperature gun on high pressure makes it speedy. Real speedy. Usage on sentient slimes is recommended and will yield favourable results. Diona can survive without oxygen for some time if they have a suitable light source on them. Guest passes work as temporary IDs, and there is a guest pass in most departments. A changeling with a mindswap ability can quickly incapacitate and kill an individual by drinking incapacitating chemicals such as Capulettium and mind-swapping with their target within twenty seconds, effectively incapacitating them for some time and allowing them to bypass the trouble that comes with duplication and item transfer. One can quickly escape from a situation by climbing into a disposal bin and engaging the lever while doing so. Do keep in mind that this route is easily intercepted, as all disposal chutes end in Cargo. A hulk's inability to be stunned and devastating punches can make quick work of the layman crewmember. Telekinesis, when used alongside a weapon like the baseball bat, with severe knockback, can keep several enemies at bay simultaneously. Most mechs can be taken down in less than a dozen hits from an ion rifle or carbine. A strategically placed patch of damaging or fast-growing Kudzu can prove to completely incapacitate a crew quickly. Throwing a charged stun-baton or stun-prod works in a similar manner to a taser, and also makes you look more robust than you actually are. Syndicate surplus bundles often come with job-specific gear, and can be extremely useful. The door remotes given to each head can be extremely useful as an antag, by either trapping enemies, or allowing allies to enter. Most races can survive without their kidneys and appendixes for some time. The incinerator and the two rooms directly above it are among the least frequented areas on the station. The small room at the head of the Arrivals Shuttle is a good place to hide. The Pod Pilot's Area can be an easy entrance into Security, and brings you only one wall away from the HoS's office. As a vampire, the AI and borgs can be your best friend when running from Security. If you are on the manifest, the AI is obligated to view you as crew. A crew pinpointer is always useful to have on, whether you are stalking a victim or stalking a "friend". If you don't have time to formally kill a vox or plasmaman, removing and running off with their veil/envirosuit helmet will do the job too. Being blatantly racist is usually enough to get someone off your back for a bit. It might also result in them calling over an IAA to deal with you.