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  1. Not entirely sure if it still works, but I recall certain machines, namely ATMs and the bridge's medical computer console, to allow wielders of telekinesis to both insert IDs and take them out again, if the wielder is within three tiles. If you were feeling especially metagamey, you could make off with a bag full of IDs if the round had a trading shuttle event.
  2. I'm late to the party, but I thought it worth mentioning that the CE's jetpack IS confirmed to be deconstructable for Engineering 6, it's there at the start of the shift and not an objective for traitors, so it's good for speed if Cargo is having trouble and typically won't get you too many stares. Also, the super hard disk drive will advance both Data and Engineering levels. You can just print one of those instead of a holographic sign projector and mining drill to up the levels simultaneously.
  3. As you are probably aware, every standard, humanoid race in the game is bilingual by default, able to speak in their race-specific tongue as well as Galactic Common. A lot of players even choose to be trilingual, adding a third, even more seldom used, language to their metaphorical toolbox. It's a system that, while intentionally obnoxious at times, is enjoyable to me and clearly based in reality. Anyways, the main topic of this post is language blending, that is, using multiple languages in a single sentence or phrase. In real life, multi-lingual people will often substitute in words fro
  4. Eh. Just saw I had this for some reason. Couple months ago, there was an event where the admins filled a vault with a sizable amount of cash, and I used some genetics shenanigans to break in and stuff my account.
  5. Dionae can feed off two basic lights sources(3x3) when used together. (e.g. lit welding tool and PDA flashlight) The clown's multicolored crayon is essentially infinite food. Wizards have a "staff of animation" purchase, that works similar to the living vending machines event. Employ on welding and fuel tanks for maximum hilarity. Ascended shadowlings can be killed by a nuke, and incapacitated by a loose singularity, but not a loose tesla. A sorium explosion will break holds and drags, even when handcuffed. Viable for cheeky get-away attempts when Security finds you via voi
  6. Name of Event: Syndicate X Nar'Sie One Sentence Description: A high-ranking member of a certain pirate-tech conglomerate now serves a red-space deity, and can utilize the tools given to them by both worlds. Map Changes: Minor Possibly needing to seal off and stabilize atmos in the Abandoned Teleporter for the start of the event. Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: High - 80+ Full Description of Event: Under unknown circumstances, a member of Syndicate middle management tasked with negotiating with a local sect of Nar'Sie has gone missing, along
  7. This is a pretty tired excuse for....something....but here's a short list of some of the less-used methods that I've used for changing the look, voice and race of a character that don't rely on being an antagonist. Slimeperson Progression: If you have access to Xenobiology, and they have gotten to both black and blue slimes, you can turn yourself into a slimeperson. The extract from a black slime contains "advanced mutation toxin", which turns an injected individual into a slimeperson, and then shortly after, a slime. The extract from a blue slime contains "frost oil", which, if injected
  8. Diona, dionae. It was only a little while ago that I really started to enjoy playing diona, as I see them as arguably the most forgivable of all species in terms of gameplay, and objectively one of the best species for new players to play. That might sound a little weird, but I'll elaborate. Dionae, are one of, I believe, the six species that someone can choose to play as free of charge. But, what really makes dionae optimal as a species choice for newer players is the way that they encourage the game to be played. Dionae are differ from humans with three additional game mechanics. They s
  9. Pretty simple idea here. Post the actual name of a species that you aren't particularly fond of and then an offensive nickname for it.
  10. I'm definitely of the opinion that this, or a similar system should be implemented both for total playtime and for role playtime. Spending a lot of time playing Security and Science(which, of course, are the two departments where all great greytiders go to die)I'd like to think that I've become relatively newbie-friendly, if someone asks about something, I'll explain it IC and reference them to the wiki if they're having trouble, but, just as often as not, new players will silently take up their station and get frustrated with being berated when trying to feel out unintuitive game mechanics an
  11. Disclaimer: This is not a guide on the role of Geneticist or using the Genetics Lab. This is strictly a guide on the ways that one particular genetic power can be utilized, and may not be complete at that. Overview: The geneticist is chief among the ranks of underestimated roles on the server, and with the right stroke of luck, along with a little bit of skill, can become a real force to be reckoned with. This guide hopes to explain all the uses of one particular genetic power that a geneticist may find, may you be fortunate to find yourself in the possession of one. Functions:
  12. Sleeping and studying economics at uni, which I'm admittedly pretty terrible at.
  13. By no means do I know the existing combat system very well, but I like the idea of adding this extra layer where targeting specific body parts affects different things. However, I do think that it's worth mentioning that some of these things are already in the game to some extent. I believe there is already a low chance in which punching activates a "weaken" ability that stuns for some time, although I think that making that ability only applicable to certain parts of the body(i.e., head, upper body, lower body)would make more sense as someone doesn't necessarily get stunned in real life
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