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  1. August 6th: AffectedArc07 has been promoted to Maintainer PhantasmicDream has retired from adminship August 8th: zn23x has returned as a Game Admin
  2. Is it even possible to revive suicided people? I'd rather it was just impossible, instead of it being possible but having SOP not to do it.
  3. Sorry, but after a head+maint vote we must decline this app. The primary reason is that you're still very new contributing to paradise. Your first PR was which was opened Jun 9th, or less than two months ago! Most of the current coding staff have been contributing for years. The secondary reason is that you recently had a PR which, if merged, would have caused database issues. Thankfully AA caught it, but since the primary job of a PR reviewer is to spot issues with code, the fact that you did not test/catch this yourself was worrying. My suggestion is that you keep contributing for another 6 months or so, then reapply. With a longer, good track record behind you, your second app should have a higher chance of success.
  4. Kyet

    Cyborg Reports

    Why not just use the radio? "Engineering, please fix the _____ in _____."
  5. I'm considering doing a PR to update the syndicate lavabase ruin on lavaland. Current ideas I am considering: Removing the "syndicate cargo shuttle terminal" computer in the NE cargo area, as it does nothing, and when you interact with it, it just displays a "missing shuttle" error. Removing the two sets of mining gear along the south wall. Aside from the fact they're typically unusable (how, exactly, are syndies on the base expected to cross the lava moat?), they also encourage syndies to break the rules by leaving the lavabase when they're not supposed to. Adding some new areas. One person suggested a bigger explosives testing area - the current area is arguably too small to be testing maxcaps in. Adding more designated job practice areas. Functionally the reason that the syndie lavabase is useful is that it lets you practice some jobs (viro, scichem) off-station in an area where it doesn't matter if you mess up. Perhaps, with some minor mapping changes, it could be expanded to allow the practice of some more jobs. Botany is somewhat off-limits as there is already a ruin for that. Still, perhaps other jobs (chef, xenobio, toxins, some parts of eng/atmos, etc) could be practiced here with a few map edits. Extensive rework or removal of the syndicate comms agent. For example, moving them from the lavaland syndiebase to another ruin. Or giving them the ability to notify all syndicate on station that they exist (once per round, does NOT require the on-station traitors to have radio keys). Or adding some form of counterplay that command can use to eliminate comms agents that reveal themselves, but at a cost. So any comms agent who insists on doing stupid things like talking on common radio using an obviously fake ID can be dealt with without command having to ask CC to do so. Or removing their ability to change the PDA server password roundstart and lock the crew out of the PDA system. Or something else? Adding some cryopods so that scientists/agents can cryo themselves if they need to leave. Unsure if this would free up new spawners for new ones to come in. At the very least though if they need to disconnect they can, without leaving SSD bodies behind. Make the TG weapons_auth implants given to the lavabase syndies actually work. They're meant to stop anyone but the syndies firing their sniper rifles - but the implants don't work. Either the implants should work, or they should be removed. This might also reduce the incentive for miners to raid the base, as it will be harder (but not impossible) for them to get access to high grade syndicate weapons. Removing the atmos canisters from the lavabase atmos setup. They're not even connected to the ports - they're only there for looks and when the lavabase blows up (which it does regularly) they create a much bigger fire (by additional O2/plasma) than would otherwise happen. Converting the entire lavabase into a space ruin. Since syndies can't leave the lavabase and it shouldn't be worth miners attacking it... why exactly have it on lavaland anyway? Add an emagged teleporter beacon, so that syndies who emag into teleporter can use the teleporter to get there. As well as possibly some method of getting back. So syndies can visit the lavabase more easily, without having to traverse lavaland. If you have suggestions for syndie lavabase tweaks, or opinions about these ideas, post them here please.
  6. I agree with AA. There are lots of issues with that map in that screenshot.
  7. AA is right. Letting sec have roundstart implants from R&D, on green, when those implants haven't even been researched yet, is unfair to antags.
  8. IMHO: If the HOP is at their desk, they should be getting through their line fast enough that tickets / a waiting room are pointless. If the HOP is not at their desk, then radio/PDA them. If they respond and come, then you don't need a ticket (since you're probably the only person there). If they don't respond, a ticket won't help you. So, either way, tickets / waiting rooms are pointless. If a HOP is being slow deliberately (e.g: by insisting on stamped paperwork) then adding a ticket machine doesn't fix the problem. In fact, it makes the problem worse, because now the HOP has an additional way to waste your time and be even slower than they were before. Ticket machines / waiting rooms actually encourage the HOP to be slow. They normalize it and reward it.
  9. I'd rather we just remove the ticket machine. A simple line is faster, easier and clearer. The last thing we need is more pointless paperwork.
  10. July 11th: gangelwaefre has retired from adminship to go back to being a mentor sasanek12 has retired from adminship Keroman has retired from adminship
  11. I play RD a lot, but I almost never use the armor. This isn't that unusual, either. Many RDs refuse to wear it. Why? According to it seems to only activate on hit 50% of the time (unless I'm reading the code wrong). The place it teleports you is semi-random as well. Which means you can't rely on it to always work. Which means that, while its good for evasion, its not very good for direct combat. And even if your only goal is evasion, you can't rely on it 100%. It can be triggered by mundane interactions, like other people hugging you. Which can potentially teleport you at undesirable times. Potentially you can even misclick yourself and activate it by accident. Or a traitor can touch you to activate it, in order to teleport you away from a crowd - so they can take you out alone. While it has some safety systems (won't teleport you on top of a space tile) it doesn't check atmos, nearby mobs, or other threats, meaning it can teleport you straight into a plasma fire, or room with no oxygen, or right next to a hostile, or into another place that's dangerous for another reason. This is especially bad since other people can activate it unintentionally on you by touching you. This can get you killed. It is often an antag theft objective, meaning that wearing it paints a huge target on your back. Traitors can buy an advanced pinpointer that will lead them straight to the armor at all times (I believe), so you'll never be able to evade them forever. Many players would rather lose the armor, than risk being killed for their armor. The fact it is job-restricted to RD, combined with being an antag objective, means that anyone else who is seen wearing the armor is instantly assumed to be an EOC. Which, given how the normal paradise playerbase treat EOCs, is often a death sentence. You can even make security suspicious of you by wearing it as RD. SOP discourages unnecessary use of it. The RD has far better options available. The RD armor is a lifesaver for RDs who cannot or will not defend themselves otherwise. Either because they are not robust, or just don't want to fight while RPing a science nerd. There are also some pretty powergamey things you can do with it (which I won't explain) to maximize its usefulness. That said, many RDs refuse to use it at all, and personally I'll only use it as a last resort. It is good... but it isn't perfect, and in fact has some pretty substantial downsides. It is rather like the other head items. Useful. Can even save you in some situations. But, in many other situations, it can get you killed.
  12. Our forum/discord integration has been updated. This should help resolve the "rate limit" / "EX8" / "invalid template" errors that are sometimes seen when linking your account. There are no new features in this update. It is only being done to address the rate limits of queries in Discord. If you notice anything odd (especially related to synced discord roles) then let me know.
  13. June 4th: rb303 has unretired and is now a game admin again Esenno, Ionward, Fraility, Tourte and DoctorDrugs have been appointed as Trial Admins
  14. April 29: Dovixx has retired as a Game Admin May 19: Cazdon has retired as a Game Admin May 22: gangelwaefre is now a Trial Admin thatdanguy23 is now a Trial Admin qwertytoforty is now a Trial Admin marginalorb is now a Trial Admin regularjoe is now a Trial Admin mrsynnester is now a Trial Admin May 23: radiantflash is now a Trial Admin fludd12 has unretired, and is now a Game Admin again
  15. Admin/Mentor apps are now closed. Apps that have already been filed are still being processed. PR Reviewer apps remain open.
  16. Lately, I've had multiple people volunteer to make sprites. They're just not sure what to make. If this sounds like you, post here. Similarly, if you are a github contributor who needs sprites made for something, also post here, with a description of what you're looking for. NOTE: this thread should only be used by people making sprites, and people making PRs. DO NOT request sprites for something in the hopes that someone other than yourself will write the PR to add them.
  17. Apps are now open. Mentor apps: Admin apps: PR Reviewer apps: Please note: Read the template threads for info about how to apply. You MUST follow the template / instructions. You need to link your forum account to your ingame account in order to post an application. If you haven't done this, simply click the 'forum' button ingame while signed in on the forums. It takes 2 seconds. You also need a decently clean history to apply. Minimum 3 months of no warnings/bans to apply for mentor, minimum of 6 months to apply for admin. No, we won't grant you an exception to this. You're also expected to have a minimum of 300h playtime if you want to apply for admin. Good luck!
  18. I'd rather increase the freedom/options players have in other jobs, instead of taking away options in science. Science shows us a little bit about what players find fun (ability to switch between stuff to avoid boredom). If we ever were to split off a sub-area of science into its own job, the first obvious candidate would be toxins. Toxins has little use in most rounds, but extremely high grief potential. Thus, its a prime candidate for being its own job, with its own access, and perhaps a higher playtime requirement.
  19. When you're disconnected from the game, you're SSD, not AFK. So this is really about auto-cryo for people who're disconnected from the game - not simply AFK. If your internet dies for 30+ minutes, and you come back to find yourself a ghost, simply ahelp it. We'll likely send you back to lobby so you can rejoin. There are also ghost roles that you can join with. The vast majority of people who disconnect from the game for 15+ minutes have no intention of coming back. Often, those players are in important roles, like Engineering/Sec during blob, Chaplain during cult/vampire, RD during malf AI, etc. The longer we wait to remove them from the round, the longer the station is short a critical person during an emergency. Cult/Vampire rounds, for example, account for the Chaplain in their balance. If the timer was increased to 30 or 60 minutes, there would be a lot of rounds with a SSD chaplain which basically throws the entire round to the cult/vampires because the Chaplain was not cryoed in a timely fashion. Ultimately its a question of balancing your wants against the wants of the larger crew (who want, say, a Chaplain to be awake during vampire/cult, eng/sec to be awake during blob, etc). We're seeking to go with what is best for the majority here. More generally, SS13 is an online multiplayer game. For an online multiplayer game, a 15 minute timeout window is actually quite generous. Most of the online games I play will remove you if you are disconnected for 1 minute or less. We already give you a lot more time than most games do.
  20. Apr 4: SkyPing has returned to staff as a Game Admin.
  21. Thoughts: What is this ranking based on? How much fun you have playing as them? Or something else? Does each tier have a specific meaning or is it just "more fun" v "less fun"? I have to say I consider blob to be the most fun antag, because of how clearly strategic its gameplay is. I'm also surprised you put changeling in D tier, when its more powerful and arguably more flexible than traitor. The ability to revive from death alone is incredible. I'm surprised you include super-rare antags like devils, revs, nations, etc but leave out some common ones like borers.
  22. Existing Patrons will not be charged for the month of April, but will still get their perks. (New Patrons that sign up now will be charged as normal) If you would normally be donating to us during the month of April, please consider donating instead to a charity aimed at helping Coronavirus victims.
  23. A few thoughts: How does the chef leave the kitchen without having to go through the bar windoor which they may not have access to? If this was to be a permanent map change, why not move the bar backroom east a bit so it can be connected to the north end of the area behind the bar counter? Are the slot machines placed the way they are because that's what you really want? Or just because you can't move them? A bit of a tangent, but it would be really nice if slot machines could be deconstructed, or at least moved, without the need for adminbus. The positioning of vents and scrubbers is pretty suboptimal. If this was to be a permanent map change they should be positioned in a dice-like pattern to make best use of their range. The light switch next to the slot machines needs to be moved. Possibly the fire alarm as well. Is the ATM on the bottom right usable in that position? I feel like it would be a good idea to place a one-tile wall north of the bar stools so as to discourage people from running through the line of bar stools and position-swapping with bar patrons.
  24. Mar 30: PurpleGenie56 has retired from the staff team (was a Head of Staff) DumbDumb5 has been elected by the staff to serve as a new Head of Staff (was previously Game Admin)
  25. The brig doc was originally meant to be a combination medical/sec role that existed for the benefit of prisoners. It turned out to be used exclusively for the benefit of security - almost never to help prisoners. The same would happen here if the psych was made into a combined med/sec role. So no, that's not a good idea. If you want to give him extra stuff, give him something that directly relates to his specialty. Like a mind scanner that detects mindslaves, thralls, etc. Something with a long cooldown, which ONLY he can use. That would help him effectively ensure the mental health and integrity of the crew.