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  1. On your order, chief. Situations met at nanotrasen service will definitely honk your day in the name of the honkmother!
  2. I've had little time to space this autumn so I went through my screenshot folders for remembering fun moments. Found one, of which I believe I haven't posted before, these from this spring-summer:
  3. The collection enlargens! I love your style. On my spaceman I especially like you drew him smiling. I've tried to play Jean a happy fellow no matter if the honk had hit the fan or not. Well captured!
  4. Oh no, just when I crawled off the forest I spent the summer working. All the good for you my man, be back when it feels like such! Thanks for so far. Personally I thought your antag play is one exemplary one, as observed from the receiving end. It's a funny game, as it's quite as much a community as a game and so disappearing feels like something other, than just stopping to play. Hadn't really experienced such before with things in the internet, either. But we will be there and if we don't, BYOND and DM will probably be till the nuclear winter, so at this point only au revoir! And I might get the opportunity to defeat Fred the vamp some other time then, damn I remember clearly that first shot you have here.
  5. Double track post time! These I actually recorded in April-May during the initial quarantine time. Only recently mixed them up, as got started again in a job that is quite social, and mixing things is the perfect afterwork fun for that. Solitary nerdism namely, bit like being a space chemist. I think though that with these little tracks I've finally learned how to fairly record drums and bass. Guitars and vocals are still bit a work in progress. First on, a demo of one my own tune in construction. No proper guitar solo because a bassist can not invent such things. Secondly, more Thin Lizzy! This one from their heavy end, the 1983 album Thunder and Lightning. Beating the drum track on this was a major fun in the posterior, since those triple kicks, with a single pedal, were initially not in my range of skill as a really-not-a-drummer. Worked well as a leg day, and as with the previous case, a number of pizza AND drumsticks were consumed in the process. Also singing English feels like learning it all over again, funnily enough.
  6. Yeah, I think too that the question was whether you could have, what you see on the sec records console on the fly, at the vehicle. Side note, I’ve long thought of an on-the-go information device for sec (in general), so that you wouldn’t have to back up to the console if you just wanted to read things (not edit, for a balance reason I think of). Those are vehicle or designated (radio)man mounted by nowadays, yet field test examples of actually every-man’s C2I systems exist already, and those kinds are portrayed in scifi too (think about the wrist computer of the Fallout series). But well, that is out of the range of my code skill and time right now... Sorry for an off topic idea, on this one, a console in the pod sounds fair and easy to implement idea, and the support role argument is a good one. Maybe it would help the pilot to actually patrol at space more, as they could do act as support/dispatch when it is, as it often is, not much happening there? I’d think so. HUD can only read/write things you see, so it does not answer this call. PDA sec cartridge is read only, and at the moment, you cannot view the essential thing that are the comments, with that.
  7. I’ve long thought of that too, mainly due grenades usually work so that there’s a pin and a lever, and when the pin is pulled off, the lever may fall off, if the user does not hold it while holding the thing in hand - and the nade only primes when the lever is fallen, that is, when it’s thrown. So that when you want to throw one, pull the pin off and then, still holding the lever, take your time before throwing it. Now our nades will start the countdown on priming interaction, so that you have to get it out of your hand fast after that. Due to that, it’s kind of good, in my opinion, that there’s this auto throw in the present situation, but how about if they worked as above? Eg. grenade active hand, press z to pull the pin, no automatic throwintent, and the nade only primes when you throw or drop it; and press z again to drop the lever, in case of you wanted to use the tactic of letting the fuse burn a bit before the throw, maybe keep the automatic throwintent with that action so that if you want to throw it NOW doubletap Z and there it goes.
  8. Neat one, hail Nanotrasen! Those are hilariously differing. From formal letter to that poem... Meanwhile in that shift, one quiet one in a security perspective, I went on rampage in the style that is possible to a detective.
  9. Sounds a neat idea to me, good one to make a PR of, and to test it out? Due to the examination text giving out the death, a thing like count pulse is rather useless. And it feels indeed kind of too straightforward to judge between the living and dead just with one glance, without hitech medical gear or some effort to check it out. Irl you would need to check whether they respond to speak, pain, light, do they breathe, have a pulse; inspect them, unless it is really apparent. (Slapping as test whether spaceman lives or not, when?) A space adaptation of that would bear some potential horror indeed, presently what only a changeling could really do. That is terrific and as such fun. Spot a downed one, start counting pulse - oh damn! Concerning antags, they could be in the receiving end of tactics done with this, just as well as crew/sec would be, thinking about fight scenes. And as the examination would still give out physical damage, to avoid getting surprised, you got to stay alert of surroundings, which is a general requirement of staying alive as say, a sec officer: a motionless guy in the dark maintenance, but they appear to be in sound condition externally - better approach this fellow carefully, if I have to. Test shift or two could give out how this would turn out in terms of adding to the game. No examination text giving it out, coupled to a function in style of what Marsmond said.
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