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  1. Actually I post this bit later, harmless but gosh I was tired - it might be still ongoing.
  2. You'll need a fresh copy of paracode for it. Open paradise.dme, this will bring up the dreammaker. Compile, and then look for "map_files". The gateway missions are at "randomzlevels". Opening the .dmm files will pop up the mapeditor. I've never tried to seriously do anything with the mapeditor, so I don't know what-everything you have to keep in mind while tinkering with the maps, but it sure is fun to play around with them, at least.
  3. The other day, I felt the inspiration to tinker with the beloved "Thunderdome" track. It impressed me greatly back when I discovered the station. Spend then the evening in the band garage, resulting into this: It's done with assorted rock instruments, scratch keys, as of I tried to do the lead part with guitar. I recorded the stuff with my old multitracker. Result is bit distorted by peaking, due the hasty way I recorded the drums. Had fun time playing this, so that I wanted to post the outcome out here! And as of credits of the track were, not too long ago, discovered, the great original is here:
  4. Heh, quite just that, too bad I decipted it from the sec viewpoint but that was lost to the bit space. Consequences, indeed! It was a great one. Odd enough, about those members of sec who could stand the initial wizard attack, survived the shift to the bitter end.
  5. Damn, wrote a text to accompany these, but it vanished, poof. Honk, got to do it later again, as of the story was worth it - but here, in short, you have a course of yet another shift in NanoTrasen security.
  6. Medbay in the same shift: huge influx of patients, but everything is tolerable, until a blob appears to the morgue and swarmers become so many that they cease me to surge the same patient three times in row. By that moment, we were forced to leave. A few fixed people, axed blobspores and lasered swarmers later, the medbay resumes operation at mining lobby: internal bleeding surgery on the go, while watching the fireworks. Too bad hadn't time to screenshot any of it, that was very moody.
  7. That’s due to crit rework of feb-march this year, as of there is no more hard point of dying at combined -200, but they start to roll dying with high enough damage, that is added by crit symptoms once they kick in. So you’d land 5-6 shots (worth of 150-180 burn) to them and they will die in some minute or two.
  8. Sardele had a topic, not too long ago, on energy-based weapons - how they are less preferred by sec, even if they are more plenty in the armory. Referring that thread to here, we probably don't want to make it even more so. Instead, energy-based weapons could be more versatile, as suggested in that thread, though we're on thin ice here as of balance will certainly be an issue when considering a tweak to sec's gear. On enforcers in specific, they also serve quite the same role as eguns, so switching to them would not provide anything we don't have already (except of an unwanted buff to sec that more ballistics would pose. Not saying that I wouldn’t like enforcers, too - if traders appear, I’ll happily hand all my nanobucks for one. Issuing them, though, quite said above). But initial security gear is an interesting topic, on the other side of your suggestion. Alff said in a sec discussion topic, not too long ago too, that security, that has only nonlethals initally, resembles a market cop force rather than a security force. That being said on the gear restrictions, not meaning they should use lethals more often than they use now. It's kind of funny indeed, as of whether to use lethal force or not is anyway a matter of judgement on possible KOS order, situation, spacelaw and security SOP. If a lethal option (weak lethal like the egun, so that actual combat gear would be still behind the bars) was issued to officers initially, though, it would have it's obvious downside. But abusing the egun is more easily noticed and more gravely processed than abusing the taser - when the latter is, due to the instant nature, a more potent round-ender for the stealthy antag. Then, Coul was working on removal of instant ranged stuns. So perhaps roundstart tasers to eguns (instead of enforcers) could be a matter of discussion. Big discussion though, changing security affects lot of stuff and it's difficult. Personally, I don't know, I think balance is okay right now, and changing that would be difficult. So here just bringing together something that has been talked previously around this topic. Referring to them, I like individually the idea of tweaking energy-based guns and test-firing Coul's stun thing some day, though, to have officers an initial lethal option or not, well, could be worth of a test, for example in conjunction of ranged instastun removal, just like enforcers were tested year ago. Links here: Sardele's thread, Medi's thread, where many sec matters were recently discussed, and Coul's stun discussion:
  9. I've found IAA's very useful as a HoS - when they do the job like it's meant to be done. With full roster of sec, it's often difficult, due to the flow of events, to spot and correct badly doing officers or investigate more questionable sentences, as of the participiants in those kind of cases happen to have completely opposite opinions on what's the case - so that you'll need time to interrogate the persons in question and seek witnesses to find out what has actually been taking place. If I had a good IAA, I could just ask them to investigate, then they come back after some time with a report and suggestion of sanction to be taken, saving me the precious time that gaining grounds for an action would take. Problem is that, indeed, able IAA's are quite rare. Which is a kind of result of the loop mentioned: IAA's being disregarded -> people willing to make effort won't take the job -> low effort IAA's that are to be disregarded -> IAA's being disregarded. So, fixing the situation would be about giving IAA's more tools for doing their job and little more authority. Kyet's idea list seems great to me. Reassigning IAA's to be under the NTRep could be beneficial, as of Rep and IAA's have more in common than magistrate and IAA's. So it could lead to teamwork, if the rep and say both IAA's are present - more people driving the same thing has more chances to success. f there was a case about sentencing and-or reading the space law, the IAA team would then work with magistrate, if present, like they should do now. Tandem-work doesn't need boss though, it isn't necessary, but just having "a boss" assigned has a significance in it, a significance to work together more, as of you response directly to somebody. Presently the magistrate is just a supervisor for IAA's in cases regarding to space law and sentencing, rather than a boss.
  10. In the Finnish language, limppari, and hence we'd call it lemonade naturally in English. Also, thread: necro'd.
  11. Spiders took over the station. There were only couple of survivors: few cultists in their base, magistrate Yaya as of managed to escape into the space - and this. Clown Bobo, armed with a chainsaw - and the holy blessing of the Honkmother, which he got after being able to sneak into the escape pods and kill some spiders in the process. While intensely praying to Honkmother on his sole honk-crusade, he taunted his petty adversials. This was my favourite: *saw *saw GET HONKED! Sadly, Bobo finally died in the pod while riding it to the safety. Even Honkmother couldn't stop his organs dying of the extreme violence. But the legend lives on, inspiration to later generations of happy honkers that you don't want to mess with.
  12. Norwest’s post is mighty fine description on the issues of the security, and the suggestion there to tackle them seem very reasonable to me. I just love that idea to implement a junior role to sec. It would both answer the call of Medi’s original suggestion here and add to the sec gameplay, make it more fun, by adding there some variation. As of, the junior sec role as ”constable” would definitely not be just a pinata with different name - in contrast with cadets discussed earlier, as the constable role would have its own, meaningful share of the sec cake and the restriction to not to go after EoC-type threats like regular officers. I would, in certain, take shifts as departmental constable officer, for just having more time to interact with people, instead of running after the bad guys taser hot, which often has to be the case due the situation, even if the main reason I like the game and sec in specific is the interaction, paired with meaningful action. Then have an instructor to herd the red goons in general and the constables in specific, so that a) that kind of activity would actually happen and b) the new constables would have an overwatch that have time for their doings. HoS would have their time in making decisions and maintaining contact with their department, as it is (or should be) presently. As in the instructor thread, I support a tweak to sec’s organisation, to have some more designated jobs there, to make the good things happen more often.