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  1. Updated again, added how to toggle EVA and combat mode, they removed harnesses so fixed that too. Should be fully up to date.
  2. I'm pretty sure you can rename any and all food, and the reason you probably can't rename drinks is they're beakers with fancy sprites. Being able to rename them sounds interesting but I feel it'd pose a few issues, unlike food that disappears after eating. Interesting idea though.
  3. AH! Thank you for the feedback and You don't understand the power of the red crowbar. Anywho, to everyone else I'll be updating this everyday-ish and at the bottom plan to add a "5 minutes till we board and I'm brand new, what do I do" guide. If anyone has any input feel free to DM me on discord or put something here! Night nerds. P.S O-oh and this new section and the old sections will be cleaned up, did this on mobile and it kinda looks bad.
  4. So you rolled/want to be a nuclear agent. This is hopefully a quick guide to not fall for "noob bait" and understand how your new job with the syndicate functions. If you are in an emergency and are reading this guide read "Basics of training." After scroll down to "HELP I HAVE 3 MINUTES BEFORE I DO WARCRIMES WITH OTHERS AS AN AGENT" and hope your fellow operatives aren't as bald as you. There are alot of things when it comes to nuclear operatives, if you're currently one and the syndicate needs you to be robust and nuke a station 5 minutes from now, scroll to the bottom for the small list of things to follow. All above is going to be in depth look at gear, kits, and what to grab from the station. Agents, operatives and you. As a nuclear operative it is a MUST to work together, your 5 (ish) against 60-140 people. That might seem like alot but understanding how the station functions and how you can take advantage of it is a must. Below is a list of what to expect once you declare war against the station. Cargo ordering guns. Everyone being armed and having AA Everyone looking for BLOOD RED HARDSUITS (and elite hard suits but that's for later) AI's with the idea they can attempt to door crush you (they can't but they try their hardest) Meth-head scientists with chairs that somehow made every chemcial in the time it took you to board. That one guy in toxins. The clown. Theres a few more but these above should always be expected. Things to take advantage of. 1. Like 90% of crew has AA and you have an agent ID, if you steal their ID and scan it, you can literally steal all access. 2. Cargo can easily be bombed, do that. 3. The AI is either very rude and door bolt happy or is a respectful observer, either way the AI sat is mostly unprotected and can be broken into easily to kill the eye in the sky, probably should have someone go do that. 4. Clown has banana peel, shoot the clown. 5. If you lose your gun, you can probably use the stations against them, expect them to be alot worse though compared to your superior and cooler gear. Basics of training. HELP DYING IN SPACE WHY!?!: Look at the image below, toggling your hardsuits mode impacts alot of things. For example if you can run fast or survive space, take a look at the image provided. Good note that if the helmet icon isn't there, then you need to click the suit, if the helmet icon does not display a light, you are in COMBAT mode. In combat mode you are NOT space proof but you have 0 movement penalty. WHERE DO I BUY GUNS PLEASE.: In your backpack is a radio, use it in your hand to open your uplink. Understanding what to grab and what to leave. A huge mistake new nuclear operatives make is taking wrong items and leaving correct ones. The list below follows the order of items you can see and what you should and shouldn't grab. 1. DIRECTLY INFRONT OF YOUR SPAWN there is what is referred to as "the funny" by some and others the "BRB" or the "Big Red Button" it is a very fun and extremely underused item that isn't just a joke. Planting any syndicate bomb for any amount of time and then pressing the "BRB" sets the timer to 5 seconds. This 5 second delay is to avoid accidents and for you to run away, I won't even show a picture because if you can't find a giant button in the middle of the spawn desk then you probably shouldn't be a nukie. 2. Below the spawn desk under an airlock area is an arrangement of lockers, one for each operative normally. Inside the lockers are 3 items of interest, these are the military belt, NV goggles and the crowbar. Reason for these is NV goggles allow you to see in the dark and normally as an operative you lack glasses anyways, crowbar is the LEAST grabbed tool as a nukie but you'd be surprised how many times firelocks get in the way. And finally the belt which can hold more things then you could imagine, including your trusty stetchkin. There is also an Ion cannon and mech recharger with a tool vendor for fixing things. Ion is used mostly against crew mechs and the recharger for your own. 3. The bathroom, being above to the east is more as a privacy area and character customization with a free bar of soap then anything else. There are mirrors to change hair color and style and a small room to have some privacy and do a chameleon suit in peace or go AFK. Do note if you go AFK I suggest you LOOC to your new found friends and inform them you will be back. Try not to AFK longer then 2-3 minutes as an operative, admins may give your body up or you might screw over your team with timings. 4. Heading into the nuclear shuttle to the west reveals the first bit of "noob bait" this is the "syndicate suit storage unit" room with a line of suit storage units filled with near useless things unless you're a reinforcement. DO NOT EVER IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN HARDSUIT USE THE "JETPACK HARNESS" Your suit can fit a oxygen tank in the suit storage and has a built in jetpack, use that for space propulsion. The actual gold is above in the corner hidden away. In the locker at the top right of the room contains bulldog shotguns, a military PDA to use PDA bombs from, stetchkin mags, a suspicious duffle bag, and some less then lethal grenades which include flashbangs which can be very useful against borgs and crew. On the table a useless intelicard because you're not carding the fricking AI and 1 free c4. 5. Directly below the room above is the medical section. If you're ever here you're probably doing something wrong but its a nice place to retreat to if you're not too injured but your medi-kit and or borg are missing. In the medical crate is replacement robotic limbs if one is broken or has IB and you can replace it rather then fix, and a free bone repair kit. The med-kits there are useful but combat med-kits which will be explored further will be below in the gear section. 6. Across from it is the explosives/teleporter room. This room exists to grab bombs and SOMETIMES build a teleporter, the parts to build the computer are around the shuttle and are easily found, if you can't find them you probably shouldn't be using the teleporter. (Teleporter board must be bought for 25 TC.) While in the bomb room who ever grabbed the "BRB" has to grab the suspicious beacons, these beacons send a high explosive ordinance to where ever they're used. Most of the time the person with the "BRB" and the beacons heads to cargo to cut off the supply of guns to crew. Make sure a plan is made between the people who wish to use these and the button. Aswell in the room there are 2 mini-bombs, useful for gibbing those you hate and area denial, trust me no one likes walking near these things and if you put one on top of someone they'll never bother you again, (COUGH VOX COUGH) 7. In the room pictured above, you must come to realize the superior object. The O2 Box. In this box there are O2 tanks, if you put one in any syndicate hardsuit's suit storage you can activate a jetpack, this will last you the entire shift unless you turn on stabilization and or are breathing the air. DO NOT EVER TURN ON STABILIZATION UNLESS THE SITUATION REQUIRES IT such as space-walk with the nuke. In your backpack you will have an O2 box, put the O2 tank of this box in your pocket and that will be your breathing air, separate from jetpack air. This air may run out and you may need to breath your jetpack air but it will last you awhile. (this is the o2 box i love him) 6. The very last room to know about is the cockpit, it is where as the commander, czar, team leader or anything else really control the shuttle, you can choose a custom location or northwest of the station. Do be careful most players will metaknowledge the northwest location and may attempt to board your shuttle, it is suggested you go somewhere else. If you go somewhere custom be sure to use your pin pointer to know which way the station is, it'd be terrible if 3/4 of the team floated the wrong way in space. To the left is a box of donk pockets (which are actually syndicate donk pockets, they have meth and a few other "helpful chemicals" (meth and stuff) but you have a high chance of addiction after consuming one, these also make the microwave useless. Theres also glass for the teleporter and a useless microwave, make sure to make fun of the microwave (for being useless) before looking in the bottom right corner to spot another armory locker with NVG's, a military belt and a crowbar, incase you're missing any. This concludes the gear and what to grab section. Next will be kits, gear and understanding how to properly sort inventory and spend telecrystals. One of the most important parts of being an operative is buying your kit, theres a simple formula for this and even if you're planning on doing a gimmick you should follow this. Main weapon cost + Adrenaline Implant + Combat med-kit + Hardsuit + Energy Sword + Emag + No slip shoes. The remaining telecrystals can be spent on ammo, more implants, bombs, reinforcements, and so many other things. I suggest allocating a bit of time to see your options and weigh the worth of you to your team before giving any crystals out. Example kits, strategies and weapons. If you're unsure what to buy and you wish to follow the formula of being a good nuclear agent, a good very unrobust friendly kit goes as follows. C20r bundle bag, 3 spare magazines of .45, 2 Adrenaline implants, 1 combat medkit, 1 shielded blood-red hardsuit, 1 energy sword and a pair of no slip chameleon shoes. The advantages of this kit are. Inexpensive and has enough TC left for alot of extra ammo, cybernetic implants and other fun toys. Allows for alot of versatility giving you a powerful SMG and suit that prevents damage completely with enough healing and anti-stuns to survive a bit of robusting, and an esword as a last resort and finisher. Also free syndicate dufflebag for maximum storage. Very newkie friendly, you click spess man with gun till horizontal and click with loud light saber, if your spess man goes horizontal use adrenaline and run away, I can't make this any simpler. Most kits bought with this formula will be competitively useful against the crew of the Cyberiad, an explanation of almost every weapon and gear will be below. (Images soon) Highly Visible and Dangerous Guns. L6: Expensive, useful if you wish to completely shred people while telling them "Yes, I spent 2/3's of my TC on ammo and this gun and I intend on using it all." Very fun, very useful but you need 2 hands open, probably for robust people only. C20r: Stamina SMG, completely broken currently when this was written and an amazing inexpensive choice for newkies and veteran operatives alike. Its main point is to quickly down and finish people off, it doesn't have the best stopping power in terms of damage but can still kill very well. Expect D-chat salt. M90 Carbine: Somewhat a compromise between the L6 and C20r, higher damage then the SMG but no stamina with more expensive ammo. Comes with a fanch 40mm grenade launcher that really sucks to get hit by, recommend basing an entire gimmick around it as its a TC sink similar to the L6. Bulldog Shotgun: Amazing fast high capacity shotgun, the bundle is purchasable for a varity of ammo including incinderary buckshot. The bulldog chews through ammo but is easy to replace, one of the main guns gimmick ops go for since they get some for free in the locker. Stetchkin: A under used idea for operatives, very easy to maintain and has speciality ammo for armored people. Doesn't pack an insane punch but unloading a stetchkin into someone will make sure they won't get up, mostly used as a side-arm and you get one for free. Flamethrower: Complete gimmick weapon, you better be named something fire related and in an elite hardsuit, avoid CM tier friendly fire (pun totally intended) and expect to die fast, fire isn't the best at killing and is more of a deterrent to people trying to come in a room and kill you. Syndicate Sniper Rifle: The true way to remove AI's quickly, mostly used as utility by veterans and sometimes as the main weapon as nuclear operatives named "Sniper TF2" it can be loaded with specialty ammo such as penetrator rounds to dispatch of people through walls, sleeping bullets because why not, and hemorrhaging bullets if you really want to make someone have 0% blood. Regular bullets can blow organs and limbs out and off respectively, including heads. Boom, headshot. Donksoft: Used as utility for easy stuns against crew without wasting ammo and not requiring to get close, mostly used by people who buy the clown kit (because that exists.) Syringe gun: Yes... this exists and probably needs to be removed. Its just a syringe gun you can buy meme chems for that work better as gas since 90% of crew has armor that syringes can't penetrate, and if they do it would have been better if you shot them with literally anything else. Not recommended to buy even as a gimmick. Useful gear. Syndicate Chainsaw: An extremely risky but very rewarding melee weapon, used by mostly people with shielded hardsuit and adrenals to recover quickly, and rarely by elite hardsuit people, it stun upon hit and does immense damage, can even turn people to meat. Combat Medic Kit: One of the must grabs, gives you a combat stimulant injector and synthflesh automender, one of the few ways to heal. CQC Manual: Situational, and you need to understand how to use it properly, can get you out of tight situations and can be very useful as a stealth operative. Not recommended for new players. Combat Gloves Plus: Just krav maga + combat gloves, easier martial art to use and can be very good if someone is rushing you, makes punches also quite deadly. May be something to look into if you have extra TC. Composition X4: C4 with alot of extra kick, very good for breaching walls if they can't be broken, alittle expensive but its the fast way to do things. Can be put on throwing stars for a fun gimmick. Composition C4: Its just terrible, sometimes doesn't even break glass, sometimes breaks entire walls. Cheap and free in the shuttle, useful for cheaper C4 + throwing star combos. Viscerator Delivery Grenade: Gimmick grenade, when thrown spawns Viscerators which deal 15 brute, one of the easiest things to forget to use, will not attack other operatives though. Honk-brand Infiltration Kit: Honk. Energy Shield: Extremely useful to newer operatives and veterans as well, makes lasers even more useless. A 100% chance to reflect lasers back at the person shooting you, but doesn't block anything else. Most crew might use combat shotguns so this may be useless alot of crew, but when lasers are used and thrown at you, this can save your life. Thermal Drill: Only use is to exist to open a safe if the captain decides thats a perfect place to put the NAD. Expect to never buy it and when you do need it that one time you'll never have it. Elite Hard-Suit: The elite hardsuit is the other option for hardsuits, its cheap at 8tc and it has superb damage negation, its job is to NEGATE not prevent. It has its use and is my personal choice but if you're new, not recommended due to how risky taking any form of damage is. If you're comfortable healing and understanding when you need to retreat and understanding and the risks (IB, broken bones) then its an amazing choice. Shielded Hard-Suit: The shielded hardsuit is the other choice between the two hardsuits, it provides a shield that prevents damage while leaving you semi squishy on the inside, its not bad armor just theres always better. The shielded hardsuit keeps you safe for a few shots, completely preventing damage, apon the shield breaking you'll take substantial damage and require to retreat, avoid dropping shield. Its the clear more expensive choice for newer players and isn't a bad choice if you use it to the fullest if you're confident in your abilities. Cyborgs & Mech & Reinforcements. Medical Cyborg: Honestly just buy a medkit, it can be really useful especially if you tell it to load you up on nanties but its... just comparable to a medkit that you can't control and can die. Saboteur Cyborg: Semi robust, gets meta tested easily and can die fast outside operative help, if it can actually sabotage it can single handedly destroy station, or some blueshield who asked AI flashes it once and it died. Combat Cyborg: The literal glass cannon, dies pretty dang fast under direct fire but steamrolls every single thing it fires at. An L6, and a grenade launcher stun and drain all it can see, expect it to do some work but for 60tc you're better off with the next thing. Reinforcement: The absolute best thing you can sink TC into, reinforcements are extra guns, and most importantly hands that can go under cover, loud, heal you, drag you away while firing, are EMP and flash resistant and just generally are strong. If you do get a reinforcement leave at least 10tc for them to buy something, most will buy no-slips and adrenals and live off the lockers and suit storages just fine, for example instead of buying a single medi borg, buying 1 reinforcement and giving him 10tc is an extra pair of hands that can take out at least 5 crew and serve as one hell of a distraction. If you're buying multiple for a gimmick it can be extremely strong having 8 operatives even if 4 are slightly less powerful then expected. Mauler: It.. doesn't die its scary I'll be honest. Its the strongest thing you can buy and its what you pay for, smoke is useless just spam scattershot and the carbine. Gygax: It's just a faster Mauler with less health, spam scattershot and absolutely destroy. (this will be finished close to last, other parts are easier) HELP I HAVE 3 MINUTES BEFORE I DO WARCRIMES WITH OTHERS AS AN AGENT WHAT I DO!?!?! This is a situation alot of people find themselfs in, this will be an extremely quick run-down of what to do, I recommend reading the above afterwards. Follow this formula and buy accordingly "Main weapon cost + Adrenaline Implant + Combat med-kit + Hardsuit + Energy Sword + Emag + No slip shoes." Recommended for newkies is C20r bundle bag, 3 spare magazines of .45, 2 Adrenaline implants, 1 combat medkit, 1 shielded blood-red hardsuit, 1 energy sword and a pair of no slip chameleon shoes. Remaining TC should be spent on more ammo and other things. Inform your team you're new, they may give you advice and help you out alot more then if they believed you where completely and totally confident, if you are but its your first time make sure that's known. Go to the bottom right of your nukie shuttle after your buy your hardsuit and open the "Internals box" with the O2 markings and put that in your suit storage, that is your jetpack oxygen and will be used to move around space. Do not enable stabilization unless its needed, it consumes alot of extra oxygen. In your backpack is an O2 box, use the suspicious oxygen tank in your pocket as your breathing air, if that runs out use the jetpack air. Make sure someone grabs the "Big Red Button" from the starting location table and the suspicious beacons, read above to understand why, if you don't just make sure someone else does. Prioritize getting "da fuking disk." Have fun, being a nukie shouldn't be annoying or tedious for you when you play it, understand how to properly board the station and stay calm, use gear to your advantage and stay as a group. More soon, with images maybe. (w.i.p will be done tomorrow or not. I'm tired.)
  5. I've been personally trying to roll comms agent to prevent trolling and testing the waters of the sorts of people who play bio weapons and writing down what they want to see and what we would fax for, after discussing with a few people I've got a general idea of things players want to see from this when they play it and il bring my thought about the changes aswell. Things people want. 1. More diverse weapons, even if its non lethal, almost every shift I see people gravitate towards the donksoft for wars and even drop their snipers to have more donk. Slow, powerful weapons suck to have and the stetchkin is honestly the prefered weapon by most people. (Snipers mostly used for the scope and the pest removing ability being the 1 shot) 2. People want more stuff to do. Be it a botany section, cooking, or bomb making. Making chem bombs and being basically unable to test them is terrible, and when you do its large damage to your station or it blows up chem and gets boring. If you have a fridge with a ingredients and only 3 boards and a microwave lacking all the kitchen machines why even have it? Either give all the required things for cooking or remove it and give liquid food rations and donk pockets with syndicake snacks. 3. More protection, people get paranoid as they should when they hear an RCD or a miners KA too close to the station, this can be fixed with the space idea but then again, that comes with its own issues. After this paranoia is comfirmed everyone takes out their sniper and don't hang out in bar/rp and wait for people to attempt to raid the station and get deleted by a 50.cal. No fun for either side and I've tried to keep people alive/fulton pack their body to station for revival. 4. More RP. I see this as a perfect RP lavaland spawner be it reluctant kidnapping and put on the station or be it a loyal syndicate agent whos well known to other syndicate station personal. I've personally got 2 I try and keep as a passion project and this brings me to my 5th point. 5. Name picking and more speices picking. I'd love to be able to pick a name, and have a title aswell as being a species I've unlocked via karma, being a diona is fun till its not and having some varity in species and names instead of 3 idiots named SYNDICATE BIO WEAPON AGENT and one bigger nerd whos named properly with a voice changer would be a nice change. Even if a pretense is forced apon the name I would think that would be better. (Such as officer for comms agent and operative for the bio agents. Having a prompt and a title added might be confusing but adds alittle specialty to it) 6. RnD or something progressive to do, kind of like the kitchen thing but having a box of deluxe parts and being able to make more for investing time and effort into a small portion of the station would feel rewarding and give you something to do. Faxing needs to seem like a last resort for an item, you have an amazing idea and everyone on station agrees or you need confirmation to blow the station from a hostile invasion. 7. An armory. Sounds bad and it is alittle but gives the station broader jobs, some people just like guns in this game and would LOVE to give them to agents on the cyberiad who would teleport in (from the idea of station being in space and having a teleporter) Even if its just ammo and a few guns having a shooting range for that one guy who wants to try weapons or even RP a cranky old man who "back in his hay day" had more "reliable" weapons would be fun and interesting and give alittle more life for being an agent. Not just NPCs who agro for opening a locker. Onto the ideas of Kyets post. 1. Yeah its trash. 2. Yes. 3. My post has ideas. 4. Again, chef or armory or RnD just something causal and something progressive, one of each for the 3 agents to divide (sci chem being one and viro already existing and never used could be removed... but then again BIO WEAPONS.) 5. Remove their voice changer, allow name picking and I like the idea of them having the ability to announce their presence to on station agents. The jobs fun when done properly and not trolly with the correct people. I admit I used to use it to be memey but have been refraining and been having alot more fun since most admins seem to see me not using my voice changer abusively and sometimes recieving an access tuner to aid agents via the on station cams. Comms agent should really be intel and slight assistance instead of "haha funny AI rogue" I also think alittle attention should be given to their loadout being alittle lack luster being just an esword and stetchkin, possibly spawning with alittle more ammo and an esword could be enough. 6. Cryo pods are a needed addition no matter what, even just one in a recluse corner would be amazing. 7. I honestly really dislike this idea, Im not that savvy with the code behind it but it seems like alot of work to prevent crew from using loot gained from raiding them, I feel raiding them should be a full assault sort of thing with syndicate crew knowing and preparing alittle and crew gaining large quantities of S class should be reserved to loud assaults not welding in stealthly and stunning the crew, killing them and stealing it all. A shield idea sounds good, still breakable but would cause alot more noise then welding or removing a wall with an RCD. 8. Duh. 9. That seems like alot better of an idea, giving the ability to be a few things. Larger, have more items, have a bomb range if needed, being more recluse and being a point of a large scale attack if its extended and an event is wanted to be used on the base like reverse nukies. 10. If number 9 is to be followed through this allows easy access for agents, allows identification of actual agents then people who are faking it to break in (authenticator computer to open a door) And generally would make this area alot safer then depot since the depot being in "Green" and the mechanic just showing up turns it delta, this would be a player controlled, RP dependant spawner with tons of potential and preventing miners from getting even more powerful then they already are. In closing I really enjoy lavaland spawners in general but syndi bio especially since it allows actual RP and general safety from miners even if its only for 40 minutes. Its alot better then being a diona growing gat fruit, better then the beach could ever be and has more safety then ashwalkers. I really and honestly hope to see new development about syndicate bio weapons and alittle more love given to other spawners if this one ends up really good. Thank you for reading!
  6. AAAAA you linked my art! Love the image by the way!
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