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  1. What do Day and Dayana think of the TSF/SolGov?
  2. Cory Whitman finishes off the last bit of whiskey in his flask, and stands up, moving with surprising sobriety given the amount of alcohol he just ingested. As if on cue, he receives a PDA message from the Cyberiad's Coroner that there's been a brutal murder, and to head over to the morgue for an autopsy. He sighs, pulls on his forensics gloves, and is on his way.
  3. 2 hundred thousand motherfucking ping while the server gets DDOS'd
  4. I would have thought so too, but a wheelchair appeared in the wall right next to us at the same time
  5. Three gun crates from cargo (On green alert, mind you)
  6. All of these are so gorgeous~
  7. 10 catgirl uprisings, I think they're seizing the bridge