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  1. God I love MacTavish ...Platonically. Of course. *cough
  2. Time for Cory to get in a SolFed RIGsuit for the sole purpose of headbutting breacher suit Shesi directly in the nose.
  3. This is my go-to track for stealth/infiltration, whether I'm hitting up the Syndicate depot with the mechanic or maint-crawling as an antag.
  4. Can confirm, Linda is mommy. don't tell her i said that. i don't want her putting prions in my lunch.
  5. Hah! You wouldn't survive the attempt.
  6. That last one is CUTETESTTT pAI Yaya defending its home
  7. Take all the time you need! Pretty sure we won't die of suspense in the meantime.
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