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  1. Nice ill get on vandalizing the posters later today or tomorrow and send you the DMI over discord sounds good?
  2. Idea: All legit ( _legit) Contraband posters will get a second vandalized variation which can be in some way corrupting/perverting their original intent and message usually from the perspective of the syndicate. Gameplay: On how you will be able to do that i have two ideas: 1: Using a red crayon on a poster. 2: Creating a new syndicate up-link object in needless badassery called the syndi-crayon. Implementation: I am will be personally handling the pixel art for the vandalized posters and create a DMI with all the vandalized versions of legit posters. But i can't make the code associated with that.
  3. I was the head of personal, at some point a likely syndicate agent came up to me and offered me 30.000 TC for all access. Not wanting to turn down such an offer and being skeptical about nanostrem i accepted. About mid-shift security bursts to my office and arrests me for treason. In perma i teach the other prisoner how to dissemble thing in the cell to make new things we make white outfits and backpacks, and some one emags us out. problem is we were implanted with tracking beacons. A security officer arrests me a wile after i escape, The subject brings me being a traitor for selling out my loyalties. I explain that i am doing this because working for nanostrem is slavery and of how many atrocities happen on nanostrem ships , Turns out the officer is a loyalist, I keep going about how they don't care about my life or their life and only care about short term cash to spend. turns out sec was raised by nanostrem and i keep trying to explain how they don't really care about us. Some time passes and we get a verdict for my execution. I ask that my money is transferred to that Sec officer, because they can use to get out of corporate slavery and get the chance to experience life. That really took them aback and my character explained that we were both prisoners in that case, both victims of circumstance, just wearing suits with different colors. And they started telling me they are felling guilty. But i told them they shouldn't, it all circumstance, and the they should use that money to get out of the faul circle. By the end of the round that very same sec took me to one of the mini shuttles and freed me and split the money half half, There was a brief talk about living together after this but they declined as they were in a relationship. i like to think when they reached central my character escaped with the help o that officer and then used the money to retire away from corporate slavery. And the officer being able to distance them selfs and the corporation due to no longer needing them to survive that they could see how faul and rotten it really is and maybe retire too at some point. [If you were involved in the story in anyway big or small thank your for that experience and feel free to message me on discord (Comrade Hoarder#9992)] Some of the transcript preserved by NULL (Many thanks) Transcript: [00:00] Recording started. [00:01] Recording stopped. [00:01] Recording started. [00:18] Saki Kobayashi sighs. [00:21] NULL says, "this is IA agent NULL, with me i have Vrax, Farmer of clan zarlan, here to take a statement of Vrax's last will" [00:41] NULL says, "Please repeat your wishes sir" [00:45] NULL says, "the recorder is on" [01:01] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) says, "I wizzzh that all the money i havve in my account izzz tranzzszfered to zzzaki" [01:07] Jesus R. Carper shivers. [01:09] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) says, "zzzaki kobayazhi" [01:13] NULL asks, "Anything else?" [01:20] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) says, "thatzzsz about it really" [01:23] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) says, "ill die anyway" [01:31] Saki Kobayashi says, "I will be right back" [01:32] NULL asks, "Understood, any next of kin you wish to have informed?" [01:47] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) says, "Nah no need to make them feel bad" [01:54] NULL asks, "very well, anything else?" [02:01] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) says, "juzzszt let my contactzzz know that i peacefully pazzszzzzed" [02:07] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) says, "One lazzzt thing" [02:10] NULL says, "go on" [02:18] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) asks, "before i die can i havvve one of cargoz pizzzzazzz?" [02:20] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) says, "they are the bezzszt" [02:26] NULL says, "we could try and arrange that" [02:31] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) says, "thank you." [02:32] Vrax, Farmer of Clan Zarlan (as Prisoner #13-007) says, "that izs all" [02:35] NULL says, "Stopping recording" [02:36] Recording stopped.
  4. Boxy

    Biolock :)

    Heh when i was permabaned when i was a problem player, i did my time in USS almmayer to get the a recommendation and get back to my own slice of paradise. Welcome to yours, a job i would recommend to anyone with karma is mechanic. but with out and your robust skillset in Almmayer you might wana try Miner.
  5. Good news everyone, after witnessing the robustness of bionics and what they can do mending all problems. So i decided to get kida and focus on maximizing robustness.
  6. The tale of SSWHITE SNEK and its crew. A new shift had started, the mechanic (me) had one goal in mind, GET THE WHITE SHIP GET IT FAST AND MAKE IT AS COOL AS POSSIBLE WITH AS MUCH CREW. So i started by going to the ruski station beating a white ships electronics cheap and getting a spider. I brought my spider to z-level 3 that was conveniently nearby and fixed the computer. Then is started ferrying people with supplies in and out like crazy for about an hour. Xeno outbreak starts me and my brave crew start rescuing as many people from the station and bringing them to the ship wile also killing some xenos. We get a few more people and escape the station into space a bit before the ai publicly announces the launch codes. We make a moment of silence for the dead and cheer for the fact that we will survive and be our own people, independent, in space , away from nanostrem and away from syndicate on our own having adventures. A united crew working only for them selfs and each other. Rounds ends. New round starts, back in the nanostrem station with out our precious ship. Oh shit here we go again.
  7. A number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number fourty-fives one with cheese and a LARGE soda
  8. Slippery blood sounds amazing especially combined with their regen ability is what makes me think ill go with slime. Kida is pretty high there and i would go for it but the whole no glass thing kind of kill me.
  9. I have a small bias toward slime, is the truth probably can tell by my pfp. But i am willing to try anything, i just want to know more details about all those races to make sure i pick the one ill stick with. Because after that ill be saving for bluesheild. And i also like the idea of an ant person, wile their lore doesn't really inspire me. Plus their traits sound pretty robust and intresting.
  10. I mean i loved every voxy i meet but its not exactly my first choice on what to play
  11. Hello, ive been saving karma since i became a mechanic and i am now at 26 karma, The next thing i hope to get is a new race to play with but i am torn on two races that appeal to me. Those two as mentioned in the title are Kidan and Slime People, Ive read the wiki about them and they both sound compatible. Reasons i like kidan: Robust, Gritty accent. Reasons i like Slimepeople: Highly resistant, Cool design (And i have a third option i am slight considering) Vox: can't love but are lovable. if you want please tell me if you know anything about those races that is not told in the wiki and is not obvious at first sight, Tell me about your experiences as those races and unique things they can do.