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  1. The ring of fire A bar in Yellow The court that hungers
  2. Investigate. Collect. Archive. About Us Plutus Archives is an intelligence organization that operates on multiple sectors. Mostly our services consist of gathering intelligence, ensure the validity of data and store it for further use. With over 1000 momentarily active field agents, we're proud of being known as the most reliable intelligence gathering service with minimum to none margin of error in the market. Plutus Archives denies all accusations regarding to being in partnership of specific terror organizations and pirates. Our business scope was undeniably in legal terms, it is, and it will always be. Our Services Due to our vast information chain, we are capable of hearing even the quietest whisper in the sector. Every obtained data is processed by our megacomputers in most professional manner, after reliability checks, the data is stored in our databanks that is proven to be "impenetrable" by multiple technology companies we're in partnership of. As it is stated above, this process is completely automatic. As per intersectoral space law dictates, we cannot share the information that is confidential and such. Addition to this, we also recently started the business model of safe cloud storage services. A service where all information you provide to us will be kept in our database for a price. You can always demand to recieve your data back and/or erase in this service. Our Goal We have started our services with the sole purpose of uniting the intersectoral intelligence traffic. We have always stood against the business plan of forming a dominant monopoly in the intelligence market. Day by day we are getting closer to our goal with our successful progress in the market. We have always valued the data. Without doubt, Plutus Archives is the most bulletproof place that data can be stored in. Your data is in safe hands. Plutus Archive Corp.™, all rights reserved.
  3. Well so far almost everything that can be said about this topic has already been said, just wanted point out a specific aspect which is locker dragging is a bit pain to counter when it's in capable hands. Even flanking won't work as that can be prevented by moving the locker in the direction of projectiles. But again it's hard to pull off (no pun intended) for the one who's dragging a locker/crate/whatever since it's more than likely to mess up. It indeed shouldn't warrant a lethal firearm just becuase someone dragging a locker, not it's that hard to overcome with but if it deemed the current methods aren't enough maybe there can be some other way to pull that locker off with a disabler instead of a slowdown modifier.
  4. Well in some aspects we all love vox, either where they stand or inside a KFV bucket. I personally prefer when they're in a KFV bucket, they're nutritious -which is really helpful for crew- and tend to be silent enough to make no vox talk. Did i mention how nutritious they are?
  5. BSA's your location with style (Floor painting made by Sarah Lancer) Soup tubes, where you're the soup A nerd in the dress
  6. [Access granted, welcome agent █████████. It's for designated eyes only.] Entry code: #9385 Last entry: 17th September 2565 Entry type: Incident report Brief description: An USSP station designated as ██████, which was one of the still remaining active mining stations in 16 Cygni Bb's sytem, destroyed beyond salvageable state. Recovered records indicate cause of destruction was ██████'s fusion reactor's sudden delamination. Given the records, delmanitaion assumed to be caused by sabotage attempts of a captured agent or some kind of strike team considering records mentioning three transporter type vessels with blurred serial-numbers brute-docking to the station, which is the last input in recovered records. Archive Personnel's Note: Those records weren't easy to obtain, not even the slightest. Wreckage area still has plenty contaminated objects floating around, so if you plan to take a trip on the place in question better bring some radiation protection as well. Input #1: 7th March 2565, 12:45 CMT Input #2: 9th March 2565, 07:26 CMT Input #3: 9th March 2565, 19:32 CMT Input #4: 10th March 2565, 11:28 CMT Input #5: 10th March 2565, 14:03 CMT
  7. 1. Assistant 2. JSON, 25/02/2023 Note: upon de-serializing it may not include bandana for some reason, she wears a bandana on top of her head. screenshots:
  8. One of those artifact events, sacrificing most innocent crewmembers as usual. A silly plushie shop, toys and plushies brought to you by May Bee. Whiteship bar. Floor design by River Skwisha, furniture design made by everyone you see here.
  9. Well according to my experience there's a few ways to get a midi file of a song. Sadly i am yet to discover a way that can turn any mp3 or such files to midi file perfectly, even for the simplest songs there'll be flaws upon midi conversion. However you can find midi files in internet, onlinesequencer.net is the first place i search when i am looking for a midi file. And luckily there's a decent cover of the song you're looking for which easily can be turned into midi text via midi2piano. I converted it into text for you but didn't test it ingame, hope it works. Another option is manually trying to write a midi, i tried to do this with zero experience once and i messed it up.
  10. Name: Bumble B Gender: Female Orientation: Bisexual Age 25 Place Of Birth: Unknown Species: Slime Person Affiliation: Union of Soviet Socialist Planets (USSP) Childhood Appearance & Arts Plutus Archives (PA) Entries Personal Relationships (At least from Bumble B’s perspective. Feel free to DM me if you would like your character to be added.) Romantically Involved | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy
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