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Bio: Bumble B


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Bumble B






B.B.  / Bum / Stumble B / B.



Place Of Birth:



Slime Person

Blood Type:

Slime Jelly


Chaotic Neutral


Union of Soviet Socialist Planets (USSP)

Religious Beliefs:






There is not much known about her before the incident that they have been rescued by a station patrol team of UIX Gliese-4, which belonged to the USSP government. During work hours, UIX Gliese-4 tracked an unscheduled hyperspace signal coming from an explorer type spaceship with a blurred serial number, approximately 4 kilometres away. After failed attempts of communicating with the spaceship, an armed expedition team was sent to check out the signal.

 Incident reports indicate that the spaceship in question was a total wreck, blown up engines and multiple damages on the vessel chassis which was reminiscent of a spaceship that just came out of a battle. When the expedition team boarded into the spaceship with brute force, they stumbled into a resistance of the crew -later on specified as space pirates-. All the resisting individuals were killed on the spot.

 It turned out the spaceship was carrying a bunch of contraband weaponry, highly illegal drugs and various humanoid species in zip-ties, one Bumble B among them. Everything inside the spaceship was confiscated by authority and brought back to UIX Gliese-4. Nothing came out on questioning zip-tied individuals, all of them claimed they didn’t know how they ended up in the spaceship. After the medical tests on the individuals it turned out amnestic agents were used on the individuals. Since all the crew members exterminated on the spot, there wasn’t much to disclose about the case.

 The slime person which will be known as Bumble B afterwards was 7 years old when the incident took place. The reason for the damage on the spaceship is still yet to be known. 

 Since Bumble was too little to be left alone, she was sent to Cygni B, capital planet of the Union. Afterwards she was placed in a government orphanage. There she named as Bumble B, "Bumble" for being an absolute definition of it, as for "B" it stands for Cygni's "B".

 She happily grew up there with her friends. She used to spend most of her time near the city border, a secluded place facing directly to the view of vast mountains of Cygni B IIa that leans towards the horizon and further unendingly.

 Afterwards she joined the labour of military force, there she trained on maintaining traditional USSP ballistic guns, disassembling and reassembling them. Due to strict protocols, she wasn't able to meet with her friends from the orphanage. Despite that, there she met with her future comrades-in-arms. 

 She was 16 years old when she enrolled into the USSP military training system. After 3 years of long and harsh training she went through she was capable of joining USSP forces.





She is a tan-white coloured young slime person. She seems like 141 centimeters tall more or less.

Her stance is reminiscent of a soldier's stance, in a bit assertive way.
She usually wears the same black bandana on top of her head which seems a bit slightly worn.


Intergalactic Employment Records (IER) Entries




There are lots of... questionable things about her background but to mention about those briefly, check the entries below.

[Please contact an administrator for the clearance in order to review the information on classified entries.]


 After she joined the USSP forces, they usually took part in station security teams, which consisted of ensuring public order and safety of the station's space environment. She was one of the few persons that managed to survive URS Knox-21 incident, which resulted in station crashing into Alpha Centauri; details are unknown. After this incident she was promoted to lieutenant and joined USSP task force ETA-218. 


Some of the leaked information on task force ETA-218’s operation records may be seen below here.


UP-I Stargazer: unidentified entity infestation, priority code: Beta

A non-specified biohazard entity infestation on the research station, due to just in time intervention of task forces casualties were minimalized.

Belastrav: rebellion of factory #743 armed with unauthorised military modules, priority code: Beta

A sudden rebellion that occurred under insufficient supervision of factory #743, a group of IPCs armed with military vehicles alongside with EMP-deflector equipment. Situation resolved by immediate extermination of rebels. Harsh casualties for both sides.

T78-Korobka: brief breach in the Blackwall and infiltration of multiple rogue AIs, priority code: Delta

A brief breach on the Blackwall in the ship’s system which was assumed to be caused by a sabotage attempt. Due to the severity of the situation, many task forces answered the call. Situation resolved by physical purge of corrupted equipments. Severe damage on the T78-Korobka and stolen experimental weapon prototypes. Rest of the information on the incident is strictly classified. Crew of the T78-Korobka and many task forces suffered moderate casualties.


After serving 3 years in the task force, she left the team on her own request and continued to station patrol duties. 


There are certain suspicious activities following her leaving the force which implies that she was contacted by a third party organisation. She served the Union for long years with loyalty until then. She was captured by USSP station security of [CLASSIFIED] in an act of treason. Afterwards a prisoner transit shuttle dispatched from the [CLASSIFIED] to carry her back to Cygni B alongside with other prisoners. She was going to be judged in court martial for her actions.

[CLASSIFIED] was destroyed with no survivors [shortly after?] (awaiting confirmation) departure of prisoner transit shuttle.

 Recent reports indicates that prisoner shuttle never reached Cygni B. Prisoner shuttle was found as wreckage near Epsilon Eridani Nanotrasen territory. Bumble B is currently under Nanotrasen’s custody. 


[Automated Warning: this thread hasn’t been updated over [one] year, some information it contains may be out-of-date.]




Personal Relationships



May Bee: “Nothing is boring when she’s around. If only we met long before…”

Mark Rogers: “Fun to bully, a kind person. Sometimes too kind towards to squisher folk for his own sake.”

Kincaid Renard: “A fellow bridge hobo that respects the hoboing arts. 10/10 would hobo together again.”

Blubie: “A vibrant squisher just like May. You lucky squisher…”

Seelk Moon: “Fun to robust, 10/10 would robust again.”

Cinder: “Smart squisher and a good friend, what else can one ask for?”

Capella: “Kind squisher and a good friend, she probably should consider starting a music band at some point.”

Hector Marriman: “I fear no man but that thing… It scares me.”

Erik Red: “Robust nerd. Yes you, you’re a certified nerd.”

George Kavalenov: “A squisher specialist, good friend to have.”

T.E.A.L: ”Beep boop, fellow space bumbler detected. Initiating squishing protocols.”

Iridium: “Just point at him and call him a ‘nerd’, he loves to be called a ‘nerd’.”

Obidah Jeffers: "He's funny for a SOP person, sometimes a little bit mean but reasonable. Wait- was he always this young?"

(At least from Bumble B’s perspective. Feel free to DM me if you would like your character to be added.)

Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest (also complicated as hell) | Admire | Respected | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear


Faction Relations



USSP: This is the only place I can call “home”. No matter if you appreciate them or not, every home has some rules. Besides, I wouldn’t prefer anything over the view of vast mountains of Cygni B… 


Nanotrasen: Let’s be honest here, we don’t usually get a say on choosing our saviours or punitive. Their methods may be… questionable at best, but that doesn’t change the fact they rescued me from a floating space tomb then gave me an actual job with decent pay. Besides I don’t have anywhere else to go, and I met some decent folk here. Guess I’ll stick with ’em for a while.


Trans-Solar Federation: Well, I am not the type of person that holds a grudge over the things that happened in the far past, even before I was born. But still, I don’t agree with their politics towards the Union in the past. Most of the comrades consider them as enemies, though considering what the Union is suffering from, a strong human republic would be our least concern at the moment.


Syndicate: A collective organisation consisting of bunches of bastards. I was dummy enough to work with them, the pay was good and job was easy. I should have foreseen that they might have asked me to betray the Union one day… I don’t know who gave the order and threatened me with killing my friends but I’ll find them. And I’ll make them regret for separating me from me home.



Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy




Employment Record (complete version of ig record, moved here for archive purposes because it was way too massive and useless)



1. Employment Status

State: Active

Type of Employment: Permanent

Loyalty to Company: Unclear

2. Employee Details

Below here is the list of tests based on departmental knowledge that employee successfully passed:

• NanoTrasen Broad RnD Management
• Xeno Creature Biology Knowledge and Beneficial Applications
• Artificial Intelligence Law Procedures and Maintenance
• Mechatronic Part Embedment and Maintenance
• SolGov Internal Diseases Certification Programme
• SolGov Surgery and Biological Tissue Repair Acceleration Programme
• NanoTrasen Close Quarter Combat and Reflex Test
• NanoTrasen Broad Space Law and Prisoner Management
• NanoTrasen Construction/Deconstruction of Station Assets and Maintenance
• NanoTrasen Chemical Reactions and Stabilization Exam

Further Information:

Participant in question passed all the test listed in above at full marks. However they refused to participate engineering departmental tests. Therefore it is not advised to assign this employee as engineer untill further notice.

3. Biography

Despite their qualifications, their past is uncertain. According to Intergalactic Employement Records (IER) entries about Bumble B, they were an employee of Union of Soviet Socialist Planets (USSP). Records doesn't mention their actions or services in this section. Due to how IER fails to compensate reliability and professionalism in such records, those informations are to be ignored.

Their first known contact with the company reaching out to a rescue operation. They were found by patrol team Alpha-2 from station NTS Lima-024 in a ship wreckage later on identified as USSP prisoner transportation ship U-3856. According to patrol team's operation record, individual was standing inside a prisoner cell as unconscious while holding a Beretta 92 handgun. If it weren't for the patrol team, individual's life support unit could have run out and suffocate the subject to their death. Team failed to salvage prisoner informations from the ship's database. Reason of the accident is still yet to known.

Individual has interrogated at NTS Lima-024, then been subjected to several employement tests. Test results suggested them a valuable employee to company.


Recruiting Officer's Note:

Despite their questionable at best background they have proven to be valuable to the company... If you can get them to actually work of course. To fix that little issue, pay cut threats always seemed to be a good motivator on their behalf.



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