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Crew Record: Clover Koi

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Name: Clover Koi


Gender: Female


Species: Human


Age: 26

Background and Qualifications



  • Nanotrasen General SOP Assessment: 2/10 marks.
  • Nanotrasen Command and Leadership Assessment: 4/10 marks.
  • Nanotrasen Interpersonal Communication and Relations Assessment: 4/10 marks.
  • Nanotrasen Command SOP Assessment: 5/10 marks. 
  • Nanotrasen Command Aptitude for Captaincy Benchmark: 5/10 marks. 
  • Nanotrasen Physical Performance Assessment: 3/10 marks. 
  • Nanotrasen Ethics and Mission Statement Affiliation Assessment: 10/10 marks.
  • Nanotrasen Medical Competency and Retention Assessment: 3/10 marks.



Bachelors in Communication - 2.9 GPA at [REDACTED] University of [REDACTED]




Subject maintains an unremarkably subpar performance in all aspects relative to being employed onboard a Nanotrasen vessel.


 [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] both held relatively high ranking Command positions employed at Nanotrasen and one transferring to [REDACTED] outreach/recruitment and later employment resulting in the subject’s almost fanatical acclamation to N-T culture and beliefs coupled with a familiarity of Nanotrasen structure, hierarchy, operations, and standards at an early age. At the request of [REDACTED], the subject was transferred to the [REDACTED] sector, rotating between employment aboard the NSS Cyberiad, Cerebron, Farragus, and Arrhodes(Decommissioned until further notice.) 


Subject attended an Ivy League university, achieving average and in some instances below average grades. School records from the date [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] were expunged for reasons not disclosed for the purposes of this document. Subject later entered Nanotrasen’s Security Ensign Outreach program through the later years of their education. Subject was forcibly withdrawn within the first seven months as a result of inadequate performance and later reinstated at the insistence and subsequent revaluation by [REDACTED.] Subject graduated with a bachelors in Communication and became a full-time Security Officer by XXXX, aged 24.


Subject’s fervor for Nanotrasen often intersects with an equally devoted representation of Christianity, or at least a denomination of such. 


The following is a segment of a transcript recorded prior to their transition into complete employment at Nanotrasen:


“Why do you feel you’re qualified for employment here at N-T?”


“Well….It’s all I’ve known. Both my parents have even really known before that. They uh, had spent their lives being successful, professionally soooo,  I know I can follow that myself. I was raised around it and I worked hard to get here….Like more than anyone else could’ve or did….At least that I’ve met. I attended University with my own Mom as a dean and that really put a LOT of pressure.”


“...Right. And you interned under your father at N-T…1-XXXXX, Correct? Must’ve been even more pressure under such a profile.”


“Of course! No one would understand.”


“Your father requested we have this interview today and out of respect for him and your rather…colorful prior experience/background, we’d like to further understand how you can use that to contribute as a member of the Security Detail.”


“Well…um ... .If we can conclude one thing it’s that I am one of the few people to truly know that Nanotrasen values must be protected. It’s like the rope tying and binding this hedonistic, disorderly, chaotic, shattered galaxy together and I’d be honored just to be one string.” 




”And honestly, I’m clearly, again, a hard worker, dedicated, I’ve taken all of the relevant preparatory coursework and set myself up to really just take the environment by the horns. I’m meant for this.”







  • Subject stands at an unassuming 5’3”. A seemingly luminous, viridescent set of hair runs down her shoulders stopping just a few inches above her waist. Her figure is frail and angular, the degree of meekness obscured by a ragger baggy security uniform neatly adorned without the slightest wrinkle or crease. Deep hazel eyes well contrast a chalky skin complexion, a constant air of pretense and condescension oozes from her posture. A passive judgment sits behind an almost mocking gaze that follows the slightest shift in her focus. 


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4 minutes ago, Crazyhair said:

Clover and lore? Never expected this combo!

I realized once you got admin really anything is possible im running for president next

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