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So. You're ready to hone your skills and get into the nitty gritty of combat to green/redtext. Well, you've landed on the right page!


Shoving is arguably one of the most important skills to learn. A well timed shove can turn the tide in a fight. This section will try to explain the intricacies of shoving, and how to effectively use it in combat. A shove looks very simple from the outside, which it is. It is however a very useful environmental tool that can double as an equalizer against a better armed opponent. Shoving someone once will slow them for a few seconds. If you shove them again while they are slowed, they will drop the items they are holding in their active hand. Very useful if you want to disarm an opponent.

A list of shoving interactions:

  • Onto a table. This will knock the shovee prone, and stun them for ~2 seconds. This will not work if they are already lying on a table. See the paragraph below on how to stun someone with just a table.
  • Against a vendor. This will stun the shovee and knock them prone, and will also inflict a notable amount of brute damage onto them. WARNING: this can cause injury ranging from some damage to deleting someone's head.
  • Against a wall. Arguably the most well known interaction. This will knock down your target for a few seconds.
  • Into a disposals bin. The target will be put into the bin. The bin will not flush itself.
  • Into an open locker. This will put the person in the locker, after which the locker will close itself. This will not lock it.
  • If your target is currently buckled to something, shoving them will immediately unbuckle them and do the appropriate interaction with any object they are shoved into.

Note: if you shove someone onto a table, and then try to attack them with a sharp weapon on help intent, it will initiate surgery on them.


Shooting a gun is quite simple, just click on your screen, and the gun will shoot at your cursor. Hitting your shots is another issue entirely however.
There is no 100% shortcut to hitting your shots. Enemies can use the environment against you, by using walls, objects and sometimes even other people as cover.
This obviously also goes the same for you! Luring your enemy into 1 tile wide hallways where your shots will be almost guaranteed to hit is your best bet.
The next best way to hit your shots, is to lead them, meaning that instead of clicking where your enemy is right now, you click the place where you think they will be when your bullet arrives.

One lesser known thing is how bullets interact with prone players. If they are crawling by choice, the bullet will hit them as if they were standing up, without much difference.
If they are prone from, for example, a stunbaton, however...the bullet will instead pass over them, unless you directly click on their specific sprite when shooting.


Some weapons on examine say that they can parry, but what does that mean exactly?
If you hold such a weapon in your active hand, you can press the parry keybind, (spacebar by default) to parry incoming attacks for a short amount of time, depending on the weapon used.
For any attack that would connect during this parrying window, all the damage is negated, and you'll take a small amount of stamina damage instead; a good tradeoff if you were going to be hit by a high damage attack.
Most items can only parry melee attacks, but some can even parry projectiles. Some examples are the riot shield, and the Vortex arm Implant.

Special cases, and things to keep in mind:

  • CQC users get a special slapper that can parry.
  • All weapons and shields that can parry can also be used to parry while they are held in your off-hand!
  • Energy swords can reflect energy projectiles, and block ballistic projectiles on parry.
  • The riot shields and Vortex arm Implant can block all projectiles on parry.









The rest of the bunch

Am I overdoing it?

Yes. Killing the GAMMA ERT that was sent for you is indeed overdoing it.

Martial Arts

See: Martial Arts to learn more.

-Insert Judo noises here-

Improvised combat

See that toolbox over there? Wanna know what happens when you bash it on someone's head?