Job Selection and Assignment

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Vital Information

On round-start, the server will automatically assign you a job based on preferences you set in the lobby. You should have your favorite job set to HIGH, set at least 3 to MEDIUM, and at least 3 more sets to LOW. Doing this reduces the chances of you getting a job you don't want. The server will run through everyone and attempt to give people their highest-picked jobs and then will follow through with medium and so on. If you have Command jobs other generally disliked roles in your preferences, you may get them more often than you expect.

At the bottom of the job preferences screen, by default, it says "get a random job if preferences unavailable". Clicking this changes it to "Return to lobby if preferences unavailable", which means that, at round start, if you don't get any of your preferred jobs, you stay in the lobby, and can then hit 'Join' to select any open job. This gives you more choice over which job you get, at the price of making it slightly less likely that there is any job available at the time you make your selection.

Detailed Explanation of Job Selection Process (for nerds)

Antagonist status is determined first BEFORE any job selection happens. At least one head (member of command) is selected, from players with any command job set to HIGH. If none, from any with it set to MEDIUM. If none, from any with it set to LOW.

  • Jobs are assigned to players with that job set to HIGH.
  • Jobs are assigned to players with that job set to MEDIUM.
  • Jobs are assigned to players with that job set to LOW.
  • The remaining players get a random job, or are returned to the lobby, or spawn as assistants, depending on their preferences.

Implications Of Job Selection (for nerds)

  • There will always be at least one department head, unless every player has all head jobs set to NEVER.
  • There will always be an AI, unless every single player has AI set to NEVER.

Jobs will always go to a player with that job set as HIGH unless no player has it set to HIGH, in which case players with it set to MEDIUM can get it. Yes, this means if there is a job where one person has it set to HIGH, and 30 others have it set to MEDIUM, the one person with it set to HIGH will get it every, single, shift. That's the power of the HIGH job preference.

Since antagonist status is determined before job selection, your job selection cannot possibly influence whether you get antagonist or not. You being an antagonist will, however, prevent you from spawning in certain jobs, like Security. If you have "Get random job if preferences are unavailable" set, you may wish to ensure you have some non-security jobs on MEDIUM or LOW so it has something to spawn you as if you are an antagonist. If it cannot find anything you will still spawn, but you will be a random job or assistant.