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General Department
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About the General Department
The General Department is the most ambiguous department and encompasses Assistants, Visitors to the station, and any other roles that wouldn't fall under the general purview of other more specific departments. Unless they are non-humanoid or of the paranormal type, General roles always report to the Head of Personnel. Service roles are often the best environment for players to learn game mechanics while also interacting with fellow crew members. General roles are almost always the roles with least responsibility and the most room to learn and explore game mechanics (Even more so than the Service Department. In addition, general roles outside of Assistants offer additional abilities, resources, that allow players to explore game mechanics that they would have previously been unable to access due to their low experience.
General Roles
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Head of Personnel
The Head of Personnel is in charge of assigning and reassigning crew members correctly and making sure station departments are well-staffed and running optimally (and stay that way). He is in charge of the Service Department, Supply Department, and General Department.
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Assistants are tasked with assisting all departments. While given no formal responsibility they're expected to be of general assistance to the station whether that's through assisting with a Station Goal, running errands for departments, or just staying out of trouble. This is the best role to learn the most basic game mechanics and there's little expectation tied to it.
Animals are NPC creatures that can be taken control of by ghosts. They are found on the station at the start of a round or created through scientific means. They have limited ability to interact with the environment, usually can only speak to other animals, and are unable to hurt objects or people, with the exception being sentient animals spawned by a Random Events.
Ghosts are players who have chosen to observe the round or have been removed from the round through death, cryosleep, or other means. They have, quite literally, no real control over the station. They can, however, hover around, go through walls, look closer at consoles, see everything on your screen, and talk to other players who are ghosts.
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Derelict Researcher
Derelict researchers are a Mob Spawner role in the middle of Space. They're detached from the station and are a great role to experiment and learn other niche game mechanics away from the chaos of everyone else. Generally fun for newer and more intermediate skilled players.
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Learning Mechanics

General Locations
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