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Special Event Roles.gif
Special Role

Superiors: Whatever being sent you
Difficulty: Variable
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Variable
Duties: Variable


Departmental Head

Special Roles
Special Guides

Special Event Roles, sometimes referred to just Event Roles or Event Characters, are admin-spawned (or admin-designated) roles with varying abilities and equipment that are given special objectives to complete. The event roles can vary from killer clowns to ancient vampires and are often custom designed to fit a specific purpose. Event roles are used to make rounds more interesting and allow players to interact with stories and worlds outside the typical round and game mechanics. Due to the extra responsibility and privilege's a player often receives from possessing a special event role, they are expected to adhere to their objectives/character more strictly and roleplay at a higher standard.

Note: this article will only cover a few of the most prominent, important, and common roles.

Understanding Event Roles

Event roles are always designated or created by an admin in game. Depending on the role they may have unique and powerful spells, equipment, or stats but they may also just be normal crew member with standard equipment. They always have customs objectives or directives and may have either a pivotal or trivial importance in the progression of a round. These roles should not to be confused with built-in events such as Traders, Wizards, or Traitors which are naturally occurring.

For larger events, an admin will usually provide details of the objectives and details of the event in OOC, the Event information verb, or in Dead-chat midgame. Additionally, the admin in charge of the event may PM the player directly, give them customs objectives, or leave the direction of the character mostly up to the player in control of it. Players are expected to adhere to the guidelines given to them by the administration or else they may be removed from the role for the duration of the round.

Event roles aren't always pre coded-in. Many admins choose to custom make event roles and edit their variables/stats during the round. It's very likely that an event roles that a player takes is completely unique to that round. Event roles are extremely variable, flexible, and often specifically molded to fit on-going situations in the round. If a player chooses to take an event role, they should be prepared to be flexible and approach gameplay in a way they're not used to.

How to Play Event Roles

Upon being chosen to be an event role a player should take in what equipment, spells, and character traits they are offered. Players should immediately (if they have not already) determine how they should play the character both objectives and personality wise. If players are confused about what they are supposed to do and what limits are in place for what they can do, they should ahelp before continuing. Roleplay tends to be a very important aspect of non-antagonistic event roles and should be preferred over large-scale murder and destruction (unless that is what the role is supposed to do).

Built-in Roles

These are roles that are directly coded into the game. They are available from the outfit menu under the event tab or by right clicking a humanoid with EVENT+ permissions.

Faction Roles

Name Description
Trans-Solar Federation
Sol-Fed General
Solar Federation General.png
A high ranking military representative of the Trans-Solar Federation. They most often come on formal business, especially when conflict or controversy rises up between Nanotrasen and the Solar Federation in the military sphere. They tend to be very well armed, protected, and dressed.
Sol-Fed Representative
Solar Federation Representative.png
A middle ranking civilian within the TSF, generally comes on station to deal with non-military disputes and collaboration between Nanotrasen and the Federation.
Sol-Fed Lieutenant
Solar Federation Lieutenant.gif
The brains of the Trans-Solar Marine Corps. Comes heavily armed with a desert eagle and is responsible for herding the crayon-eating killing machines, a.k.a Marines. Has a spec ops variant with EVA capabilities.
Sol-Fed Marine
Solar Federation Soldier.gif
OOOOOH RAHHHHHHHHH! Armed to the teeth (more than Gamma ERTs) with a bulldog shotgun and M1911. Generally sent in for the worst of threats. Sustain themselves off crayons. Warning: they should never be sent in without objectives, they'll find the nearest organic thing and kill it. Has a spec ops variant that comes equipped with the devastating ARG assault rifle instead of a bulldog , this variant also has EVA capabilities.
Soviet Admiral
USSP Admiral.png
USSP Admirals usually only come aboard to do business or order troops around. When a volatile situation arises between the USSP and Nanotrasen (it's almost always volatile), the Admiral will often communicate over comms from a USSP installation to work things out at a safe, diplomatic distance that just so happens to be out of BSA range.
Soviet Marine Captain
USSP Marine Captain.png
Soviet Marine
USSP Marine.png
Soviet Officer
USSP Officer.png
Soviet Soldier
USSP Soldier.png
Well armed soldier of the USSP. Comes armed with C4, emags, and a Unica-6 revolver. Most of the time they will be rowdy, dangerous, and speak mostly Neo-russkian. Do not provoke.
Soviet Conscript
USSP Conscript.png
Soviet Tourist
USSP Tourist.png
Civilians of the USSP that have come to empty the station's alcohol supply. Generally exist just to take up space, die, and then make Medbay suffer.
The Syndicate
Syndicate Officer
Syndicate Officer.png
Has authority over everyone employed by the Syndicate, outside of Syndicate High Command. Has unlimited TC, can mindslave an unlimited number of people, equip themselves with literally any combination of syndicate gear they want regardless of TC cost, or simply order agents, nuclear ops, or the dreaded SST deployed to the station.
Syndicate Strike Team
Syndicate Strike Team Member.png
The syndicate variant of the Death squad. Way more dangerous than Nuclear Agents. Comes armed with a Syndi ID/radio/mask, SST hardsuit/helmet, healing nanite injector, esword, syndicate revolver, X4, emag, L6 SAW automatic squad weapon. The Leader has a pinpointer/disk. You do not stop a SST, you die or run. Unless you're the clown, of course.
Freedom Operative
Syndicate Freedom Operative.png
An operative dedicated to the land of the free. Standard operative hardsuits are replaced by an American Eagle costume. Only ever to be used during the American Holiday the Fourth of July. 'MERICA, FUCK YEAH!

Misc Roles

Name Description
Vox Raiders
Vox f stealth.png
Vox that swear their loyalty to the Shoal. It is unclear what their intentions or whether they plan on trading or thieving from the station. It is always best to use caution when they show up.
Singuloth Knights
Singuloth Knight.png
Once master engineers, now followers of Lord Singuloth. Wielding a singularity hammer they are a force to be reckoned with and can instantly gib downed humanoids.
An assistant with standard greytider gear. Exist only to fuck up the station and cause chaos. Toolbox, full toolbelt, Gas mask, Greytide flag, and a few other items. There also exists Leader and Xeno variations with insulated gloves and a welding helmet. The xeno variation also has a xeno outfit and thermal scanners.
Chrono Legionaire
Chrono Legionaire.png
An agent sent by future CentCom to erase people who disrupt the timeline and cause a time paradox. Excellent against single targets, terrible against groups. Originally used by admins to erase people that named themselves 'Hitler', but that is now handled OOCly. Has a Timestream Eradication Device (TED) gun and Chrono Legionnaire Suit that allows the user to phase anywhere)
Tunnel Clown
Tunnel Clown.png
A gang member that makes their home in maintenance. A clown with a stunprod, fire-axe, and a license to kill.
Honk Squad
The squad of Honkmmandos under the employ of Central Command's Special Honk division, sent to make a situation more humorous. Most crew members would prefer "The Alternative" to these unyielding PUNishers.
Mime Assassin
Generic mime.png
As assassin that uses mime clothes and favors silent kills. Basic traitor loadout with a silenced pistol.
Dark Priest
Dark Priest.png
An agent of the dark gods, typically sent to kill, or protect, someone who has roused their interest. Has an unique 'blessing of the reaper' undroppable armblade nullrod that does bonus damage.
Space Pirate
Space Pirate.gif
A typical space pirate, YARRRR!! Comes with an energy cutlass. There is a captain variation as well.
Masked Killer
Masked Killer.png
A masked killer from a horror movie. Generally only sent with one purpose: killing crew.
Dark Lord
Dark Lord.png
A syndicate agent themed after a sith lord. Often given the power of lightning, agility, and the force, this role is terrifyingly robust. Dark Lords come equipped with a double red e-sword.

Super Antags

These rare beings are so game-breakingly powerful and dangerous, that typically only admins are allowed to play them.

Name Description
Ancient One
Ancient One.png
A super-vampire with the ability to convert crew into regular vampire antags. Starts with 9999 blood, and has the abilities of all four vampire specializations. Has an extremely powerful 'Raise Vampires' ability that targets everyone near them, and on each successive cast, first stuns, then brain damages, then kills, then raises the dead as new vampire antags, then heals nearby vampires. When used in a crowded place, this can create an army of vampires in less than a couple of minutes. Can also enthrall crew members, turning them into mindslaves.
Arch Wizard
Arch Wizard.png
A super-wizard with a vast array of spells at their disposal. Starts with armor, as well as five times the amount of spells a regular wizard has.
Empress of Terror
Empress of Terror.png
A lovecraftian nightmare in the shape of an enormous spider. As Queen of Terror, but with stats (health, damage, etc) and abilities increased to almost godlike levels. 1,000 health, chain projectile acid spit that can melt metal, ability to lay up to 100 eggs at once and control how many grow up, ability to lay boss-level eggs such as those for queens and mothers, ability to emit a psychic shockwave that kills all spiders within a range measured in Astronomical Units, etc.
Greater Hellhound
Greater Hellhound.gif
Looks like a big hellhound, hits/tanks like a slaughter demon, casts spells like a wizard, summons more demons. Regenerates health quickly while resting. Immune to punches and atmos damage. When attacking a humanoid, uses hellsmoke to render all nearby humanoids instantly unconscious - only humanoids wearing internals are immune. Speaks telepathically. Smashes through walls. Casts various spells (knock, jaunt, teleport, greater forcewall). Can summon more demons (typically weaker, lesser hellhounds) at will.
CaptainHead of PersonnelHead of SecurityChief EngineerResearch DirectorChief Medical OfficerQuartermaster
Nanotrasen RepresentativeBlueshield Officer
Internal AffairsMagistrate
WardenSecurity OfficerDetective
Station EngineerAtmospheric Technician
Medical DoctorParamedicChemistGeneticistVirologistPsychologistCoroner
Cargo TechnicianShaft Miner
AnimalAssistantDerelict ResearcherGhostGolemSyndicate Researcher
AICyborgMaintenance DronePersonal AI
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