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Superiors: ???
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Anywhere your powers can take you.
Duties: Complete your objectives, drink blood, become an unholy monster.

Vampires are creatures who possess the ability to drain and manipulate life essence from the blood of sapient beings on-station. They are antagonists that will actively seek out and hunt crew members for the simple goal of sustaining themselves off a crew member's blood and completing a few select objectives. Vampires possess special powers that enable them to, among other abilities, teleport using the shadows, hypnotize and capture crew, and perform unique actions based on their vampiric class. Vampires' powers are not without consequence: vampires possess a vital weakness to areas, objects, and individuals of significant spiritual strength. Elements of strong belief–sanctified sites, holy water, fire, and starlight–all spell doom for a vampire. Vampires are considered a threat to colonies and stations across known space. Recognized as inherently criminal by all major states and companies in the galaxy, they are also classified as Enemies of the Corporation by Nanotrasen.

Vampire Origins

The origin of these creatures is largely unknown and widely debated. It is theorized that vampires interact with the bluespace energy, shortening the lifespan of the victim by years while empowering themselves with newfound strength by draining their "Life Force." Among scholars, it is believed that vampires' magical powers are of bluespace nature and theorized to be tangentially related to Revenants however there is no empirical evidence supporting this. Among scholars, it is believed that lesser vampires (the most commonly found around the galaxy), are individuals who have been granted special powers by their inducting Vampiric Lord. Usually this Lord is another vampire that possesses significant power and age. This power always comes at a price, however, as lesser vampires are often given tasks to fulfill in exchange for their newfound powers. These tasks can vary significantly, and their nature is often as unknowable as the true nature of the Lords and the mysterious cabals formed by some of them.

Beginning Your Reign of Terror

There are two pools that blood will go into when a vampire drains a humanoid, that is their hunger needs and usable blood pool. Vampires are unable to sustain themselves off of anything other than blood and if the amount of blood staving off hunger needs runs out, a vampire will starve to death. The usable blood pool is what is consumed when vampires use special powers and as the total usable blood gathered during the round rises, it unlocks more abilities for the vampire. Vampires can feed themselves off any humanoid such as monkeys or farwas, however, usable blood is only gatherable from sentient humanoids.

When starting out as a Vampire one will have zero usable blood and in order to gain usable blood, a vampire will have to drain a player. To do so, a vampire will need to stun and immobilize a player (either through use of the glare ability, or stunning weapons) so they cannot run away. Vampires will start with two powers: Glare and Rejuvenate. Using Glare can stun and silence, with the effect varying depending on if you are facing the target, and Rejuvenate will clear all stuns. Once a crew member is captured then one will have to target the humanoid's head on harm intent with an empty hand. Once 200u of blood has been gathered from a sentient humanoid it will stop going into the usable blood pool and no more will be gatherable from that specific player for the extent of the round. Draining a player will likely result in their death, it is important for vampires to use stealth early on while they are gaining usable blood so they can eventually unlock higher level powers that will allow easy defense against security down the road.

Vampiric Powers

Vampires have two different types of powers: base powers and class powers. Base powers are abilities that every Vampire has or will be able to unlock regardless of class. After drinking a total of 150 blood, vampires gain access to 4 unique and mutually exclusive skill trees, with increasingly powerful abilities tailored to various play styles. Upon gathering 1,000u of blood from at least 8 different people vampires will and rise to their full power, gaining improved night vision, immunity to holy water, the chapel, nullification, and the chaplains holiness becoming a blood-fueled emissary of death and destruction! This is most commonly referred to as a Fully-Powered vampire.

Base Powers

Name Unlock Cooldown Blood Cost Description


0 20 Seconds 0 Removes any and all stuns. Removes 100 stamina damage.
Rejuvenate II


200 20 seconds 0 Removes any and all stuns. Purges 10u of any harmful reagent. Heals 10 points each of brute, burn, toxin, and heals 50 points of oxyloss.


0 30 Seconds 0 Has 2 charges, and a 2-second cooldown between charges. Both charges are needed to stun fully.

Causes targets within melee tiles to take stamina damage depending on your orientation to them: Those in front of you take 70 stamina damage, are knocked down, confused, and are silenced for 8 seconds.
Those to your sides are knocked down, take moderate stamina damage, and are confused
Those behind you take minor stamina damage and are confused.
If used while stunned, all targets are treated as "to your sides".

Choose Specialization

Vampire spec.png

150 N/A 0 Allows you to choose from one of the 4 vampiric paths.
Night Vision 500 Passive N/A Gives you improved night vision.
Full Power 1000 (From 8 different people) N/A N/A Gives you improved night vision, immunity to holy water, the chapel, nullification, and the chaplain's holiness.


Name Unlock Cooldown Blood Cost Description
Gargantuan Vigor 0 Passive N/A Rejuvenate more health the more damage you've taken, to a maximum of 50 health at 100 damage.
Blood Swell

Vampire swell.png

150 40 seconds 30 For 30 seconds: Reduces incoming brute by 60% and stamina and burn damage by 50%, and halves all stun times. Guns are unusable for the duration.
Blood Rush

Vampire rush.png

250 30 seconds 30 For 10 seconds: Doubles movement speed.

Vampire stomp.png

250 60 seconds 30 You stomp the ground, sending out a shockwave that knocks people back.
Blood Swell II

Vampire swell.png

400 40 seconds 30 For 30 seconds: Identical resistance buffs to Blood Swell I, user's melee damage is increased by 10. Guns are unusable for the duration.
Overwhelming Force

Vampire force.png

600 2 seconds 5 per door When activated: automatically and instantly pry open doors you don't have access to. This will not work on bolted or welded doors. Also prevents you from being pushed or pulled.
Demonic Grasp

Vampire grasp.png

800 30 seconds 20 Send out a Demonic Hand that grabs and pulls/pushes a target depending on your intent. disarm pushes, grab pulls.

Vampire charge.png

800 30 seconds 30 Click to charge towards a target. Stuns, damages, and knocks back mobs on impact. Completely destroys walls. Also deals 200 damage to mechs and knocks them back.
Desecrated Duel

Desecrated Duel.png

Full Power (1000) 30 seconds 150 Click to leap towards a target, and once landing, conjure an arena! In the arena, you will be able to heal from brute and burn damage, and recover from stamina damage faster. You are also immune to bone breaks, burn wounds and internal bleeding during this as well. Do note that pre-existing wounds won't heal in the arena.


Name Unlock Cooldown Blood Cost Description
Vampiric Claws

Vampiric Claws.png

150 30 seconds 30 Create undroppable claws of blood. Claws remove bonus blood from the target on hit, a fraction of this is added to your blood total; increasing your blood total by 5 per swing. Has a durability of 15 swings. Use in hand to dispel.
Blood Tendril

Vampire tendril.png

250 30 seconds 10 Manifest tentacles of blood in a 3x3 grid around a tile you click. After a short delay, these will latch onto anyone on their tile, slowing them massively for 4-6 seconds.
Blood Barrier

Vampire barrier.png

250 60 seconds 40 Manifest a barrier of crystalline blood. select two tiles and a wall with a maximum length of 3 will be produced.
Blood Pool

Vampire pool.png

400 30 seconds 50 Briefly transform into a sentient blood puddle, increasing movement speed and allowing you to move through anything except walls and space.
Predator Senses

Vampire senses.png

600 20 seconds 0 Find out the location of someone on the same sector as you.
Blood Eruption

Vampire eruption.png

800 200 seconds 100 Cause any blood within 4 tiles of you to erupt, dealing 50 brute damage to anyone standing on it.
The Blood Bringer's Rite

Vampire rite.png

Full Power (1000) 10 seconds 10 every 2 seconds When active: constantly leech blood from up to 10 people in view, healing you massively and removing incapacitating effects. The healing is per person in range, and is greatly reduced for burn damage.


Name Unlock Cooldown Blood Cost Description
Cloak of Darkness

Vampire cloak.png

150 Toggleable 0 When activated: slightly increases your speed and decreases your visibility by 15% in the dark. Increases burn damage taken by 30%. Completely disabled by fire.
Shadow Snare

Vampire snare.png

250 20 seconds 20 Turn a tile into a trap, blinding those who spring it and deactivating any lights they have. Disarm the trap with prolonged exposure to light (about 5 seconds) or by flashing it.
Soul Anchor

Vampire anchor.png

250 5 minutes 30 Summon a soul anchor at your location after a delay. recast to teleport yourself back to the anchor. After 2 minutes you are automatically teleported back.
Dark Passage

Vampire passage.png

400 40 seconds 30 Click on a turf to teleport to it. Works even when stunned.

Vampire extinguish.png

600 20 seconds 0 Turns off any light sources in view and destroys glowshrooms. Has no effect on fire or flares.
Shadow Boxing

Vampire boxing.png

800 30 seconds 50 Select a target and send out shadow clones to beat them up. only works if you remain within 2 tiles of the target.
Eternal Darkness

Vampire darkness.png

Full Power (1000) 10 seconds 5 every 2 seconds Summons a wave of shadow over a massive area around the vampire. Anyone in these shadows gets their body temperature slowly reduced. Does not affect the caster.
Umbral Sight Full Power (1000) Passive N/A Gain X-ray vision.


Name Unlock Cooldown Blood Cost Description
Thrall Cap Increase

Vampire Thrall 1.png

150 Passive N/A Gain the ability to thrall up to 1 person.

Vampire Commune.png

150 2 Seconds 0 Speak to your thralls through a hivemind. Also given to thralls.

Vampire Enthrall.png

150 N/A 150 Bends someone to your will after a 15 second channel. You must remain still for this channel. After which they are enthralled. You can have a maximum of one thrall at any one time, this cap increase as you drink more blood. Thralls are deconverted by feeding them 40u of holy water. Thralls are immune to the effects of most vampire abilities such as glare and cannot be drained of their blood. Can't thrall mindshielded people

Vampire Pacify.png

250 30 seconds 10 Select a target within 7 tiles to render them passive for 40 seconds, they are unable to use lethal arms and harmful strikes during this time, such as harmbatons or lasers, they can however use batons and disablers.
Subspace swap

Vampire Swap.png

250 30 seconds 30 Select a target within 7 tiles and swap positions with them.
Thrall Cap Increase

Vampire Thrall 2.png

400 Passive N/A Gain the ability to thrall up to 2 people.
Deploy Decoy

Vampire Decoy.png

400 40 seconds 30 Become invisible for 6 seconds and create a decoy that runs in a random direction for 5 seconds.
Thrall Cap Increase

Vampire Thrall 3.png

600 Passive N/A Gain the ability to thrall up to 3 people.
Rally Thralls

Vampire Rally.png

600 100 seconds 100 Instantly remove all incapacitating effects from all thralls within 7 tiles, this includes stamina crit, stuns and sleeping.
Blood Bond

Vampire Bond.png

800 Toggle 2.5 per second On cast, link to all nearby thralls. if a thrall goes more than 7 tiles away from you, the link is broken. All members of the network share damage equally between eachother.
Thrall Cap Increase

Vampire Thrall 4.png

Full Power (1000) Passive N/A Gain the ability to thrall up to 4 people.
Mass Hysteria

Vampire Hysteria.png

Full Power (1000) 180 seconds 70 Briefly blind anyone within 8 tiles, then cause them to see everyone else as random animals for the duration. Thralls are not affected.

Fighting Vampires

While vampires are very powerful, they are not without weaknesses; the three most notable are Faith, Fire and distance.

  • Keeping your distance from a vampire will prevent them from glaring you, which is normally a death sentence. stay back and shoot.
  • Vampires have a deadly weakness to fire, and being on fire will drain their strength over time.
  • Vampiric abilities can be "nullified", which increases the blood cost of powers; Nullification scales all the way to 100, at which point Vampires cannot use any abilities. A Chaplain's Null Rod or holy water applies nullification.
  • Ingesting holy water will cause vampires to vomit some of their stored blood, drain some of their stamina, and increase their total nullification. If a vampire hasn't gained any blood, they are immune to holy water.
  • Vampires will burst into flames if they remain in the chapel for extended periods of time.
  • Large mobs of thralls can easily overwhelm you, make sure to make use of flashbangs and lethal arms. Most thralls won't have healing or protection against flashbangs.
  • Starlight is extraordinarily deadly to even full strength vampires, dealing serious genetic damage while the vampire is in space. Prolonged exposure will reduce the vampire to dust and ash.
  • If a vampire attains full power: They gain full immunity to nullification, holy water, and can freely enter holy sites. Fire will no longer drain their blood supply, and their powers are no longer affected by holy individuals such as chaplains and inquisitors.


  • Know your victims species before attempting to bite them! IPCs and Plasmamen have no blood and cannot be drank from!
  • IPCs cannot be vampires. Unless admins are feeling like they want to spice things up.
  • While you won't gain power, blood from blood bags or creatures such as monkeys will nourish you.
  • Keeping track of what powers a vampire has and when they can use them is critical.
  • Make sure a vampire has already used their rejuvenate before you cuff them, or they may quickly turn the tables.
  • Glare has no effect if the vampire is blindfolded.
  • Vampires can still glare you when they are stunned! It will only last for 1 second, but it will prevent you from cuffing them.
  • Vampire abilities don't affect other vampires or those that are holy (the chaplain and inquisitor ERTs).
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