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Lavaland Elites.gif
Lavaland Elite

Superiors: N/A
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: Guide to Lavaland, Guide to Combat
Access: Lavaland
Duties: Punish the one who summoned you.

Lavaland Elites are powerful mobs that can be summoned on Lavaland through a pulsating tumor. Once spawned they will relentlessly attempt to kill the player who summoned them using special abilities unique to their mob type. Each Elite type comes with its own set of powers, strengths, and weaknesses. Elites can become player possessed if the summoner uses a legion core on the tumor, this will make the fight much harder but the loot dropped will be better. Once summoned the summoner will have to fight until either they or the elite dies after which the arena walls will no longer constrain the winner.

Summoning Elites

A pulsating tumor

Lavaland Elites can only be summoned through Pulsating Tumors which show up as "Menacing Signals" on the GPS. At least one tumor is guaranteed to spawn, although it's possible that more will generate. Upon interacting with a tumor, it will do a few things: one, the summoner will be informed if the summoning was successful and a message sent out to ghosts; two, it will immediately cordon off the surrounding area with an arena barrier preventing the elite and summoner from leaving; three, after three seconds, an AI-controlled elite will spawn and immediately begin attacking the summoner.

Player Controlled Elites

If a player decides that they want a bigger challenge, or that they want better loot, they can use a legion core on the tumor to "boost" it. If a tumor is boosted, trying to summon it will yield a slightly different result. Observing players will be prompted to become the Elite and after roughly 25 seconds, the new player-controlled elite will spawn. If no ghosts decide to become an elite, instead nothing will spawn and the summoner will be informed that "the stirring stops and nothing emerges. Perhaps try again later." Player Controlled Elites will be much more difficult to fight and it is not uncommon for the summoner (especially those unprepared) to be swiftly annihilated. The "AI" for the player-controlled elites are much smarter, craftier, and quick to respond as compared to their simpler counterparts.

Defeating Elites

Killing the AI-controlled Elite drops a generic Necropolis Chest that you would normally get from destroying a lavaland tendril. The pulsating tumor will also disappear, along with its GPS signal. However, when you kill a boosted (player-controlled) elite mob, there is a 50% chance that it will either drop a tumor shard or a special type of loot unique to the Elite Mob. Do note that if you do lose to a boosted elite mob, it'll be freed and released to create general havoc. This freed Elite Mob has its health reduced to 40% and does not regenerate health naturally, although it can heal by standing on top of a pulsating tumor.\
Note: If the Elite is killed outside the arena, the tumor will not register the elite's death and the elite will have to be resummoned and fought in order to get the loot.

Elite Types

All elites are different from each other due to their varying special ability and attributes. Each one must be fought and played in respect to their strengths and weaknesses.


Elite Description
A towering skeleton, embodying the terrifying power of Legion.

Health: 1000

Melee Damage: 35

Speed: Medium


An AI-controlled Legionnaire will simply use these abilities whenever they're available. If it's controlled by a ghost, they can conserve these abilities or somehow combo them together.

  • Legionnaire Charge (Cooldown: 4 seconds): After a short half-second windup, Legionnaire charges forward 4 tiles. If it makes contact with a mob, it will deal a whopping 50 damage and fling its target forward considerably. Whilst charging, a player-controlled Legionnaire can adjust its path slightly. Best to be careful, as getting hit by this ability can be crippling.
  • Skull Detach (Cooldown: 1 second): Legionnaire detaches its skull, which will then chase its target around. The skull has 80 health, but if the skull is destroyed, a new skull simply regenerates back onto Legionnaire's head. At 100% health, it will deal 20 brute damage, but if it goes below 50% health, the skull will start dealing 30 damage, and below 25% health, the skull will begin dealing 40 damage. The legionnaire can also use this ability again to recall its skull back to its body. It can control the skull by clicking terrain with the middle-mouse button.
  • Bone Bonfire (Cooldown: 0.5 seconds): If there exists no Bone Bonfire, Legionnaire will place one at its current location. If there exists a Bone Bonfire, using this ability will swap locations between the Legionnaire and the Bone Bonfire. The Bone Bonfire has 100 health, and can be destroyed. If a mob walks over the Bone Bonfire, it is set aflame.
  • Smoke Spew (Cooldown: 4 seconds): If Legionnaire's skull is detached, then a plume of smoke will spew from the skull. If Legionnaire's skull is not detached, then a plume of smoke will spew from its current location. This smoke can obscure vision and make mobs cough, leading to them dropping their inhand items.


  • Tumor Shard.png Tumor Shard - 50% chance of dropping from a boosted (sentient) Legionnaire
  • Legionnaire Spine.png Legionnaire Spine - 50% chance of dropping from a boosted (sentient) Legionnaire. You can attach it to your Kinetic Crusher so that when you detonate a mark, there is a 20% chance to spawn a legion skull, which will attack its target for 10 seconds before despawning. If used in hand the spine will summon legion skulls with a 4-second cooldown between skulls.

Goliath Broodmother

Elite Description
Goliath Broodmother.png
Goliath Broodmother
An example of sexual dimorphism, this female goliath looks much different than the males of her species. She is, however, just as dangerous, if not more..

Health: 1000

Melee Damage: 30

Speed: Slow


The broodmother is a fight revolving around stage control, as the activator has to manage the baby goliaths and the broodmother herself, along with all the tendrils.

  • Spawn Tentacles (Cooldown: Passive): The Goliath Broodmother will start passively spawning burrowing tentacles around her once she goes below 50% health. The rate of which these tentacles spawn are doubled once she dips below 25% health. If you get hit by these tentacles, you will receive 10—15 brute damage and be stunned for 10 seconds.
  • Tentacle Patch (Cooldown: 1.5 seconds): The Goliath Broodmother will spawn a 3x3 square patch combined with a 5x5 cross patch of tentacles at a target. If you get hit by these tentacles, you will receive 20-25 brute damage and be stunned for 5 seconds.
  • Enrage (Cooldown: 10 seconds): The Goliath Broodmother emits a noise and becomes substantially faster for 6.5 seconds. In the 7 seconds after it enrages, however, the Goliath Broodmother will become substantially slower.
  • Spawn Children (Cooldown: 4 seconds): The Goliath Broodmother spawns 2 baby goliaths at her current position. A maximum of 8 baby goliaths can be present at any one time. These baby goliaths are slow, have 30 health, and they only deal 5 melee damage. If their target is not within melee range, they will, with a short delay, burrow a tentacle under its target, which is identical to the passively spawned tentacles. If you completely ignore these baby goliaths, it can bite you later, considering the sheer amount of tentacles each baby goliath produces is bound to catch you off-guard sooner rather than later. When a baby goliath is killed, it gibs in a small, but fiery explosion. This has the capability of knocking out an unaware miner.
  • Call Children (Cooldown: 6 seconds):' The Goliath Broodmother transmits a message to her children directing them to converge at a particular location..


  • Tumor Shard.png Tumor Shard - 50% chance of dropping from a boosted (sentient) Broodmother
  • Broodmother Tongue.png Broodmother Tongue - The tongue of a broodmother. 50% chance of dropping from a boosted (sentient) Broodmother. Can be attached as a crusher trophy. When you detonate a mark with your Kinetic Crusher, this upgrade gives a 10% chance of spawning a patch of tentacles at the location of the detonation. When the tongue is instead used in hand the user becomes immune to lava for 10 seconds. 60 second cooldown.


Elite Description
A monstrous beast which fires deadly projectiles at threats and prey.

Health: 1000

Melee Damage: 20

Speed: Slow


  • Tri-Shot (Cooldown: 3 seconds): Herald fires a small spread of 3 death bolts at its target. If Herald is below 50% health, it will instead fire two spread of 3 death bolts consecutively after each other.
  • Herald Enraged.gif Spread-Shot (Cooldown: 5 seconds): Herald raises its arms and shakes violently before spraying death bolts in all cardinal and diagonal directions. If Herald is below 50% health, it will shoot two waves of death bolts instead of just one.
  • Tele-Shot (Cooldown: 3 seconds): Herald fires a golden bolt, which does not damage. If it strikes something, then Herald will teleport to that location. Useful in combination with Tri-Shot.
  • Herald Mirror.png Mirror (Cooldown: 4 seconds): Herald summons a mirror at its current location. This mirror will replicate all of the Herald's attacks, except for the second wave of death bolts generated from Tri-Shot and Spread-Shot when Herald's health is low. It is worth nothing that Tele-Shot will also teleport the mirror, if its golden bolt makes contact with something. Herald's Mirror is destructible, and has 60 health. It is advisable that you destroy the mirror as soon as possible before the Herald can take advantage of it.


  • Tumor Shard.png Tumor Shard - 50% chance of dropping from a boosted (sentient) Herald
  • Cloak of the Prophet.png Cloak of the Prophet - The Cloak of the Prophet has a 50% chance of dropping from a boosted (sentient) Herald. If you are wearing the Cloak of the Prophet, whenever you are attacked, there is a 20% chance that the cloak will fire off a spread of nine Herald (15 damage, non-structure destroying) death bolts around the cardinal and diagonal directions.


Elite Description
A large magic box with similar power and design to the Hierophant. Once it opens, it's not easy to close it.

Health: 1000

Melee Damage: 15

Speed: Very Slow


When it goes below 50% health, the cooldown of these abilities are reduced by 25%, and when Pandora goes below 25% health, the cooldown of these abilities are reduced by 25% again. All of the abilities that Pandora conducts deal 30 burn damage.

  • Blast Line (Cooldown: 1/.75/.5 seconds): Pandora fires off a single line of chasers from either a cardinal or a diagonal position. These chasers will follow targets, albeit rather ineffectively. They should be relatively easy to dodge.
  • Magic Box (Cooldown: 2/1.5/1 seconds): Pandora surrounds a target with a 6x6 square of hierophant blasts, but leaves a 3x3 safe square in the middle. This serves to discourage mindless running around to dodge the chasers.
  • Teleport (Cooldown: 4/3/2 seconds): Pandora, after a short cue, teleports from one location to another. A 3x3 square of hierophant blasts are present from the initial location and at the end location.
  • AOE Blast (Cooldown: 2/1.5/1 seconds): Pandora emits a 7x7 square of hierophant blasts, progressing quickly from the center. Unlike the Hierophant, the target does not to be within melee range for this ability to be used.


  • Tumor Shard.png Tumor Shard - 50% chance of dropping from a boosted (sentient) Pandora
  • Hope.png Hope - Gives the wearer positive messages, and passive healing that scales with damage when under 50 hp, but not under -100 hp.

Playing As An Elite

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