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Superiors: Head of Security
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: Space Law, Guide to Security, Guide to Combat, Riot Control, Krav Maga, Security Items, Identifying Antagonists, Standard Operating Procedure, Standard Operating Procedure (Security), Brigging Procedure
Access: Armoury, Security, Brig Timers, Warden's Office, Prison Wing, Maintenance
Duties: Ensure the arrested prisoners don't escape, issue weapons to security, command the Brig.
High-Risk Items: Krav Maga gloves

The Warden is a member of the security staff, responsible for the Brig and the prisoners. They also have access to the Armory and is responsible for handing out equipment. They have control over the Brig and the Prison Wing

Required Knowledge

Out of Character wise: Read the rules carefully before playing as a member of Security.

In Character wise: As the person responsible for processing prisoners, you are expected to have a good knowledge of Space Law. Failing to brig people for the correct times, or brigging people for non-existent crimes may result in a job ban.

You'll need to be able to operate the cells, as well as know the weapons in the armory. If you don't know the difference between an egun and an ion rifle, and when to use either, you should play security officer and ask for a demonstration from the warden when it's quiet.

Like all security roles, robustness is required. You'll mostly be dealing with unruly prisoners as the Warden however, so extreme combat ability is not required.

Some medical knowledge may be helpful, but is not required. For Standard Operating Procedure for this role and other security roles, please see Standard Operating Procedure (Security).

For Standard Operating Procedure when processing criminals, please see Legal Operating Procedure.

Things to Know

As a Warden, you have full control over the entirety of the Brig. Other than that, you are on the same level as everyone else in Security. You report to the Head of Security just like every other officer. The only difference is that you are expected to take over should the Head of Security become unavailable. Additionally, you are authorized to issue permanent brig sentences.

Have an advanced knowledge of Space Law. There aren't many people who want to be brigged for no reason, and nobody wants to be brigged without due cause. If necessary, you might even need to release a prisoner for being held unlawfully. Note that you have discretion when it comes to legal representation for prisoners, as well as guests.

Try not to rely on your disabler or Baton too much, seeing as the most prisoners will already be handcuffed. Additionally the flash built in to each cell will subdue an opponent long enough to cuff/buckle them. A prisoner should be buckled and flashed when removing handcuffs. (Note: if the prisoner is of a race that is vulnerable to flashes, such as Tajaran, use your stun baton to subdue them so as to prevent eye damage to the prisoner) Your sec HUD will be invaluable in making sure that they are marked accordingly when detained or released.


To help your Warden-ing ways, grab a pair of cuffs (for prisoner transportation) that are in a box in the Armory, a flashbang, an energy bola, and a stunbaton. You already have a disabler and a pair of HUD sunglasses. Several portable flashers are in the Armory. These can and will be useful in securing the brig during attacks, and help with decreasing the severity of prison breaks. Make sure no one gets your ID, and you know who the Head of Security is, as you need to defend your equipment from would-be thieves.

Additionally, you have access to a high-risk item known as Krav Maga Gloves. These gloves increase the damage of your punches by 10, and further by 5 against floored targets, making them deceptively lethal. Your disarm attempts, if successful, will place the item in your hand, rather than dropping it to the ground. In addition, they give you access to three special attacks, accessible from your HUD - these attacks stay active until used, unless canceled with a HUD button.

  • Leg Sweep - Warden's bread and butter. Weakens the target for about four seconds, allowing you to quickly cuff them, or ideally, baton them to extend the stun for a much more comfortable cuffing. The advantage of using this over your stunbaton is that unlike with the baton, the prisoner cannot disarm you and use it against you.
  • Neck Chop - Deals some damage to the target and silences them for twenty seconds.
  • Lung Punch - Deals some respiration damage and prevents breathing for ten seconds. Very mean combined with the high damage of regular krav maga punches.

Watch Hound

Half of your job is to look after the prisoners; make sure they aren't abused or given unfair sentences and that they don't escape. The other half of your job is to arm security with weapons in emergencies. You are not a Security Officer and should not leave the brig if possible. Ensure the prisoners are given the right amount of time, are allowed to keep the items they are entitled to, and are let out when they have done their time.

If you have no prisoners to watch out for, you should be coordinating your officers over your radio channel, checking cameras when people call for help, and updating arrest records. Your fellow officers will appreciate your help in sending them where they can make a difference. You should also do a roll call every so often, to make sure that all your officers are still alive and well. You have the opportunity to make Security run like a well-oiled machine.

Also make sure you keep track of what's in the Armory. You start with a list of everything in the Armory and should ideally keep track of who and what's being taken and there reason why.

Don't Sit Around

Sitting at your desk is alright, but you should make sure to scan the cell blocks every once in a while to make sure no one is hurt in the cells, and there are no break ins. Your job is to protect all of security from people busting in, or out. A quick sweep every few minutes should be fine, being a warden is a mostly relaxing job, but maintaining order and security within the Brig is an essential part, if not the main point, of your job.

If you are going to sit around, it may be worthwhile to update the security records for your prisoners. Seriously. Update the security records. As you have, generally, the most sedentary job in security, most bureaucracy falls to you. See Example Paperwork. The Detective however, should be keeping dossiers on cases and processing evidence; if there is contraband and weapons strewn about processing, with no paper trail as to how or why, remind them of this. There are evidence bag boxes in the SecTech machines if the ones in processing run out.

When the time comes, either in the form of a code red situation, or a level-5 or level-3 biohazard, you will need to distribute gear to officers. If the AI is rogue, give the ion rifle to the person the HoS directs you to. In the event of a Blob outbreak or Terror Spider outbreak, distribute the lasers, hardsuits, and bio-suits. Tear gas and riot suits/shields will protect officers during violent uprisings. Internal Affairs and the Magistrate are not a formal part of Security and should not be armed unless you are directed to do so by the Head of Security or higher.

Clearance Level Check

Remember: Security personnel are not allowed Armory weapons other than disablers on code green with the exception of a pressing emergency. Even on code blue, Lethal weapons require authorization from the Head of Security or higher. Non-security personnel require a signed and stamped permit from the Head of Security or Captain. Remember, as per SOP, the HoS has the final say in Armory management, overruling even you. They are not however, immune to the SOP clause prohibiting them from emptying the Armory into their bag.

Similarly, remember, nobody other than yourself, the Head of Security, and the Captain are allowed into the Armory. Anyone else entering the Armory without explicit permission (barring exceptional circumstances) should be charged with major trespass. Anyone breaking into the Armory from space (happens more than you might think) should be charged with B&E of a restricted area. Under Space Law, unauthorized personnel in the Armory are to be considered armed and dangerous, and subdued with the appropriate caution.

Prisoner Management

When a detainee is brought in they need to be searched and have their status set to "Incarcerated", preferably in the cells or in processing. Do not lose track of their items. If they have not already been informed of their charges and sentence, do so then. Their timer should be set as soon as possible, and any non-contraband should be put in the cell locker. Do NOT strip them of their shoes, uniform, headset, PDA, or ID, unless they have brig access. Buckle them to the cell's bed, make sure you are no longer grabbing/pulling them, and remove their cuffs; have your flash/baton in the other hand. Stun them, pick up the cuffs, and exit the cell. Should the prisoner need non-life-threatening medical aid, do so now. If their records have not been updated to reflect their crimes, do so now with your HUD.

Note that if the prisoner is critically injured, simply remove their bag, empty their pockets, and get them to Medbay. Whilst they are being treated, start their cell timer and update their records. Once treated, process as normal.

Permanent Prisoners/Executions

If the prisoner has been sentenced to a permanent sentence, cyborgification, or execution see Legal Operating Procedure for detailed proceedings. YOUR role can be summarized as follows:

If the prisoner has not yet been made aware of their sentence, do so. Remove their Items and clothing and change them into prison scrubs and orange shoes. Their ID is to be terminated by the HoP or Captain (do NOT neglect this), and their PDA, uniform, tools, bag, shoes, and other belongings placed in a prison locker. They are to be given a prisoner ID and headset with general, non-departmental, comms (This can be achieved by clicking on their headset with a screwdriver). All of the necessary equipment can be found in the locker. Giving them a tracking implant is often a good idea, especially if they are receiving a permanent sentence. Make sure the records are updated and take them to the prison wing for permanent sentences, or to the designated location for the execution(Usually the transfer center of firing range), as directed by the HoS. If the sentence is to be delivered outside of the brig, such as cyborgification, it is best to hand them over to HoS. Getting them to the Morgue after you put them in a PROPERLY LABELED body bag is ideal.

Wrongful Arrest Swordred.gif

Round-Start antagonists are ineligible to be be matched to the job of Warden.

Note that if you are selected as antag, but your character's job preferences are set such that the round is unable to match you to any available non-mindshielded job, you will be instead be returned to the lobby, and the antag role will be assigned to another player.

As a mindshielded crew member, you cannot be converted into an antagonist through thralling, unless you have lost your mindshield implant, either to cloning or surgical removal. If, however, you are somehow unshielded, thralled, and then re-implanted with a mindshield, you will remain thralled.

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