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Superiors: N/A
Difficulty: Medium to Hard
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Unknown
Duties: Fight or cause crime on the station


Departmental Head

Special Roles
Special Guides

Super Heroes / Villains

When you get the chance to be a superhero (or villain), there's some key notes to follow.

  • Don't Grief: Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD. You get some extra neat stuff and general right of passage to fuck around, but that doesn't mean you can ignore the rules.
  • Don't Antag: Superheroes/villains are a fluff role. When you get the chance to play it, RP. Do NOT antag. Just because you picked The Griffin, doesn't mean you can slaughter all of security, gib the captain, and then bomb the communications console. Instead, try petty crimes, or just causing disruption, like a glorified clown.
  • Roleplay!: The intent of superheroes/villains are to spice up a round, to make it interesting. Running around and fucking peoples days up does not make a round interesting, it makes it incredibly tedious for them. Take on the role of your hero or villain, and then have fun with it. Asking for belly rubs as LightnIan, making a base in maintenance as the Owlman, or starting a peaceful rally as the Griffin, to name a few ideas. Get creative!



You are Owlman, the oldest and some say greatest superhero this station has ever known. You have faced countless foes, and protected the station for years. Your tech gadgets make you a force to be reckoned with. You are the hero this station deserves.

The Owlman's origin is unknown - rumor is that he was birthed already wearing his staple bluespace belt. Armed with the belt and his nightvision goggles, he's been battling to protect the station for years. Using his wits and technical gadgets, he's the bane of Traitors, Vampires, and Changelings everywhere.

The maintenance shafts are his home. Some crewmen say they've even heard snoring emanating from down those dark shafts. No one knows if the Owlman is actually a sentient owl, or just a man in a suit. A few of the crew can attest to him being capable of spinning his head 360 degrees, and others swear they've seen him be cloned without his suit on.

His tendency to be rather ruthless irks the security force quite a bit - however, the fact that the dead bodies used to belong to mostly enemies of the corporation tends to keep him out of the permabrig. He's the most robust motherfucker on the station, and don't you forget it. The next time you're sucking the blood out of the Chef in botany maintenance, you had better pray to whatever evil god you worship that the Owlman doesn't find you.


  • Owlman's utility belt
  • Night-Vision Goggles
  • Four smoke grenades
  • Two bolas
  • An Owl Suit


  • None

The Griffin


You are The Griffin, the ultimate supervillain. You thrive on chaos and have no respect for the supposed authority of the command staff of this station. Along with your gang of dim-witted yet trusty henchmen, you will be able to execute the most dastardly plans.

The Griffin. The Grey Tidecaller. King of Assistants. Lord of Toolboxes. All one and the same.

Some say he was a regular assistant - but he certainly isn't anymore. Capable of calling anyone to join the Grey Tide, he's worshiped by assistants and villains everywhere, as the almighty Griffin. Their powerful leadership skills, combined with their blatant lack of respect for authority, makes him quite the lethal opponent for security and command staff alike.

Whether he's an assistant blessed with an unholy power, whether he simply has impeccable speaking skills and a griffon uniform, or whether he's actually a hell-sent griffon, no one knows. All that they know is that fearing their presence, and trying their damnest to escape him, are the only ways to go a shift uninterrupted. But, of course, nowhere is safe - The Griffin has eyes and ears everywhere, in the form of grey-suited terrors known as 'assistants', or 'henchmen'. Their robustness can vary greatly based off of their mood - some days he's only matched by the Owlman, and other days he can be stopped by just a lone security officer. If he's upset, and in a robust mood - you had better pray to the Gods that he takes mercy on your soul.


  • The ability to convert greyshirts into their henchmen
  • Freedom Implant


  • A Griffin Suit



You are LightnIan, the lord of lightning! A freak electrical accident while working in the station's kennel has given you mastery over lightning and a peculiar desire to sniff butts. Although you are a recent addition to the station's hero roster, you intend to leave your mark.

What do you get when you cross Ian, the adored, lovable Head of Personnel's corgi, a regular person, and an entirely charged SMES' worth of electricity all at once? Why, LightnIan of course. A sentient, equally-adorable corgi, now walking on two legs and geared with insulated gloves and opposable thumbs. LightnIan has the ability to charge up a bolt of lightning for a brief period of time, and release it, shocking his target. However, aside from that, he's simply a bipedal corgi with a love of belly rubs.

A truly neutral superhero, and rarely violent, LightnIan has the behaviour and attitude of a dog, and genius-level intelligence, making him able to elicit a 'squee' from any crew member when he rolls over and demands his belly to be rubbed. His adorable nature is his true superpower, and the ability to shoot lightning from your fingertips pales seems worthless when you can just give them puppy dog eyes and get what you want anyway. However, despite his ridiculously high levels of cuteness, he can still be intimidating when he wants to (or at least, that's what he wants to believe). In general, though, the crew shouldn't feel LightnIan to be a threat - unless you do something to anger him, like giving him the wrong dog food, the worst thing you should expect from him is face licks.


  • A Corgi Suit
  • A Bedsheet Cape
  • Insulated Gloves


  • The ability to charge its body with lightning. Once done again while charging he shoot lightning from his fingertips which can arch person to person causing significant burn damage.



Birthed within the bowels of the NSS Cyberiad’s robotics division, Electro-Negmatic is the most recent addition to the quirky catalogue of super-powered maniacs. Whilst working your nine to five aboard the Cyberiand within the grueling robotics division, you may be prone to hearing a great many tales. Be it the new hire that used one too many cores whilst constructing his Phazon to rather… explosive results, the revered roboticist that made one-hundred Gygaxes to utterly annihilate the terror spider menace, or the spider-bot uprising of ‘68.

However as many tales as you may have heard, you would be hard pressed to hear the tale of Electro-Negmatic. E-N, the not so beloved pet of robotics finally decided he had enough of the abuse. Neglected by the crew almost entirely, only to be shoved into a locker and prodded by welders. Through sheer willpower, enough hatred to charge an SMES, and knowledge of the bluespace, E-N made a dark pact with powerful bluespace entities. In exchange for becoming bipedal, the power of magnetism, and gaining his well-deserved freedom, E-N would need to don the title of Electro-Negmatic and vow to serve his new dark lords by causing terror to any crew members he could find.

A sick and cruel villain, driven to violence; Electo-Negmatic bares the behavioural traits of an abused dog. He will often lash out against crewmembers and attack them without notice. Electro-Negmatic may be placated by getting the love and attention he so desperately desires: give him a belly rub, head pats, and some premium dog-food, and you might have a friend for life.


  • Electro-Negmatic Suit
  • Cult Bedsheet Cape


  • A magnetic ability to pull things out of crewmembers hands into his own!
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