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Special Roles
Special Roles are not your typical round roles and are admin-spawned only. What makes them special is the unique equipment and objectives you can get! There's no limit on what you can be, maybe you want to be a fast-talking Sol Trader making credits, or a cream of the crop Response Team keeping the station together and being it's saving grace. They can be a great way of spicing up a round and giving players a chance to explore gameplay and stories that they wouldn't be able to access normally. However, with great power comes great responsibility, this meaning you are expected to uphold higher standards of roleplay and are potentially under more scrutiny.
General Roles
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Nanotrasen Central Command is in charge of Epsilon Eridani, managing stations, deploying ERTs, and handling any administrative duties within the sector. Nanotrasen Navy Officers are often seen representing Central Command to ordinary NT staff.
Emergency Response Teams are squads of specialized employees sent by Central Command to return a station to a workable condition. This team of Rapid Response Units supports the station in a situation outside of the crew's hands.
Syndicate Infiltration Team are elite syndicate operatives sent to Nanotrasen holdings to achieve objectives like the kidnapping of command, theft of high-risk items, or murder of a crew member. This admin-spawned role is similar to traitor with the only differences being that you are in a team, given special equipment, and sent for a specific task.
A Death Squad is a team of unknown operators that have one task if they are called: to nuke the station. Armed with Pulse Weaponry and Stimulative Nanites, Death Commandos are unstoppable against any threat they are tasked to fight, and will not stand down until nuclear annihilation is reached. This role is not IC knowledge.
Given one task and one task only, and that is to be the last man standing. Armed with a kilt and claymore to kill everyone and be the last one standing.
Sent by the Trans-Solar Federation to trade with the station crew for their plasma and credits. Sol Traders come with a myriad of items that the crew can not obtain outside of admin intervention.
With a dramatic backstory only superheroes (or villains) exist to save or end the day! Granted with equipment and powers to aid their cause. This is an RP role, not an excuse to antag or grief. Bring fun to the round.
These roles have many uses and functions. Some for RP, some to spice up the round with antaggery, and some as an alternative to ERTs. Special Event Roles are primarily used in events due to their connections to lore or RP flavour.
Cursed by the gods for their actions; cluwnes exist only to die. Else they live a life of suffering.

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