Shadow Demon

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Shadow Demon.png
Shadow Demon

Superiors: Bubblegum, Satan
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: Guide to Combat
Access: Wherever darkness is king
Duties: Murder the crew


Shadow Demons are horrific monstrosities that rule the darkness. They source their power from dark areas on station with the sole directive of using their special abilities to murder crew members. However, these demons are highly vulnerable to light, if they spend too much time out of darkness they will very quickly die.

Playing Shadow Demon

Shadow Demons spawn in during the Shadow Demon major Midround event. "Demon" needs to be enabled in Game Preferences in order to get a chance to play the Shadow Demon.

Your New Sleep Paralysis Demon

Shadow Demons are frail but lethal ambush predators, striking quickly from the darkness to drag away lone crewmembers. Shadow Demons do considerable damage with each strike, and deactivate or destroy whatever light producing objects their target has on them, and can use Shadow Crawl to quickly reposition after a kill or during a chase.

Light is its worst enemy, however, and leaving the darkness for only a few seconds is fatal. Being in Shadow Crawl will halve the damage dealt by light. Darkness, on the other hand, will rapidly heal the Shadow Demon, so fighting on dark turf is preferable.


Ability Cast time Cooldown Description
Shadow Grapple
Shadow Grapple.png
Instant 10 Seconds Fire one of your hands, if it hits a person it pulls them in. If you hit a structure you get pulled to the structure. Any light source that are hit with this will be disabled.
Shadow Crawl
Shadow Crawl.png
Phasing In
Phasing Out
2 Seconds
None Use darkness to phase out of existence. The Shadow Demon equivalent of Bloodcrawl. Very useful for ambushing, rapid movement, and escaping danger. Will not work if near a light source.

Fighting Shadow Demons

Fighting Shadow Demons is tricky thanks to their speed and fondness for darkness, where most crew obviously cannot see. This is also their greatest weakness, however, as light is extremely lethal to them, and prevents them from using their powerful Shadow Crawl ability.

When hunting a Shadow Demon, it is highly recommended to travel in groups. Shadow Demons are ambush predators with no crowd-control abilities, and only a single semi-ranged attack. Hunters are also recommended to bring night vision goggles to neutralize the Demon's stealth advantage, and portable floodlights to keep large areas safe from incursion.

Making traps with light sources is another viable tactic to limit the movement of the demon, and hopefully corral it towards a killbox of your choice. Just remember that Shadow Demons can instantly destroy any light source they smack, so placing multiple lights in one area my be wise if you know a Demon is about.

When the Shadow Demons dies it will drop a Heart Of Darkness that, similarly to a Slaughter Demon's heart, ca be consumed to gain the Demon's Shadow Grapple ability.

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