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Being a Scientist (Or rather a Xenoarcheologist, Anomalist, Plasma Researcher, Xenobiologist, or Chemical Researcher) is one of the most feared and fun jobs on station. Being a scientist means you can make and test a large number of tools and gadgets through research, construct highly explosive bombs, or study dangerous alien life forms. Your radio key is 'n'

Required Knowledge

For Standard Operating Procedure for this role and other science roles, please see Standard Operating Procedure (Science).

The Laboratories

Research & Development

This lab houses the development of hi-tech devices including weapons, batteries, machine components, and circuit boards.

Items around the station such as the hand teleporter, stun batons and analyzers can be collected used to improve research tech levels. A good strategy for research is to stick everything you find (You do have permission to destroy it, right?!) into the destructive analyzer. After all, it's science, huh?

To research new technologies and create new tools you will require a steady supply of minerals from mining. Co-ordinate with the Quartermaster or the Shaft Miners themselves to get the materials you need.

Toxins Research

This lab focuses on exploring the possibilities of plasma gas, typically in the form of massive explosions. Also provided to you is the Toxins Test Chamber (AKA Bomb Range). Hopefully, this is where you will be testing your bombs.

Bomb-making is not all that easy though, as the Toxins Research Lab is prone to plasma floods, plasma fires and explosions that take away people's hopes and dreams as well as their lives. Exploding yourself with a bomb you just made after many failed attempts is not shameful, but a victory for science, and a path that every aspiring plasma researcher must take.

Chemical lab

Often called SciChem, it is the only place besides the MedChem lab that contains a chem dispenser. Although its main purpose is chemical research, it is often used for, researching animals(meaning killing them with plasma mercilessly), radiation research, and many more sinister and not-so-sinister things.


This lab is used for breeding various kinds of slimes, brutally murdering them for their precious extracts, And inevitably releasing them by accident, killing half the station

Making Grenades

As a scientist, you are pretty much the only person with the option of making lethal grenades and getting away with it. You can fit two regular beakers in a grenade casing. This means potentially 100 units of whatever concoction you want. It is possible to use: medicine, water, or more devious items in a grenade. The mixing and matching of different chemical formulas may not always go as planned, but that's just how science goes. Keep in mind, making and using grenades that could harm others on-station will get you brigged in the least and can be considered breaking the game rules. See Guide to Chemical Research

Job Tasks

Additionally, certain tasks will reward the player with credits for completing them.

No extra work is required, the fulfilment of these tasks will reward the player with the stated credit bonus in their next paycheck.

Utilize the facilities on this research installation to increase half the station's research levels above level 2, have cargo ship the research to centcomm in crates.

  • $150 on completion
  • Paid to RD and all scientists.

Intern Duty

You are provided a Guest Pass Terminal in Research and Development. If a crewmember shows an interest in a specific field or the department as a whole, you can print the crewmember a 30-minute guest pass, with access of your choice, and teach them the wonders of Science!

Useful Tips

  • Unless you're a traitor, don't use the bombs on the main station. You'll get banned otherwise.
  • Don't use the bombs outside of the areas meant for it like the toxin test range, you can use explosives as an antagonist but make sure to read the server rules pertaining to their responsible use Here.
  • It's a good idea to keep a filled oxygen tank on yourself, more so than any other job. Whether it's gonna be a harmful gas flood, a hull breach your colleague just made, or something else, you are always at risk.
  • Research. It cannot be said enough times. Research. Research is beneficial to everyone: you can upgrade machines (cloners, fabricators, autolathes, etc.) with more advanced parts, you can arm security almost better than CentComm could and much more!
  • You don't particularly need a tool belt, but it's useful in case anything goes wrong.
  • Co-operate with robotics. Research their mech circuits and advanced power cells, and get stuff you can deconstruct in return. When you get materials from mining, be kind, and share.

Mad Science Swordred.gif

It's possible to make bombs that utterly destroy a small area, gib only those people next to you, explode when you die, bring general ruin to entire wings of the station, and more! It is recommended that you use your traitor points on things to conceal your identity or get a spacesuit for those 'accidents'. Protolathed objects and slime cores can make for interesting weapons as well.

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