Slaughter Demon

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Slaughter Demon

Superiors: Bubblegum, Satan
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: Guide to Combat
Access: Anywhere blood can be found
Duties: Slaughter the crew, and collect their souls

Slaughter Demons are large, armour-plated monsters sent from the depths of hell to steal the souls of the crew in a very violent fashion. They can use blood to travel quickly, possess a pair of large blades in place of arms, and can fully heal by eating downed crewmembers.

Summoning a Being from Hell

There are a two ways a Slaughter Demon may enter the station to terrorize it. It can be summoned onto the overworld with a mystical summoning item by a Wizard foolish enough to do so, or through a major midround roll that lets spirits take over the role of a blood thirsty spawn of Satan.

Demonology 101

These creatures of Satan have plenty to show for themselves. Their thick scaly armor provides plenty of protection, but also slows them down. They mercilessly feast on mortals who get in their way, with only way to retrieve them being killing the demon. They are able to traverse terrain easily if it's covered with blood through phasing into a pocket dimension.

Types of Demons

Name Objectives Spawner Description
Lesser Slaughter Demon
First: Devour between 10 to 20 crewmembers.
  • Spread blood across a specific area of the station, either the bridge, brig or chapel.
  • Annihilate all Janitors and their robotic replacements.
  • Spare a few of the crew to make them bleed before the final strike.
  • Hunt for the brave that try to hunt for you first.
  • Hunt the cowards who are fleeing from you.
  • Show a crewmember the true power of blood.
  • Drive a crewmember insane with your demonic whispers.
Major midround roll. An exiled Slaughter Demon left endlessly wandering for new prey that he can use to regain his honour, but luckily for him, your station just became his new hunting ground. Years of battling has worn out his armor so much, it's now weaker than that of an average Laughter Demon, leaving him highly susceptible to blows.
Slaughter Demon
First: Kill the Wizard who summoned you.
Second: Kill everyone else.
Vial of blood. Called out from the underworld by a powerful mage, this absolute beast will bring nothing but havoc, pain, and destruction. Don't expect loyalty out of them if you are their summoner, as you are a prime target of their hit list. They won't be merciful nor quick in their rampage, instead choosing to savor the little moments of absolute terror on mortals' faces.
WARNING: Focusing specifically on the Wizard is against the rules.
Laughter Demon
Laughter Demon.png
First: Hug and tickle! Vial of tickles. A kind magician invited you to a party at a cool station in space! You finally get to hug and tickle everyone! The crew love it so much they spread ketchup everywhere! Good thing you love ketchup! Yupeee!
WARNING: Focusing specifically on the Wizard is against the rules.


Name Casting Description
Demonic Whisper
Whisper Slaughter.png
Instant Send shivers down the spine of mortals by transmitting them terrifying messages through demonic telepathy!
Blood Crawl
Blood Crawl.png
Phase In: 2 seconds
Phase Out: Instant
The single most important tool in your arsenal. Lets you phase in and out of piles of blood to enter a different plane of existence, allowing you to stalk for new prey while being safe from all possible dangers. Dragging an unconscious mortal heals you of all ailments, while only healing a portion if they lack a soul. Gives a 6 second speed boost after phasing out. Doesn't work on old blood!

Demon Heart Demon Heart.gif

A heart still beating with hatred and malice obtained by killing a Slaughter Demon. Eating it provides the Blood Crawl ability to the consumer, and feasting on a second one awakens a thirst within them that lets them devour corpses with it.

Bloodletting in Style

You don't have a lot to choose from in your toolkit as a Slaughter Demon, only getting powerful slashes and your Blood Crawl to move freely around blood piles. Even without millions of unique abilities, you can still be a large threat with careful planning. Moving nearly instantaneously between areas and cracking skulls with a single punch leaves for a deadly combination that can be utilized better with these tips:

  • The smallest drop of blood can be used to Blood Crawl. Phase out of paper cuts!
  • Target crew with access to cleaning equipment. They are your number one threat that might leave you with no blood to phase in with, leaving you trapped until they miss a drop.
  • Spread blood by dragging corpses before feasting on them. It will give a harder time for the crew to clean it all up before you appear again, giving you plenty of chances to ambush once more.
  • Force close quarters battles. Due to your slow speed, you cannot dodge or go up to ranged attackers easily, leaving you vulnerable at range.
  • You don't need to kill people to devour them, they just have to be unconscious!
  • Steal hurt crew away from Medical teams. Lowering the amount of crew able to fight you benefits you greatly, so make sure to steal as many as you can!
  • Attack at least one person before phasing out. The crew are more likely to target spools of blood you just used, so attacking will cause more to appear without letting that spot go to waste.
  • Break lights and light sources. Demons possess night vision, meaning you should create darker areas to blind the mortals.

Exorcising the Slaughter Demon

With a Slaughter Demon on the loose, it would be wise for you to spring out of your chair and go out there with a mop to aid the finally appreciated Janitor, but don't be so hasty yet! The demon has a few tricks up his sleeve to rule you into a false sense of security, before devouring you after a quick ambush. These tips should help you on your demon-removing adventure:

  • Prioritize weaponry that deals the most damage per hit. Demons are quick to hide after getting attacked, so you won't have a chance to give him hell if you need to unload a lot into him. Laser guns and proto pulse slugs are good to consider.
  • Fight at a distance. The demon is only able to get you when you are at an arm's reach, so just never get into that range!
  • Clean, clean, clean! Evem if you aren't a Janitor, you will make a highly valuable asset in the battle against the demonic monster if you wipe down the blood he so desperately needs in order to appear.
  • Keep your friends close! Staying in a group will prevent you from getting snatched by a demon if you are to go down, while scaring him away due to the potential of massive damage dealt by the gathering.
  • Wear riot gear or other forms of anti-brute armor that will keep you safe from the demon's flesh tearing claws.
  • As a Chemist or Scientist, construct cleaning grenades to temporarily prevent the demon from using Blood Crawl.
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