High-Risk Items

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These are items that are often desired by traitors for themselves or as an objective for the Syndicate. Theft of one of these objects is usually enough to warrant a charge of Grand Theft under Space Law.

Note that as per rule 7, you should not be stealing these items as a non antagonist.

High-Risk Items

Item Location Purpose Description
Hand Teleporter
Captain's Quarters
Mobile teleportation from one place to the other, without the hassle of going to the teleporter. A miniaturized teleporter that can fit in one's pocket. Has some prerecorded destinations (via beacons) along with a dangerous random teleport option.
Nuclear Authentication Disk
Captain's Quarters
Authorizing nuclear detonations. This is an important item in the Nuclear Emergency gamemode! This disk is required in order to activate both the Syndicate and on-station Nuclear Fission Explosives. Without the disk and nuclear codes, the Nuclear Fission Explosive can't be detonated. The Captain is expected to have the disk on their person at all times, or at the very least kept in a secure location. If it leaves the station's Z-level or is somehow destroyed, it will teleport to a random location on station.
Captain's Spare ID
Id gold.png
Captain's Quarters Using it as a Spare ID card. This is the backup ID card of the Captain in an event if the original NT-Issued Captain's ID is lost. It is "completely indestructible".
Captain's Deluxe Jetpack
Captain's Quarters Traversing the void of Space. A jetpack to provide stability and direction in the vast darkness of space. This one is a special one that is used by the Captain.
Captain's Rapier
Captain Rapier.png
Captain's Quarters
Self defence in style. An ornate sword, stored in an equally ornate sheath. Not just for show, the sword deals 15 brute damage with a whopping armor penetration of 75. Additionally, it has a 50% chance to block melee attacks. The actual sword is the high risk item, not the sheath.
Nuclear Fission Explosive
Vault Atomizing the station in the case of a major emergency. A high-yield nuclear fission explosive designed to destroy the station and reduce all its inhabitants to dust in the case of a serious emergency such as a biohazard outbreak.
Medal of Captaincy
Captain's Quarters
Proving to be worthy of being a Captain. A NT-Issued Medal that represents someone authorized of being the Captain of NSS Cyberiad. The Syndicate often sends agents to steal these simply to annoy or otherwise embarrass NT.
NT Classified Documents
Vault Information only to be viewed by the eyes of Nanotrasen. These are sensitive and highly valued information only for the eyes of CentCom officials, locked within the safe contained in the vault.
Functioning AI
AI Satellite Managing the station's systems and opening doors for the crew. The AI must be stored inside of an IntelliCard to complete the theft objective. The station's highly valued silicon. In an event the AI cannot be kept in its core, it can be stored inside of an IntelliCard, generally in emergency situations. Additionally, a dead AI can be carded to have its integrity restored using the console in the Research Director's Office.
Station Blueprints
Chief Engineer's Office Creating new room designations in the station. Highly sensitive schematics for the NSS Cyberiad. Reproductions of the blueprints via a camera are strictly forbidden (and a photo on which the blueprints are visible, though not carried by someone in their hands, counts for the theft objective).
Advanced Magboots
Chief Engineer's Office Providing stability in low-G environments without slowing down the user. A specialized pair of magboots that prevents the user from slipping. Unlike regular magboots, these boots don't slow down movement while active, thus there is no drawback to keeping them on permanently.
Reactive Armor
Research Director's Office
Made in Research & Development using an anomaly core and a reactive armor shell.
Protection from harm via various effects. When active, the armor can apply various different effects when attacked, such as spontaneous teleporation or combustion. The vest will be deactivated for a short time afterwards, so it is still possible to catch the wearer. It is also disabled by EMP for 5 or 10 seconds depending on the EMP's strength, requiring the user to reactivate it manually afterwards.
Advanced Compact Defibrillator
Advanced Compact Defibrillator.gif
Chief Medical Officer's Office Easy use of defibrillating bodies. An advanced version of the Compact Defibrillator that can be comfortably worn on your belt or carried in your bag. Works through hardsuits and has an infinite charge that is impervious to EMPs. Just like a compact defibrillator, its safeties can be disabled with an emag, turning it into a dangerous weapon.
Advanced Hypospray
Chief Medical Officer's Office
Emergency Response Team
Immediate injection of chemical reagents. Loaded with 30u of Omnizine by default, the advanced hypospray is the only device on station that can instantaneously inject a crew member with up to 30 units of any chemical.
Captain's Antique Laser Gun
Captain's Quarters For self-defence in emergency situations. The Captain's Antique Laser Gun is a self-recharging laser pistol to be used only in extreme emergencies. It's locked in an ID locked case which triggers an alarm when broken.
XO-1 MultiPhase Energy Gun
XO-1 MultiPhase Energy Gun.gif
Head of Security's Office A personalized multi-purpose sidearm for the HoS. This is a recreated version of the aging Antique Laser Gun used by the Head of Security. Unlike its original version, this version has three firing modes (disable, ion, kill) at the cost of its ability to recharge passively.
Krav Maga Martial Arts Gloves
Warden's Office A pair of stylish martial arts gloves. These gloves bestow the wearer martial knowledge in the arts of Krav Maga through use of advanced cybernetics and nanochips embedded inside them. Issued to the warden, they allow the wearer to leg sweep, lung punch, and throat chop enemy combatants in addition to increasing the damage caused by their attacks, and causing disarms to steal the opponent's weapon instead of dropping it on the floor.