Ash Walker

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Ash Walker

Superiors: N/A
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: Guide to Lavaland, Guide to Combat
Access: Lavaland
Duties: Protect your hunting grounds. Feed trespassers to the tendril. Grow the nest.

Ash Walkers are the tribal natives of Lavaland. These Unathi-esque lizard people are fiercely protective of their land and will usually kill any trespassers. Through the use of a Necropolis tendril, the Ash Walkers are able to quickly grow and hatch their eggs through the sacrifice of dead bodies. Their tribal origins make it difficult for them to use most forms of technology, limiting them to mostly crafted and scavenged weapons. Despite this, they're still quite dangerous, especially in large numbers.

Ash Walker Biology

Ash Walkers differ in a few different ways to their Unathi cousins, with the biggest difference being their inexperience with advanced technology. Most guns, machines, computers, and advanced tools are completely foreign to Ash Walkers and are therefore unusable by them. Because of this, Ash Walkers are restricted to the most basic of weapons and tech.

Another difference is their digitigrade legs. Ash Walkers have a different leg structure compared to almost all other races. This makes them excellent at running, letting them reach higher speeds much quicker. However, this adaptation is only geared towards their immediate environment. Ash Walkers have a hard time adjusting to areas outside of Lavaland and reaching the same speed.

Ash Walker lungs are adapted to atmosphere of lavaland, which lets them breathe safely without any gear. They can only speak the Unathi language of Sintha’Unathi, making communication difficult without knowing the language or having a translator present.

The Nest

The Home of the Ashwalkers on Lavaland

Ash Walkers live for and die to protect their nest. It is their home in the hostile, ash filled landscape. Wandering in uninvited is an easy way for a miner to get swarmed and stabbed to death by the inhabitants, so it is recommended to leave if you aren't equipped to fight several angry lizard men.

The Tendril

In the North-East room of the Ash Walker nest is the true nest, the Necropolis Tendril. This carefully cared for appendage is how the Ash Walkers are able to grow and reproduce so quickly. Whenever a dead body is brought to the tendril, it will be consumed, dropping any gear and organs the body had. With two bodies fed to the tendril, a new egg will be fully grown, ready to hatch into an Ash Walker. This is the only way for more Ash Walkers to be born. If it is destroyed, the tendril will drop a Necropolis chest before creating a chasm where it once stood. With that, the Ash Walkers will no longer be able to grow any more eggs.

Also present in the room are two Gutlunches. These scavenger creatures will eat any gibs, organs, and blood on the ground and produce milk, which can be drank for saline-glucose. If they eat enough, they'll give birth to a baby Gutlunch, which will grow into an adult once it's eaten enough.

The Storage Room

On the North West side of the camp is the storage room. Here, all of the ill-gotten gains of the Ash Walker are kept. The room holds several useful, and some irreplaceable items, including a fully stocked toolbox, medkits, and simple medical supplies, an operating table, spare lanterns, a Rapid Construction Device, seeds and a seed extractor, as well as a Gravitational Singularity generator. (The last item, which has the potential to destroy the station, should ONLY be used maliciously with Admin permission. Always ask first.) A lot of the items in this room are either hard to get or impossible to replace, so make sure you don't lose them.

The Plaza

Outside of the buildings is an open area that has several dirt patches for gardening, a few garden tools, mining equipment, and a bonfire for cooking and ore refining. Do note that this area is exposed, so it will be hit by ash storms. Get inside one of the buildings before it comes. There'll also be some dead bodies around at round start, so drag those to the tendril to grow a new egg.



Inside the nest. There a few small creatures crawling around. They feed on the gibs produced by the egg-making process and produce useful chemicals that can be harvested with a bucket.

Animals Description
A small, dark grey creature that crawls around the tendril. It feeds on gibs and produced milk. This milk can be harvested by a bucket and has healing powers much like Saline Glucose and Epinephrine. After eating enough food it will reproduce.
Much like a Gutlunch, it lives near the tendril and produces milk, but has no eyes and a more reddish-brown hue to its skin.


You have multiple seeds at your disposal to serve as food, health supplies, and building materials. All you need to do is dig the ground with a shovel, turn the ash into sandstone, and then turn the sandstone into a pile of dirt. You don't need to water or compost plants to keep them alive, they will already have max water and nutriment already. So after each harvest, simply use the shovel on the used dirt pile to remove it and make a new one in its place.

If you don't wish to do that, you can instead compost wheat into them for nutrition and use the bucket to water the plants from the nearby pond. Check the Guide to Hydroponics for more information.

  • Plants don't take damage from ash storms, so you may plant them whenever you like without worrying about them dying.
  • While healing balms don't heal as much as a kit, they're balanced by the fact each leaf produces 6 of them, plus they're easy to produce and can be stockpiled.
  • Make sure you always have 2 surplus seeds for each plant. Having just one means that if you fail a harvest will result in the plant being lost forever and not being able to ever plant it again. Keep in mind the seed extractor only makes one seed for each item of produce.

In the storage room, you will find 5 seeds and a seed extractor. Other plants can be found out in Lavaland.

Plant Description
You can eat this. It Grows fast. Great for composting into other plants
Once harvested, use a leaf in your hand to turn it into a poultice. Each leaf produces 6 brute healing balms.
Aloe Vera
Exact same as Comfrey, but for burns.
Tower cap mycelium
When harvested, it will give you wood you can turn into planks(by using a hatchet), which you can make all sorts of things out of, including sandals, which will let you walk on cacti without falling over and taking damage.
Glowshroom mycelium
When Harvested, gives you glowshrooms. Use one in your hand to plant it on the ground. When planted, produces light and spreads on its own.
Seed Extractor
An item that can be carried in your belt slot. Put plant produce in it and activate it to produce seeds. Additionally, can hold an unlimited amount of plants.

Wild plants

See the Flora Section in the Guide to Lavaland


You can craft a lot of useful things that will aid you. Most of them are made with the materials you get from hunting local fauna. All of these deal brute damage and brute damage only. On armors, not all protections are showed as they're not really useful. Accessories do not slow your movement.

Item Ingredients Description


5 Tower Caps For those cold winter nights. Can be used to cook meat or burn stuff. Try not to light yourself on fire.
Bone Armor

Bone Armor.PNG

6 bones A tribal armor plate, crafted from animal bone. Provides decent protection.
Bone Talisman

Bone Talisman.PNG

2 bones, 1 watcher sinew A hunter's talisman, some say the old gods smile on those who wear it. Provides a little protection when applied to your jumpsuit.
Skull Codpiece

Skull Codpiece.PNG

2 bones, 1 goliath hide plates A skull shaped ornament, intended to protect the important things in life. Provides a little protection when applied to your jumpsuit.
Bone Bracers

Bone Bracers.PNG

2 bones, 1 watcher sinew For when you're expecting to get slapped on the wrist. Offers modest protection to your arms.
Skull Helmet

Skull Helmet.PNG

4 bones An intimidating tribal helmet, it doesn't look very comfortable. Offers modest protection to your head.
Goliath Cloak

Goliath Cloak.png

2 leather, 2 watcher sinew, 2 goliath hide plates A staunch, practical cape made out of numerous monster materials, it is coveted among exiles & hermits. An alternative to bone armor that offers more fire protection.
Ash Drake Armour

Ash Drake Armour.PNG

10 Bones, 2 watcher sinew, 5 ash drake hide A suit of armour fashioned from the remains of an ash drake. Makes you immune to fire (not lava) and acid damage.


2 wooden planks A primitive match. Used to light stuff on fire.
Tribal Splint

Tribal Splint.png

2 bones, 1 watcher sinew A means of stabilizing broken bones.
Bone Dagger

Bone Dagger.PNG

2 bones A sharpened bone. The bare minimum in survival.
Bone Spear

Bone spear.png

4 bones, 1 watcher sinew A haphazardly-constructed yet still deadly weapon. The pinnacle of modern technology. Does decent damage when thrown.
Bone Axe


6 bones, 3 watcher sinew A large, vicious axe crafted out of several sharpened bone plates and crudely tied together. Made of monsters, by killing monsters, for killing monsters. Wield it in both hands to deal brutal damage.
Bone Pickaxe

Bone Pickaxe.png

4 bones, 2 watcher sinew Do it yourself pickaxe.
Bone Scythe

Bone Scythe.png

5 bones, 2 watcher sinew Perfect for harvesting. And it's not about plants.


5 wooden planks It's used for removing weeds or scratching your back.
Wooden Bucket


3 wooden planks It's a bucket. Holds liquids and reagents.
Wooden Barrel

Wooden Barrel.PNG

30 wooden planks A large wooden barrel. You can ferment fruits and such inside it, or just use it to hold liquid.
Drying Rack


10 wooden planks A wooden contraption, used to dry plant products, food and leather.
Mushroom Bowl


5 mushroom shavings A bowl made out of mushrooms. Not food, though it might have contained some at some point.
Goliath Bone Oar

Goliath bone oar.PNG

2 bones Not to be confused with the kind Research hassles you for. Needed for moving boats.
Goliath Bone Boat

Dragon Boat.png

3 goliath hide plates A boat used for traversing lava.


There are creatures invading your sacred homeland and ripping out its innards for devious gains. You are not sure how to deal with these creatures just yet but you will find out soon enough when you encounter one.

Miners are often extremely hostile to you, you are allowed to kill them without quarter. However, you also have the option to trade and interact with them given the chance. Do not invade the mining base without serious provocation and you should always Ahelp before considering attacking the outpost or going on the station.

Be warned, miners are often better equipped and more robust than you are, so do not underestimate them. Hail Necropolis!

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