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Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Easy
Guides: Guide to Food, Martial Arts
Access: Kitchen
Duties: Make food, feed the crew. That's it.

As the Chef, it's your job to provide quality food for the crew and keep them fed. Pretty easy to know what you are doing.

Note: Whilst the gibber accepts humans, serving them is frowned upon. You might leave it up to the Coroner.


The chef is outfitted with plenty of kitchen related utilities, and hardware.

  • A Dinnerware Vendor that dispenses trays, plates, cups, and knives.
  • Privacy shutters, for privacy or other things.
  • Eggs, Meat, Flour, Sugar, Soy Milk, and Milk.
  • One Cow, one Chicken, and one Pig.
  • A Rolling Pin and a Knife.
  • An apron and a Chef's Hat.
  • 2 Meat Spikes
  • A Gibber.
  • A Bottle of Universal Enzyme.
  • A Deep Fryer.
  • A Candy Maker.
  • An Oven.
  • A Grill.
  • A Food Cart.
  • A CondiMaster.
  • 2 Microwaves.
  • A Smart Fridge.
  • A Blender/Juicer.
  • A Food Processor.

Cooking and You

Experimentation in the kitchen is unfortunately not rewarded when cooking, any deviations from a recipe will end up with a burned mess that is mildly toxic. If the microwave gets dirty, you'll need to use a damp rag, soap or Space Cleaner clean it. If a microwave is broken, you'll need a wrench and a screwdriver to repair it.

The processor and the blender are much more forgiving and will never break. The Food Processor will only take a small list of things that it recognizes, and the All-In-One Grinder will juice or grind anything you put into it so long as you use the correct setting. You also have a CondiMaster to separate and identify anything you produce with your blender. Extra Universal Enzyme can be ordered from food crates available at Cargo.

You can cut various dishes with the Kitchen Knife, such as Cheese Wheels and Pizzas.

Main Article: Guide to Food.


Botanists can grow a variety of crops and are important for providing many of the ingredients you will need to cook, harvest plants are generally placed in the Smart Fridge. Most plants can be used as either as ingredients in recipes or processed into a variety of sauces. It's always a good idea to work closely with the Botanist and let them know what plants you need.


Monkeys, Wolpin, Farwa and other simple mobs can be harvested for meat by placing them on the meat hooks in the freezer, or by using the gibber. To use the gibber, grab a mob, and drag them to it. Once they have been placed inside, turn the gibber on. Many mobs, however, must be butchered by hand. A much messier process. To do so, hold a knife on harm intent, click on a dead mob, and wait. Mobs can also be placed onto the meathook by grabbing the mob via grab intent, and clicking the hooks. Helpful for keeping them in place. Extra cows can be ordered from the Quartermaster and can be butchered. They can also be milked with a bucket, but require feeding in order to do so. Chickens will also produce eggs when fed, which if left alone for long enough will hatch into new chickens.

To feed an animal, simply click on them with wheat in your active hand.

To learn more about fish, check out the fish page!


Most foods contain a basic element known Nutriment. Nutriment is what nourishes you and heals your injuries when you eat. Though food might not heal you as quickly as the doctor can - or from the more exotic dangers of the station - it can often take care of minor injuries. Blending and grinding is an important part of your work, and is vital for the kitchen to function throughout the duration of the shift.

Some foods may also contain plant-matter or protein, which work similarly to nutriment but can't be used as a replacement in recipes.


Practically any food can be placed into the fryer and deep fried, even some things that aren't regularly edible can be made edible by putting them into the deep fryer. Deep Frying provides a mild bonus to the nutriment provided by foods, but can cause crew members to put on weight.

Kitchen Defence

While located in the bar, kitchen, or cold room, the Chef has access to an area restricted version of 'CQC' a martial art that utilizes combos to keep those pesky greytiders out of your kitchen. This functions exactly like the Syndicate version of CQC, but rather than 'Close Quarters Combat' It is, in fact, 'Close Quarters Cooking'. CQC changes your disarm to deal stamina damage, and your harm to deal pure stamina damage, while doing even more stamina damage to floored intruders. You also have the ability to leap over tables faster than most to kick the face in of any trespasser!

The Moveset

  • Slam: Grab Harm. Slam opponent into the ground to deal 50 stamina damage, confusion and knockdown. Only works on people standing.
  • CQC Kick: Disarm Harm. Knocks away and deals 25 stamina damage. On downed opponents it does 40 stamina damage and 10 brain damage, muting them as well.
  • Restrain: Grab Grab. Locks your opponent into a restraining position, making your grab harder to break out of. Follow up this combo with a disarm to begin a chokehold which deals immediate stamina and gradual oxygen damage until the target passes out. The more stamina damage they have when the chokehold begins, the more stamina / oxygen damage you will deal. Failing to complete the chokehold will weaken and possibly break your grab.
  • Pressure: Disarm Grab. Deals 40 Stamina damage and steals whatever item your opponent is currently holding in their active hand.
  • Consecutive CQC: Disarm Disarm Harm. Deals 70 Stamina damage and 20 Brute damage to the opponent.
  • Leg Sweep: Harm while downed. Knocks opponent down and immediately picks you up.

Mrs. Lovett's meat pies Swordred.gif

As a traitor Chef you have many opportunities available to you that a regular crew member does not. You can take syringes full of nasty chemicals and inject them into food items in order to poison people. If you have a compatriot in Hydroponics, they can grow poisonous shrooms which you can then refine with the Blender and ChemMaster. Your knife and rolling pin are also potentially useful tools in a pinch, the rolling pin causes partial blindness, and the knife has better damage than most items available to regular crew members. You can also stuff bodies into the gibber in order to dispose of any evidence. With your CQC your kitchen is your fortress, and you'll have a distinct advantage in unarmed combat when located there.

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