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Superiors: No one.
Difficulty: None
Guides: Death
Access: Everywhere
Duties: Be dead, observe the round. Hope to become a pAI, Response Team Member, a Cyborg or any other gimmick character in the current round. Be a Mouse, a Maintenance Drone or a one of the station's Pets when you're bored.


Departmental Head

Civilian/Misc. Roles
Civilian/Misc. Guides

Ghosts are players who have chosen to observe the round or have been removed from the round through death, cryosleep, or other means. They have, quite literally, no real control over the station. They can, however, hover around, go through walls, look closer at consoles, see everything on your screen, and talk to other players who are ghosts. You can observe the madness, but not be a part of it. You also can only flicker some lights in the station too.

Paradise Lost

On the Status tab, they can see a status that says "Respawnability". Respawnability is a status for ghosts to indicate if they could respawn as something else or revived in the same old body you used to have, most of the time. Respawnability can only be set to "No" if any of the following conditions are met:

  • Player Characters ghosted while alive (That may lead to a jobban).
  • Player Characters ghosted while in cryo for the first 30 minutes of the round (They'll have a confirmation message about this).
  • Player Characters who committed suicide (By direct means, this can also lead to a jobban).
  • Ghosts who used the AntagHUD verb after the first 5 minutes of the round (See below).

If respawning as a Pet or as a Mouse is not enough, then hope to become a pAI, a Response Team member, various Cyborgs, a plethora of choices from the Mob Spawners, or any other character that are spawned to keep the round in play. Or be returned to your body by various means.

Respawnability that is set to "No" means that they cannot respawn using the Join as Drone, Re-enter corpse and Respawn as NPC verbs. Limiting you to respawn as Response Team member, Mob Spawner roles, or other characters, if there's not enough players (With their Respawnability on "Yes") to fit in the role, players (With their Respawnability on "No") come second.

Viewing Pleasure

While you're a ghost, there are a few neat options in case if there are too many text on the chat window. These are located in your Preferences tab. These are:

Show/Hide Deadchat - Self explanatory, shows/hides text from other ghost players.
Show/Hide LOOC - Shows/hides Local Out of Character text from player's who are visible on your screen.
Show/Hide OOC - Self explanatory. You might use this whenever someone spams some ridiculous text Out of Character.
Show/Hide GhostEars - Shows text from player characters/NPCs who used the Say verb. (IE, Someone says, "Something", etc) or limits it to only show text only from the player characters in the screen.
Show/Hide GhostSight - Shows text from player characters/NPCs who used the Me verb or with emotes (IE, Ian dances around, Someone nods) or limits it to only the player characters in the screen. This also applies when some events happened to that character, like death.
Show/Hide RadioChatter - Shows/hides chatter from radios or speakers.

As well as some useful options if you decide to observe, these are located in your Ghosts tab:

Follow - Follows any mob in the game, as if you're haunting them.
Jump to Mob - Teleports your ghost to the mob you selected.
Teleport - Teleports you to any location in the game. BOOYEA
Toggle Darkness - Allows you to see through darkness as if you're wearing Night Vision Goggles or not.
Toggle Ghost Vision - Allows you to see ghosts (from dead/observing player characters) or not.
Toggle Medic/Sec/DiagHUD - Allows you to set the following HUDS, as if you're wearing one. You can only set one at the time.
Toggle AntagHUD - Allows you to see the current antagonists in the round via a marker of the antagonist when seen, akin to a HUD. Some are obvious, some are not. This will disable your Respawnability, if enabled. DO NOT METAGAME WITH THIS.

There is one option that is not part of the Ghosts tab, but it is still relevant to observing the round:

Observe - Similar to Follow, but you're looking at them, as if you're using the Security Camera Monitor. Uniquely, this also follows certain items, such as the Nuclear Authentication Disk. This is located in the OOC tab, rather than the Ghost tab.

And lastly, a few other options that are not related to the above, still located in your Ghosts tab:

Re-enter Corpse - If you have a corpse when you died, you can use this verb. While inside of your body, you'll be able to be revived by certain means. You cannot use this when you don't have a corpse (obviously), you respawned as an entirely different mob or when you have your Repsawnability disabled.
Join as Drone - This will make you respawn as a Maintenance Drone. Pretty much how the world works.
Respawn as NPC - Same as above, but you'll respawn as one of the various Pets in the game. Including a mouse.
Toggle Anonymous Dead-chat - Decides whether your Ckey appears before the character's name when talking as a ghost or not.
View Crew Manifest - Self explanatory.
Mob Spawner Menu- Opens up menu of possible mobs to respawn as.


Ghosts can be relatively useful in Cult rounds, though you're still mostly restricted to being dead. You can act as the eyes and ears of the cult, should they choose to talk to you.
(NB: Whenever cultists talk with ghosts, it's generally accepted that the ghosts should talk IC for the duration of the cultist's stay.)

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