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Nanotrasen Representative

Superiors: Nanotrasen Central Command
Difficulty: Hard, Highly Roleplay Based
Guides: Standard Operating Procedure, Standard Operating Procedure (Command), Chain of Command, Space Law, Guide to Paperwork, Guide to Faxes
Access: Most of Security, Medbay, Engineering, Science, Bridge, RC announcements, Keycode Auth Device, EVA, Expedition, Personal Lockers, Main Vault, All Service areas, Cargo areas
Duties: Represent NT, Send reports back to them on the stations' situation, Inform the heads of anything CentCom orders them to do.

CentComm Dignitaries

The Nanotrasen Representative functions as an advisory role aboard the station. As the Nanotrasen Representative, you are to be chiefly concerned with the operations of the command staff aboard the station, ensuring that they follow the reasonable and appropriate procedure.

Standard Operating Procedure Book.png

Standard Operating Procedure is your friend and your greatest asset as a Nanotrasen Representative. Make sure you are familiar with it and the general procedures surrounding command staff.

See Standard Operating Procedure, Standard Operating Procedure (Command), Chain of Command and Space Law.

Overview Ntflag.png

The Nanotrasen Representative is required to make sure that the company's goals and interests are being represented and furthered upon the station, and that the Captain and their immediate subordinates (The Heads of Staff) are not putting the interests of Nanotrasen at risk. You may also be required to be an impartial mediator in trials, typically serving as legal counsel and defence for an accused crew member.

It is important to note that the Nanotrasen Representative has no formal authority on the station whatsoever. The position of Nanotrasen Representative is only an advisory role and you are not permitted to directly intercede in the affairs of the Captain or the Heads of Staff unless you have explicit permission from Central Command. You are however required to note and advise on activities that run counter to either Nanotrasen's interests or to established Standard Operating Procedure for members of Command, as well as report to Central Command via fax if your concerns are going unaddressed.

The Pen is Mightier Than The Cane Pen.png

Your fax machine is your greatest, and perhaps only, friend aboard the station. It functions as the intermediary between you and Central Command and should be used in a manner befitting of your station. Upon your arrival on the station, you should announce your presence to all members of Command. You should also take stock of the current situation aboard the station, note any deficiencies (or lack thereof) in the Command Team or station itself, and make a summary report to send back to Central Command.

As your position is largely an advisory one, you should reserve sending faxes regarding minor discrepancies in Command procedure until you have already advised the Head of Staff or Captain regarding the situation. You should always attempt to ameliorate the issue at hand first before faxing Central Command, and only send a fax when your advice goes unheeded or corrective action is not taken. If, however, the violation is severe and is putting the interests of Nanotrasen at immediate risk, you are advised to send a fax to Central Command about the manner immediately.

It is also your duty as an NT Rep to ensure that you are appraised of any active threat aboard the station, and subsequently inform Central Command of its presence if they are unaware of the situation at hand. Central Command won't be aware of threats if no announcements are made, or if the alert levels haven't been raised. Whether or not you are proactive within accurately and aptly reporting on active threats aboard the station can be the difference between receiving an Amber, Red, or Gamma ERT in an emergency.

Your reports should be concise, to the point, and bear both your stamp and your signature. You should be both cordial and succinct with your advice to Command and in your faxes. For formatting tools that you can utilize, see the Guide to Paperwork.

You should never threaten to send a fax to Central Command. Your job is to advise Command, not intimidate them or abuse your position. If the situation is so dire as to warrant you threatening Command with fax, doing so can put you in direct danger and prevent you from sending the fax in the first place (which runs counter to NT's interests). A maligned or incompetent Captain is more likely to try and arrest you if you're threatening them than allow you to send a fax to Central Command.

Internal Affairs and YOU! Ia consultant.png

The Nanotrasen Representative - unlike the Legal Department/Internal Affairs - is not to concern themselves with the daily squabbles and complaints of crewmembers. You have been sent to the station as oversight for the command team and should direct any lesser complaints to an Internal Affairs Agent unless it meets one of the following criteria;

  • There is no available Internal Affairs Agent or Human Resources Agent.
  • Internal Affairs/Command were unable to resolve the issue at hand.
  • The matter concerns a Head of Staff, the Blueshield, or the Captain.
  • The matter is egregious and runs counter to Nanotrasen's interests.

Procedure Documents.png

Once you arrive at the station and apprise yourself of the situation, you should actively monitor communications and the activities of the Heads of Staff. While the following does not necessarily cover all scenarios, it should give you concrete examples of how the Nanotrasen representative should act and conduct themselves aboard the station.

Upon discovering a potential violation of Standard Operating Procedure, or an existing one;

  • Take note of the situation, and address it with the offending member of command.
  • Do not immediately send a fax to Central Command, or threaten to do so at any point.
  • Advice on the appropriate procedure regarding the situation and try to resolve the issue locally.
  • Remain appraised on whether or not the offending person has taken corrective action, and if SoP is now being followed.
  • Fax Central Command if your advice has gone unheeded or corrective action has not been taken.
  • Stand-by for further instruction from Central Command.

Upon witnessing an action that is directly and immediately counter to NT's interests, such as the Captain flagrantly violating Space Law;

  • Do not attempt to ameliorate or address the issue with the offending persons.
  • Draft a report with all relevant details. Ensure that you stamp and sign it.
  • Immediately fax Central Command and stand-by for further instruction.

Upon discovering a major or immediate threat to the station, such as a tactical nuclear strike team;

  • Take note of the situation at hand and all relevant details.
  • Record your observations in a signed, stamped, and written report.
  • Immediately fax your report to Central Command with an identifiable title.
  • Proceed to a secure area and stand-by for further instruction from Central Command.

Upon the permanent death or subversion of the Captain;

  • Ensure the procedure is being followed. The Head of Personnel should become Acting Captain.
  • In absence of the HoP, the Head of Security should take up the mantle of Captaincy.
  • If both the HoS and HoP are unavailable, the CMO, CE, QM, and RD are to jointly run the station or vote on Acting Captain.
  • Fax Central Command and inform them about the permanent loss/subversion of their Captain.

Upon being brought a complaint that does not concern a Command member;

  • Direct the person to an Internal Affairs Agent, unless the previously mentioned criteria are met.

FAQ Paper bin.png

Q: Is it really that important to sign and stamp your reports?

A: An unsigned or unstamped report is not an official one. Subsequently, Central Command is likely to ignore your report (or worse!) if they can't verify it's you sending it.

Q: What should my reports contain?

A: Your report should contain any information that's pertinent to the matter at hand, along with the specific procedure that's being violated or concrete examples of why the activity actively harms the interests of Nanotrasen. If possible, though not required, you may also include pictures or audio transcripts when relevant. While you should include your recommendations in the report, do not attempt to boss Central Command around. Your reports should be concise and be signed and stamped. A well-written, one paragraph report is more likely to see substantive action taken than a six-paragraph monologue will.

Q: When should I fax?

A: You should fax whenever you are unable to resolve an issue locally when you are unsure of how to proceed, or when there is a major or immediate threat to Nanotrasen's interests/the station itself.

Q: Does the Nanotrasen Representative have any formal authority over anyone on the station?

A: No, the Nanotrasen Representative is an advisory role focused around procedure and roleplay. The only time you can exercise formal authority is when you have been authorized to do so, or every member of command is dead (at which point you are the de-facto Acting Captain and should be evacuating the station).

Q: I've heard that the Nanotrasen Representative is the Blueshield's boss. Is this true?

A: Whilst the Blueshield is technically subordinate to the Nanotrasen Representative, they do not have to report to or listen to you. However, any complaints about the Blueshield should be directed toward you rather than Internal Affairs. If a serious issue with the Blueshield occurs, you should fax Central Command. You should never attempt to discipline the Blueshield.

Q: Can I perform an arrest if a member of Command is seriously out of line?

A: not unless Central Command explicitly gives you the personal authority to do so. For example, if you are given the go-ahead to have the Captain arrested you must work with the Security Department and have either the Head of Security or a Security Officer conduct the arrest.

Q: Can I order Internal Affairs Agents around on cases?

A: No. IAAs are in no way, shape, or form subordinate to you. It may, however, be a good idea to work in concert with the Internal Affairs department if the matter is serious, or they have additional information regarding the incident.

Q: Can you give me an example of a typical fax a NanoTrasen Representative might send?


Example Report

Serious Misconduct - Captain

NSS Cyberiad Incident Report[/b][/center]
Good Afternoon Command,

At approximately 12:57 the Captain - Com Dominus - made an announcement advising the crew that he was recruiting a personal militia known as the "King's Guard". After the Head of Security and I advised him that such an action was not befitting of their station and was strictly prohibited (as we already have a Blueshield), he proceeded to ignore us and used their newly promoted "King's Guard" to arrest and demote the Head of Security for questioning their authority.

As the Captain has not only gone against the vested interests of NanoTrasen but has also unduly demoted the Head of Security, which is in direct contravention of Standard Operating Procedure (stating he must have a reasonable justification for demotions), I am personally recommending that he be immediately reprimanded and removed from the position of Captain. I am also recommending that the Head of Security has their position reinstated immediately and that the HoP be promoted to Acting Captain.


- [sign], NanoTrasen Representative

Corporate Espionage Swordred.gif

Round-Start antagonists are ineligible to be matched to the job of Nanotrasen Representative.

Note that if you are selected as antag, but your character's job preferences are set such that the round is unable to match you to any available non-mindshielded job, you will be instead be returned to the lobby, and the antag role will be assigned to another player.

As a mindshielded crew member, you cannot be converted into an antagonist through thralling, unless you have lost your mindshield implant, either to cloning or surgical removal. If, however, you are somehow unshielded, thralled, and then re-implanted with a mindshield, you will remain thralled.

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