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Shaft Miner

Superiors: Quartermaster and Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Medium
Guides: Guide to Mining, Guide to Lavaland, Guide to Combat
Access: Mining Station, Mining Station EVA, Cargo Office, Mineral Storage
Duties: Mine ores and process them into useful materials. Kill hostile wildlife.

Supply Department

Welcome Miner, to the wonderful caverns of this Nanotrasen Claimed Landmass. Here, you will break rocks, slay monsters, and die lost and alone in the depths of the caverns.

Workin' In The Coal Mine

The Cargo Bay is your access to Mining Station

Being a miner can be somewhat tedious, but you serve a crucial role in the R&D food chain, as well as being able to accrue some decent personal rewards. Just follow a few guidelines here to keep yourself from becoming dead in the mines. ALSO, it is important to note that you are able to click more than ONE square of rock at a time when mining or digging for sand! As long as it's accessible, you don't have to wait to finish digging before you start digging again, so you can have several dig jobs running in parallel. Just don't change hands or move until all dig jobs are done and save yourself some time!

If you run into rock with a pick or drill in your inactive hand, it will automatically start digging for you.

Working With Your Boss

Who is your boss? You answer to the Head of Personnel, much like the rest of Supply - But usually, you'll just be talking to the Quartermaster. He can watch cameras on Lavaland and has full access to Mining, so keep that in mind.


Ore Description ORM Points
Volcanic Ash (Sand)


Volcanic ash mined from volcanic floor tiles with a pick or shovel. Makes 1 Glass per pile of ash. 1 Points


Iron ore mined from Lavaland. Makes 1 Metal per ore. 1 points


Plasma ore mined from Lavaland. Makes 1 Solid Plasma per ore. 15 Points


Silver ore mined from Lavaland. Makes 1 Silver per ore. 16 points


Gold ore mined from Lavaland. Makes 1 Gold per ore. 18 points


Titanium ore mined from Lavaland. Makes 1 Titanium per ore. 30 points


Uranium ore mined from Lavaland. Makes 1 Uranium per ore. 30 points


Diamond ore mined from Lavaland. Makes 1 Diamond per ore. 50 points
Bluespace Crystal


Bluespace crystal mined from Lavaland. Makes 1 Bluespace Mesh per crystal. 50 points


Bananium ore mined from Lavaland. Makes 1 Bananium per ore. 60 points


Tranquillite ore mined from Lavaland. Makes 1 Tranquillite per ore. 60 points
  • ORM Points are based off the default value. These values are higher if and when science upgrades the ORM

The Ring of Fire Swordred.gif

A traitorous miner has a lot of advantages. You have an explorer suit that can be armored with monster parts, a pair of gloves and a robust pickaxe. Certain minerals you'll find have more "specialized" uses—uranium structures will irradiate people, plasma can start fires, gibtonite goes boom. You can also buy very dangerous "mining" tools and possibly even revive those monsters you've been fighting. As long as you have some mineral wealth or an ore box with you, no one will suspect your presence around the station, even in highly restricted areas like robotics or toxins, and if you are smart enough, you could get a big stompy mech to drill people to death! In addition, Lavaland is isolated, hard to get to, dangerous, and as expansive as you're willing to dig out. Plenty of room for somebody to get lost in... Forever!

Tips for Traitoring

  • If you're a miner and you have to kill another miner; there's a really easy way to block communications one way so he can't call for help.
    • Grab a multitool, go to the mining communications room.
    • Use the multi tool on the relay and make sure the relay isn't sending, meaning your headset won't go to people on the station.
    • Kill your target with their shouts for help unheard.
  • You can get plasma at exactly the heat you need for canister bombs by welding a plasma door in vacuum. Use an air pump to take it, then put [REDACTED] KPa into an empty large tank (the size of plasma, emergency O2, etc). You can then ignite it with a can of pure O2 set to release at 1013.25 KPa. This is the Shaft Miner's canister bomb. It's easy to set up in space.
  • More than one uranium wall is hilariously deadly. IIRC they give off a "pulse"of radiation every couple of seconds. This pulse makes other uranium walls in range pulse as well, and they all run on their own timer.
  • Tiers 0-1-2-3 can gib bodies, remember mining suits take 50% of damage away from bombs, so strip miners you want to make disappear forever first.
  • Ripley is now a fairly robust murdering tool, if you can, convince robotics to put a gravity catapult on it. SLAM PEOPLE INTO WALLS. THE SUFFERING NEVER ENDS.
  • Space is your best ally. Your weapons are more lethal in space, you can purchase a mining hardsuit from the mining vendor, and people who want to chase you are limited to the 2 EVA jetpacks, and more are limited to not having EVA gear. Make people fight on your terms by blowing up the station with various Gibtonite charges, or bust in stun and drag targets into space.

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