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Superiors: Space Wizard Federation
Difficulty: Extremely Hard
Guides: No external guides. See Ragin' Mages for information on that gamemode.
Access: Wherever you can teleport to
Duties: Magic the place up as well as causing destruction to the station. Then evacuate to magic up Central Command!

Wizards are unique individuals who have access to powers that defy scientific principles. Most are part of the Space Wizard Federation, who have their own interests in Nanotrasen's resources. They are often given objectives to take valuable items, destroy certain things, or for the case of Wizards inbound to the NSS Cyberiad mostly - to simply cause havoc and destruction to the station. Unlike the The Syndicate, however, wizards do not receive any outside assistance from the Federation. Outside of the wizard's spells and/or their apprentice, the wizard is completely on their own. Unless if the Federation is pissed, of course.

The wizard's goals are usually to steal or destroy something important to the station. But for this case, they need to cause destruction on the station and survive to the end of the round, they don't have to escape on the shuttle.

Your magical equipment

After you spawn inside the Wizard's Den, you'll find several enchanted items either on your person or spread out around you:


This is where you buy all your fancy spells and trinkets to unleash chaos on the crew. You’ll start with 10SP (Spell points) to spend as you wish, and can refund most spells (unless otherwise stated) while you are still inside the wizard’s den. The spellbook is also bound to only open to you, so your apprentice or random crew members cannot open it themselves to acquire magic of their own.

Wizard Garb

Due south of your starting location will be a room filled with various outfits. The Wizard's Hood, Robes, and Sandals all act as magical amplifiers and boost the wizard's skills. Certain spells can only be performed with them equipped, and they reduce the cool-downs of the ones that don't. If you lose these, it can make completing your objective a lot harder.

Scroll of Teleportation

A 4-use (1-use if you’re an apprentice) magical scroll that will let you teleport to most locations on the station. You’ll need this to actually board it in the first place (unless you have the teleport spell), but the remaining uses can come in handy if you’re in a bind and need to wait for your spells to cool down. Do note that you cannot teleport back to the wizard's den once you leave it.

Magic Mirror

If you wish to change what species you are, you may use the magic mirror in your bedroom. It'll let you customize nearly everything about your appearance.

Mugwort Tea

A cup of mugwort rests on your table in the main room of the den. Mugwort will slowly heal wizards of all damage types over time, so be sure to grab it if you need to heal up later on.


A few vending machines are scattered around the den for you to use before you head off to the station. In addition to food, there's also a special magivend machine with some spare wizard equipment if you need it. It can also dispense a unique item if you find some way to hack the machine...

Pondering Orb

A stationary pondering orb that allows you to scout the station before your destructive arrival. While functionally similar to the scrying orb, you cannot bring it on station.

You Are the Wizard, the Wizard Is You

As a single wizard against the entire crew, you do not have an easy task ahead of you. You can bet that most of the crew will be after your blood the moment your arrival is announced, regardless of your intentions. Picking out a good loadout of spells and equipment is crucial if you want to survive while causing as much chaos as you possibly can. Below are a few pointers to consider when choosing what spells and magical artefacts you want to take with you on your quest:

  • It is heavily recommended that you take at least 1 mobility spell with you. While you have access to some of the most powerful abilities and items in the game, you are still just a regular old crew member with zero station access when it comes to dealing with weaponry and airlocks. Having access to a spell which can whisk you away from danger and let you easily move around the station will significantly improve your odds of surviving. Some good choices for mobility spells include Ethereal Jaunt, Blink and Teleport. Rod form can also be a good mix of mobility and offence, but be careful you don’t throw yourself into space with no means of getting back onto the station.
  • Bind Soul is a good choice for newbie wizards who want the possibility of another shot at wizardry, as it will revive you some time after death to wherever you stored your bound item. Be warned that it if the crew finds the item and destroys it, or you are cremated, you will not revive from death. You will also resurrect with only some black wizard robes on you, so any items you acquired or bought will be lost unless you're making use of Summon Item.
  • If you want to be a stealthier wizard, consider taking the No Clothes spell so you aren’t restricted to only using spells that don’t require robes. In addition, do not give yourself a very obvious wizard-like name as the crew will likely find it very suspicious once you board… unless you make use of Mind Transfer to walk around as someone else.
  • While many of the magical items and artefacts are powerful and fun to use, bear in mind that the crew can and often will try to take these away from you, often choosing to then use them against you if possible. Stick with spells if you do not want to die to your own items or invest in the Instant Summons spell to bind an item to you so you can recall it back into your hands if it gets stolen.
  • While you start off on your own, you can invest your SP into getting allies to further your magical cause. Apprentices can focus on keeping you alive or causing some mayhem of their own, while guardians can offer a lot of support and attack based options based on the one you choose. The soul stone belt and necromantic stone allow you to turn the former crew into allies of your own, though this does require you to find bodies to convert first. Lastly the bottles of ooze, blood and tickles will summon extremely powerful monsters onto the station, but they are not bound to serve you and can choose to hunt you down just as much as the crew!
  • One little known feature is that you can buy the same spell multiple times to upgrade it, which reduces the cool down. A compatible spell can be upgraded up to 5 times, though obviously doing this severely limits your versatility.
  • Think very carefully before choosing any of the summon spells. Summoning guns and magic does create some antagonists on the station with the objective to survive by any means necessary, often causing chaos without you needing to do anything. However, it also arms everyone else with guns and magic to hunt you with and makes it obvious a wizard is about to board the station. Summoning ghosts doesn’t cause any direct harm, but if you’re trying to keep hidden the ghosts have a habit of giving away your position if they’re all orbiting you...
  • Two very useful items to acquire once you board the station are an ID card (the more access the better, but any will help) and a medical kit for healing (secondary medical storage usually has a few kits spare). Having an ID means you don’t need to waste spell charges getting through maintenance doors and the medical kit will become highly useful once the mugwort tea runs out.
  • If you want a lot of spell versatility for a low SP cost, consider taking the Belt of Wands and the Charge spell. Normally the wands can only be used so many times before they're drained but charge will restore a portion of their uses, heavily increasing their lifespan. Take note that wands can only be recharged so many times before being rendered useless, and that the number of uses you replenish will gradually get lower each time they're charged. In addition anyone can use your wands if you lose them, so be very careful when and where you use them.

Spells and other Magicks

If you are concerned about raising confusion or being found out, it is good to know that silent spells are either whispered, or do not require you to say anything at all. Loud spells, on the other hand, will have you yell out their incantations for everyone to hear. Your spellcasting ability is not impaired by being stunned, cuffed or gagged, unless the spell description specifically says so.

Spell Name Cost Requires Garb? Loud/Silent Cooldown Description Incantation
Defensive Spells
No Clothes
No clothes.png
1 N/A N/A N/A Allows you to use all spells without your garments. A great choice if you wish to go undercover. N/A
Rathen's secret
2 Yes Loud 50 Summons a powerful shockwave around you that knocks everyone down for 4-6 second, forcing all victims to emit a large smoke cloud and defecate their appendix. If you've already taken the liberty to remove the victim of their appendix, they instead take 10 brute damage, with a high possibility of tearing off their other external limbs if they lack an appendix. "APPEN NATH!"
Magic Missile
2 Yes Loud 20 Fires several, slow moving, magic projectiles at all targets within your sight which stun them, but deal no damage. The stun duration is quite short, but just long enough to slap cuffs on someone if you are right next to them and have the cuffs in one of your hands already. "FORTI GY AMA"
Disable Tech
Disable tech.png
1 Yes Loud 40 Creates an EMP disabling all energy weapons, cameras, radios and most other technology in range. "NEC CANTIO"
1 Yes Loud 40 Throws everything around the user away. "GITTAH WEIGH"
Stop Time
2 Yes Loud 50 Stops time on a 5x5 grid around you, allowing you to move freely while anyone or anything, including projectiles caught in the sphere will be frozen in place. Lasts 10 seconds. "TOKI WO TOMARE"
1 No Silent 12 Spawns a cloud of choking smoke at your location. None
1 No Silent 15 Creates a 3 tile wide magical barrier that cannot be destroyed by conventional means and that only you can walk through. Lasts for 30 seconds before vanishing. "TARCOL MINTI ZHERI"
Bind Soul
2 No N/A N/A A dark necromantic pact that can forever bind your soul to an item of your choosing. So long as both your body and the item remain intact and on the same plane you can revive from death, though the time between reincarnations grows steadily with use. You are unable to buy this spell in the Ragin' Mages gamemode. N/A
Summon Supermatter Crystal
3 Yes Loud 300 Summons an active supermatter crystal. Imbues you with some supermatter, giving you resistance to its hallucinations and radiation immunity. None
Offensive Spells
Corpse Explosion
Corpse Explosion.png
2 Yes Loud 5 Fills a corpse with energy, causing it to explode violently within a 4-tile radius. Knocks down and confuses people for 6 seconds. It applies up to 100 brute damage to others surrounding the corpse; the damage lowering further out someone is. Wizard is immune to the effects of the explosion. "JAH ITH BER"
2 No Loud 6 Fires a fireball in the direction you are looking at and does not require wizard garb. WARNING: Due to the way the game is coded, it's possible (a small chance) to hit yourself with a thing you're throwing, casting, et cetera. Do not cast fireballs the same direction you're walking, or you will possibly fireball yourself! "ONI SOMA"
2 Yes Loud (Silent to prepare) 60 Charges your hand with vile energy that can be used to violently explode victims. This spell manifests in your hand and requires you to touch your target, so you will not be able to use it while handcuffed or stunned. Additionally, all the gear except their shoes, gloves, helmet, mask, headset, glasses and whatever they were holding in their hands will be permanently destroyed. "EI NATH!!"
Rod Form
2 Yes Loud 60 Casting this spell makes you take the form of an immovable rod, which will destroy everything in its path. Deals heavy brute damage to anyone hit by the rod, often putting them into critical health. Upgrading this spell will increase the distance travelled while in rod form in addition to lowering the cooldown. Note that upon casting this spell you will be locked to moving in a single direction, so aim carefully! "CLANG!"
1 No Silent 15 Temporarily blinds a single person. "STI KALY"
2 Yes Loud 40 Turns you into a hulk and grants laser vision (You can shoot laser beams while on harm intent, each shot dealing a smashing 20 burn damage). Lasts 30 seconds. Tip: You can maintain this spell almost constantly, as the cooldown starts ticking down even while you're using it. "BIRUZ BENNAR"
Flesh to Stone
Flesh to stone.png
2 Yes Loud (Silent to prepare) 60 Charges your hand with the power to turn victims into inert statues for a long period of time. You must touch the target with the spell readied, this will turn them into a stone statue that cannot be moved or harmed for 8 minutes. Cannot be used while stunned or cuffed. "STAUN EI!!"
Lightning Bolt
Lightning bolt.png
1 Yes Loud 30 Throws a lightning bolt at the nearby enemy. Classic. Upon activating this spell you will begin charging up your bolt, which can be released by clicking on anyone on-screen. The longer you let the spell charge up, the more devastating the bolt will be, and the more people next to the target it can potentially arc to. If it fully charges up before clicking on a target, you'll lose control of the bolt and the spell will do nothing. "UN'LTD P'WAH!"
Homing Toolbox
1 No Loud 6 This spell summons and throws a magical homing toolbox at your opponent. Does not require wizard garb. "ROBUSTIO!"
Lesser Summon Guns
Lesser guns.png
2 Yes Silent 60 Why reload when you have infinite guns? Summons a stream of bolt action rifles, letting you fire 31 times from the moment you cast the spell. You will also automatically drop any items in your other hand when shooting. None
Curse of the Horseman
Curse of the horseman.png
2 No Loud 15 Triggers a curse on a target, causing them to wield an unremovable horse head mask. They will speak like a horse! Any masks they are wearing will be disintegrated. "KN'A FTAGHU, PUCK 'BTHNK!"
Curse of the Cluwne
Curse of the cluwne.png
2 Yes Loud (Silent to prepare) 60 Turns the target into a fat and cursed monstrosity of a clown. Cluwnes can be freely killed by crew members and usually are. "NWOLC EGNEVER"
Banana Touch
Banana Touch.png
1 Yes Loud (Silent to prepare) 30 Turns the target into a clown - complete with full costume, comic speak and clumsiness. Will remove all of their previously equipped headwear, mask and uniform and stuns for a short while on use. "NWOLC YRGNA"
Mime Malaise
Mime malaise.png
1 Yes Silent 30 Turns the target into a mime - complete with full costume and rendering them permanently mute. Will remove all of their previously equipped headwear, mask and uniform and stuns for a short while on use. None
Sacred Flame
1 No Loud 6 Makes you immune to fire, lights yourself on fire, and makes everyone else really flammable.
Run into them, and start a huge fire!
Mobility Spells
Mind Transfer
2 No Loud 60 Allows the caster to switch bodies instantly with a target. You must be in a 3 tile range of the target you want to transfer into, and it will silence everyone in the range too. "GIN'YU CAPAN"
2 Yes Silent 2 Randomly teleports you a short distance in a random direction. Produces a loud sound. None
2 Yes Loud 60 Teleports you to a type of area of your selection the same way a scroll of teleportation does. As part of the incantation, you will also audibly say where you are teleporting to, so if there was anyone nearby to hear you, expect them to try and chase you down before long. "SCYAR NILA [Location]"
Ethereal Jaunt
2 Yes Silent 30 Creates your ethereal form, temporarily making you invisible and able to pass through walls.
If you are stunned or otherwise unable to move, you won't be able to escape after using jaunt either.
Spacetime Distortion
Spacetime Distortion.png
1 Yes Silent 30 Entangle the strings of space-time in an area around you, randomizing the layout and making proper movement impossible. The strings vibrate...
Upgrading the spell increases range, it does not lower cooldown.
1 No Silent 10 Opens nearby doors and lockers. "AULIE OXIN FIERA"
Greater Knock
Greater Knock.png
2 No Loud 20 On first cast, will remove access restrictions on all airlocks on the Cyberiad, and announce this spell's use to the station. On any further cast, will open all doors in sight. Cannot be refunded once bought! "MAIOR OXIN FIERA"
Assistance Spells
Instant Summons
1 No Silent 10 Binds a single item to your soul. Cast this spell while holding an item to mark it. Cast it again while holding a free item to recall it. If you have marked an item and cast this spell while holding another item, you will remove the original mark, then you must cast the spell one more time to mark something else. "GAR YOK"
1 No Silent 60 Recharge a variety of things in your hands, from magical artifacts to electrical components. A creative wizard can even use it to grant magical power to a fellow magic user. "DIRI CEL"
Disguise Self
Disguise Self.png
1 No Silent 10 Disguise as a crew-member with access to the current room, apart from the Captain, Clown, or Head of Personnel. The disguise wears off if you are damaged by anything. "Yutake Yutendes"
Summon Ghosts No Cost No Yes N/A This nefarious spells makes all ghosts visible to the living. Be careful though, while they cannot harm you in any way, they might prove a bit.. annoying. Spell goes into effect immediately the moment you buy it. You are unable to buy this spell in the Ragin' Mages gamemode. None
Silence Ghosts 2 No N/A N/A Tired of people talking behind your back, and spooking you? Why not silence them, and make the dead deader. You are unable to buy this spell in the Ragin' Mages gamemode. None
Summon Guns -2 No N/A N/A Nothing could possibly go wrong with arming a crew of lunatics just itching for an excuse to kill you. Just be careful not to stand still too long! Gives every crewmember a random gun and will make about 10% of the crew into a survivor antagonist, who need to get as many weapons as they can by any means necessary. Spell goes into effect immediately the moment you buy it. You are unable to buy this spell in the Ragin' Mages gamemode. None
Summon Magic -2 No N/A N/A Share the wonders of magic with the crew and show them why they aren't to be trusted with it at the same time. Gives every crewmember a random spell or magical artefact and will make about 10% of the crew into a survivor antagonist, who need to get as many magical items as they can by any means necessary. Spell goes into effect immediately the moment you buy it. You are unable to buy this spell in the Ragin' Mages gamemode. None
Various other spells
Summon Cheese
Summon Cheese.png
??? No N/A N/A Summon some delicious cheese around you! Something every wizard should have in their bookcases, even while traveling! None
Rapid-fire Fireball
Rapid-fire Fireball.png
??? No Loud 30 Multiple Fireballs. Need I explain more? Requires both hands free to use. Only available through the fireball loadout. "ONI SOMA-SOMA-SOMA"
Greater Homing Fireball
??? No Loud 6 This spell fires a strong homing fireball at a target. Only available through the fireball loadout. "ZI-ONI SOMA"

Magical Items

Item Name Cost Description
Staff of Healing
Staff of healing.png
1 An altruistic staff that can heal the lame and raise the dead. WARNING: You cannot use the staff of healing on yourself! You'll need to use a Wand of Healing from the Wand Assortment, or hire the services of an Apprentice to use the staff on you!
Scrying Orb
2 An incandescent orb of crackling energy, using it will allow you to ghost while alive, allowing you to spy upon the station with ease. In addition, buying it will permanently grant you x-ray vision and night vision.
Wand Assortment
2 A collection of wands that allow for a wide variety of utility. The collection includes a wand of death, a wand of door creation, a wand of fireball, a wand of polymorph, a wand of resurrection, and a wand of teleportation. Wands do not recharge, so be conservative in use. Comes in a handy belt.
Battlemage Armor
2 An artefact suit of protective armor that is enchanted with a magical shield capable of blocking attacks and is spaceproof. The shield will not recharge over time and will disappear after 15 hits.
Battlemage Armor Charge
Charge export.gif
1 A defensive rune that will add 8 more charges to any battlemage armor it is used on.
Staff of Change
Staff of change.png
2 An artefact that spits bolts of coruscating energy which cause the target's very form to reshape itself. You cannot buy this staff on the Ragin' Mages gamemode.
Staff of Chaos
Chaos staff.png
2 A caprious tool that can fire all sorts of magic without any rhyme or reason. Using it on people you care about is not recommended.
Staff of Slipping
1 A staff that shoots magical bananas. These bananas will either slip or stun the target when hit. Surprisingly reliable!
2 A mighty hammer on loan from Thor, God of Thunder. It crackles with barely contained power.
Singularity Hammer
2 A hammer that creates an intensely powerful field of gravity where it strikes, pulling everthing nearby to the point of impact.
Staff of Door Creation
1 A particular staff that can mold solid metal into ornate wooden doors. Useful for getting around in the absence of other transportation. Does not work on glass.
Staff of Animation
2 An arcane staff capable of shooting bolts of eldritch energy which cause inanimate objects to come to life. This magic doesn't affect machines. Objects brought to life using this staff will have silly googly eyes but make no mistake, they are quite dangerous!
Six Soul Stone Shards and the Spell Artificer
2 The 6 Soul Stone Shards come in a handy belt and behave identically to that of the Cultist's shards. The artificer spell summons a construct shell where you stand, allowing you to turn a captured soul into a deadly construct. For a more detailed description on how to use the shards and the constructs they can summon, view the Construct page.
Necromantic Stone
2 A Necromantic stone is able to resurrect three dead individuals as skeletal thralls for you to command.
Contract of Apprenticeship
2 A magical contract binding an apprentice wizard to your service, using it will summon them to your side. Five types of apprentices are available, each of which is described upon activating the contract. You can only summon one apprentice. The apprentice you summon has their own teleport scroll. Should you decide not to use an already summoned contract (or there are no ghosts available), clicking on your spellbook with the contract will get you a full refund.
Bottle of Blood
2 A bottle of magically infused blood, the smell of which will attract extradimensional beings when broken. Be careful though, these creatures, called Slaughter Demons, are indiscriminate in their killing, and you yourself may become a victim. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the slaughter demon.
Bottle of Tickles
1 A bottle of magically infused fun, the smell of which will attract adorable extradimensional beings when broken. These beings are similar to slaughter demons, but instead put their victims in an extradimensional hugspace, reviving them after the demon dies. Chaotic, but not ultimately damaging. The crew's reaction on the other hand could be very destructive. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the laughter demon.
Bottle of Ooze
1 A bottle of magically infused ooze, the smell of which will attract extradimensional beings when broken. Be wary however, these creatures, called Morphs, are indiscriminate in who they eat, and you yourself may become a victim. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the Magical Morph.
Bottle of Shadows
1 A bottle of pure darkness, the smell of which will attract extradimensional beings when broken. Be careful though, the kinds of creatures summoned from the shadows are indiscriminate in their killing, and you yourself may become a victim. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the Shadow Demon.
Bottle of Ectoplasm
1 A magically infused bottle of ectoplasm, effectively pure salt from the spectral realm. Be careful though, these salty spirits are indiscriminate in their harvesting, and you may become a victim. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the Revenant.
Living Lightbulb
Light bulb.png
1 A magically sealed lightbulb, confining some manner of electricity-based creature. Be careful though, these electrifying speedsters are indiscriminate in who they shock, and you may become a victim. You need to use the bulb to release the Pulse Demon.
Cursed Heart
Cursed heart.gif
1 A heart that has been empowered with magic to heal the user. The user must ensure the heart is manually beaten or their blood circulation will suffer, but every beat heals their injuries. It must beat every 6 seconds. The heart has a ten second grace period upon being inserted before it starts beating. Not recommended for first time wizards.
Voice Of God
2 A magical vocal cord that can be used to yell out with the voice of a god, be it to harm, help, or confuse the target. For the list of phrases that can be used with Voice Of God to have effects, click here
Warp Cubes
1 Two magic cubes, that when they are twisted in hand, teleports the user to the location of the other cube instantly. Great for silently teleporting to a fixed location, or teleporting you to an apprentice, or vice versa. Do not leave on the wizard den, it will not work.
Cursed Katana
Darkshard.gifCursed katana.png
1 A cursed artefact, used to seal a horrible being inside the katana, which has now reformed. Can be used to make multiple powerful combos, examine it to see them. Can not be dropped. On death, you will dust. For more information on how to use it, check out this guide.
2 A magical sword that deals a respectable 25 damage on hit, pierces most armor and can parry most attacks directed at its wielder. The true power of this sword however is that it can be imbued with one of four powers by using the sword in-hand; Fire, Lightning, Bluespace or Forcewall. Each spell giving the blade a new magical effect:
  • Fire - Upon striking an enemy, ignites a small area around you setting everyone nearby on fire. Has a cooldown of 8 seconds and additionally you are completely fireproof while wielding the sword.
  • Lightning - Upon striking an enemy, begins to shock them after a short delay and quickly chains to anyone else nearby excluding the wielder. Has a cooldown of 3 seconds.
  • Bluespace - Allows you to teleport onto and strike an enemy on-screen by simply clicking on them from a distance with the sword in hand, additionally stunning them for a brief moment. Has a cooldown of 2.5 seconds.
  • Forcewall - Projects a magic shield around you when striking an enemy that absorbs incoming stuns, halves all brute and burn damage and massively reduces any stamina damage taken. The shield only lasts a few seconds, but can be refreshed by continuing to strike enemies.
Meat Hook
1 An enchanted hook, that can be used to hook people, hurt them, and bring them right to you. Quite bulky, works well as a belt though. Shoot it like a gun or staff, note it has a cooldown, and the stun is short. Will knockdown for 6 seconds and stun for 1 seconds.
Guardian Deck
2 A deck of Guardian tarot cards that can be used to summon a spirit companion for the wizard. Functionality-wise, the companion is identical to the syndicate holoparasite. See: Guardian. You can choose a type of the Guardian freely.
Enchanted Tarot Card Deck
Tarot Box.png
2 An magic tarot card deck, enchanted with special Ink. Capable of producing magic tarot cards of the 22 major arcana, both normal and reversed. Each card has a different effect. Throw the card at someone to use it on them, or use it in hand to apply it to yourself.
Unlimited uses, 12 second cooldown, can have up to 5 cards in the world. Read what the cards can do here.
Everfull Mug
1 A magical mug that can be filled with omnizine at will, though beware of addiction! It can also produce alchohol and other less useful substances.

Enchanted Tarot Cards

Item Name Description
The Fool
The Fool Card.gif
Normal: Teleports you to arrivals.

Reversed: Unequips all items from the person hit with it.

The Magician
The Magician Card.gif
Normal: Badass trait for 2 minutes.

Reversed: Repulses, throwing everything away.

The High Priestess
The High Priestess Card.gif
Normal: Person the card is used on takes 20 damage 3 times and is momentary imobilized by Bubblegum.

Reversed: The person hit with the card will constantly spawn a Bubblegum portal every 6 seconds for 1 minute. After 2.5 seconds of a portal spawning, someone is slapped for 10 damage 3 times who can see the portal. Run.

The Empress
The Empress Card.gif
Normal: Injects the target with 4.5 units of Mephedrone and 12 units of Mitocholide.

Reversed: 40 seconds of pacifism for all in range, not including the user.

The Emperor
The Emperor Card.gif
Normal: Teleports you to Bridge.

Reversed: Teleports you to a random head of staff. Can include yourself if you are a head.

The Hierophant
The Hierophant Card.gif
Normal: Enchants the worn suit slot item with a shield that blocks 3 hits. No recharging. Doesn't work if it already has a non hierophant shield such as shielded robes, modsuit with shielded, etc.

Reversed: Two Hierophant trails chase after people other than you.

The Lovers
The Lovers Card.gif
Normal: 40 brute / burn heal including robotics damage, 100 blood, 40 tox, 40 o2 heal.

Reversed: 20 damage, breaks the chest, 120 blood loss, and 20 heart damage to the person hit with the card.

The Chariot
The Chariot Card.gif
Normal: Gotta go fast / pacifism / stun immunity / 90% damage resist for 10 seconds.

Reversed: 120 second petrification of the person hit. The statue, unlike the base statue, is indestructible.

Justice Card.gif
Normal: A first aid kit, a small chemical grenade that does not gib, a magical key that is one use and only works on airlocks / windoors, and 100 credits.

Reversed: Spawns a random cargo crate.

The Hermit
The Hermit Card.gif
Normal: Teleports you to a random vending machine on the station level.

Reversed: Sells guns, batons, armor, and grenades in range directly into money!

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune Card.gif
Normal: Spawns a random vending machine.

Reversed: Person hit is forced to roll a die of fate!

Strength Card.gif
Normal: Vampire gladiator + blood swell for 30 seconds. Naturally blocks ranged weapons, and no defensive barrier.

Reversed: Two minutes of hallucinations and 30 brain damage, for those around the user.

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man Card.gif
Normal: Float off the ground for a minute.

Reversed: Person hit is forced to use a cursed slot machine that spawns.

Death Card.gif
Normal: 20 brute 20 burn damage to everyone but the user on the screen.

Reversed: Spawns a soulstone shard and a construct shell.

Temperance Card.gif
Normal: Obtains changeling's Panacea ability + 60 organ damage healing.

Reversed: The target forcibly eats 5 pills with random reagents.

The Devil
The Devil Card.gif
Normal: Shadow mend, a three second heal of a total of 45 brute and burn, but rather than hurting you, it's debuff targets others around you!

Reversed: Spawns a cluster flashbang that's already primed.

The Tower
The Tower Card.gif
Normal: A clusterbang of IEDS that's already primed.

Reversed: Turfs that are not indestructable, or having a mob, and pass a 66% chance, get turned into labormineral rock.

The Stars
The Stars Card.gif
Normal: Teleports you to evidence and opens 1 random evidence locker.

Reversed: 50 clone damage, gives a random limb either a fracture, IB, or a burn wound. The person hit draws 2 cards!

The Moon
The Moon Card.gif
Normal: Teleports you to a random ruin, targeting the z-level you are on first, then space ruins. Changes the turf to a plating to prevent wall spawning and grants a pickaxe.

Reversed: The person who is hit, their memory is shown to everyone in a 5 tile radius.

The Sun
The Sun Card.gif
Normal: One aheal, healing you of everything.

Reversed: A weakened version of the max power umbra ability for a minute, and nearsighted to the person hit.

Judgement Card.gif
Normal: Summons the ghosts to orbit you.

Reversed: Five minutes off the Moderate event timer.

The World
The World Card.gif
Normal: Smoke, and grants xray for 2 minutes.

Reversed: Teleports you to the mining base.


Loadout Name Description Equipment
Offense Focus - Mutant
A spell set focused around the Mutate spell as its main source of damage, which provides stun protection, laser eyes, and strong punches.

Ethereal Jaunt and Blink provide escape and mobility, while Magic Missile and Disintegrate can be used together for dangerous or key targets. As this set lacks any form of healing or resurrection, healing items should be acquired from the station, and you should be careful to avoid being hurt in the first place.

Provides Mutate, Ethereal Jaunt, Blink, Magic Missile, and Disintegrate.
Defense Focus - Lich
This spell set uses the Bind Soul spell to safeguard your life as a lich and allow for more dangerous offensive spells to be used.

Ethereal Jaunt provides escape, Fireball and Rod Form are your offensive spells, and Disable Tech and Forcewall provide utility in disabling sec equipment or blocking their path. Care should be taken in hiding the item you choose as your phylactery after using Bind Soul, as you cannot revive if it is destroyed or too far from your body!

Provides Bind Soul, Ethereal Jaunt, Fireball, Rod Form, Disable Tech, and Greater Forcewall.
Utility Focus - Wands
This set contains a Belt of Wands, providing offensive, defensive, and utility wands. Wands have limited charges but can be partially recharged with the Charge spell included.

Ethereal Jaunt and Blink provide escape and mobility, while Disintegrate and Repulse can be used to annihilate or push away anyone who gets too close to you. Do not lose any of your wands to the station's crew, as they are extremely deadly even in their hands. Remember that the Revive wand can be used on yourself for a full heal!

Provides a Belt of Wands, Charge, Ethereal Jaunt, Blink, Repulse, and Disintegrate.
Mime malaise.png
... Provides Finger Gun and Invisible Greater Wall manuals, Mime Robes, a Cane and Duct Tape, Ethereal Jaunt, Blink, Teleport, Mime Malaise, Knock, and Stop Time.
Gunslinging Reaper
Cloned over and over, the souls aboard this station yearn for a deserved rest.

Bring them to the afterlife, one trigger pull at a time. You will likely need to scavenge additional ammo or weapons aboard the station.

Provides a .357 Revolver, 4 speedloaders of ammo, Ethereal Jaunt, Blink, Summon Item, No Clothes, and Bind Soul, with a unique outfit.
Tyde The Grey
Gas mask.png
A set of legendary artifacts used by a bald, grey wizard, now passed on to you.

Open His Grace's latch once you are ready to kill by using It in your hand. Keep It fed or you will be Its next meal. If your Homing Toolbox spell is not enough, you might want to raid the Armory or loot a Security Officer to get more ranged weapons like a disabler, His Grace's Hunger has little patience.

Provides His Grace, an Ancient Jumpsuit, an Assistant ID, a Gas Mask and Shoes, Insulated Gloves, a full Toolbelt, Ethereal Jaunt, Force Wall, Homing Toolbox, Knock, and No Clothes.
Oblivion Enforcer
The Oblivion Order is an isolated clique of monks that revere supermatter. Oblivion Enforcers are how the Order imposes their will on the universe as a whole. By taking this loadout, you give up your identity and become a faceless hand of the Order.

You will be completely protected from the effects of supermatter by the items granted here, so far as to allow you to pick up and throw supermatter slivers, which your halberd can cut from the engine.

Provides a Supermatter Halberd, Oblivion Enforcer robes, and an air tank, as well as Instant Summons, Lightning Bolt, and Summon Supermatter Crystal.
Fireball. Fireball. Fireball.
Who cares about the rest of the spells. Become an expert in fire magic. Devote yourself to the craft. The only spell you need anyways is Fireball. Provides fire immunity, homing fireballs, rapid-fire fireballs, and some fireball wands. Provides no mobility spells. Replaces your robes with infernal versions.

Game Ending Conditions

  • If the wizard and their apprentice die, the crew wins.
  • If the wizard gets transformed into something non-humanoid such as a borg or xenobiology mob (except slimes) then they count as dead. Being turned into a real xenomorph won't end the round.
  • If the wizard survives to the end of the round then they win.

Roleplaying Background

The Space Wizard Federation is a known terrorist organisation, tied to the Cult of Nar-Sie and the Syndicate... By Nanotrasen, at least.

CaptainHead of PersonnelHead of SecurityChief EngineerResearch DirectorChief Medical OfficerQuartermaster
Nanotrasen RepresentativeBlueshield Officer
Internal AffairsMagistrate
WardenSecurity OfficerDetective
Station EngineerAtmospheric Technician
Medical DoctorParamedicChemistGeneticistVirologistPsychologistCoroner
Cargo TechnicianShaft MinerExplorer
AnimalAssistantDerelict ResearcherGhostGolemSyndicate Researcher
AICyborgMaintenance DronePersonal AI
AbductorsAsh WalkerBlobChangelingConstructContractorCultistGuardianLavaland EliteMorphNuclear AgentRevenantRevolutionaryShadow DemonSlaughter DemonSITSyndicate ResearcherTerror SpiderPulse DemonTraitorVampireWizardXenomorphZombie
Central Command OfficerDeath CommandoEmergency Response TeamHighlanderTradersSpecial Event RolesSuper HeroesSyndicate Infiltration TeamCluwne