Nuclear Agent

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Nuclear Agent

Superiors: The Syndicate
Difficulty: Very Hard
Guides: Syndicate Items, Nuclear Agent Items, Guide to Combat, Guide to Medical
Access: Any place an e-mag or a block of C4 will open
Duties: GET DAT FUKKEN DISK, Arm the nuke, Blow up the station.

Nuclear Agents are chosen, or have been chosen to be one of the few, the strong, the Elite. Their Mission, whether or not they choose to accept it will be to destroy the most advanced research facility of the dastard Nanotrasen Corporation! That's right, they are going to the
NSS Cyberiad.

Your Objectives

  1. Retrieve the Nuclear Authentication Disk
  2. Arm the Nuclear Fission Explosive inside the NSS Cyberiad
  3. Escape alive on the Syndicate Shuttle

Home Base

Upon starting the round, you and your fellow operatives will find yourself in a Syndicate Hideout. You will only be able to access the small part dedicated to the Nuclear team. It has the main meeting room, a locker room, and a hallway leading to the Syndicate Nuclear Shuttle. It is important to take a look around the base because it has important items that can assist you with accomplishing your objectives

All nuclear operatives start with a tactical turtleneck, combat gloves, a headset with a Syndicate encryption key, a pinpointer locked to the nuclear disk's location, a stechkin pistol and a backpack with a cyanide pill and radio uplink in it.

The radio uplink is like an unlocked Syndicate PDA - it can order most traitor items and much, much more! Simply use the radio in your active hand to open the uplink. You can communicate with your fellow operatives by using :t

Items Available From Inside the Base

Item Description
Military Belt
A belt that can hold Grenades, Weapons, Ammo, etc. A Must-Have Item
Night Vision Goggles
Goggles that will allow you to see in the dark. Use the darkness to your advantage!
Ion Rifle
Ion Rifle.gif
Useful against anything electric including IPCs, Borgs, and Energy Weapons. Will EMP anything it hits so be careful where you fire it.
YouTool Vendor
Tool Vendor.gif
Dispenses any tool you may need. Useful in the event explosives or E-mags would be too loud for your operation.
A virtual friend that you can bring along with you on your journey. Alternatively the PAI may be able to share some wisdom with you.
Big Red Button
Not just for show! Pressing this button will immediately detonate any active Syndicate Bomb.
For slipping those pesky crew members.

The Nuclear Shuttle


This is your lifeboat for completing your objectives. It is fully stocked with most of the equipment you will need outside of your uplink and home base. In the bottom left of the shuttle is a fully stocked medbay with Syndicate Sleepers and surgery equipment. Additionally there are borg rechargers and an O2 Tank. To the right of that is a basic engineering area with explosives, Assemblies, and some tools. Just above that is the airlock which will let you in and out of the shuttle. And to the left of the airlock is the EVA area with Syndie hardsuits, Internals, and a locker stocked with Bulldog Shotguns. At the very top is the bridge with consoles for placing yourself wherever you need to be.

The shuttle comes with rudimentary defence turrets on the outside. However, the best way to keep out intruders is to keep the shutters on the bridge shut and the blast door in the airlock closed.

Items Available From Inside the Shuttle

Item Description
Blood-Red Hardsuit
The signature armor of nuke ops. It protects well against bullets and lasers. It comes with a built-in jetpack allowing you to fly in space using the suit's internals.
Bulldog Shotgun
Bulldog Shotgun - A handy semi-automatic shotgun that comes loaded with slug shells by default, which will deal a whopping 60 damage on hit. However there's no spare ammo for it lying around, so you'll need to buy more magazines through your uplink.
Suspicious Toolbox
It's like a standard blue toolbox, but more sinister looking, lacks an analyzer, but has a multitool and an extra pair of combat gloves instead.
Suspicious Beacon
Tracking beacon.png
Spawns a Syndicate Bomb (makes a big hole), which can be detonated early with the big red button.
Real men not only blow up the entire station, but steal the AI as well.
Military PDA
Comes with a detomatix cartridge, and can open and close your shuttle's blast doors.
Compact Oxygen Jetpack
Jet Pack.png
Can be used for internals and allows you to freely fly in space rather than float in one single direction.
Various Medical Supplies
Medical kits, spare prosphetic limbs, a syndicate sleeper, bone repair kit and various medical kits. Handy for healing injuries both on and off the ship.
Omnizine Donk Pockets
Donks filled with meth and stimulants. Eating more than one at a time WILL KILL YOU! Be careful.
Box of Flashbangs
Fill up free space on your military belt with one or two of these. Works great against regular crew, but security and some command staff will likely have protection against these.
Box of Tear Gas Grenades
Useful against people not wearing masks, which is... very few people.
Use it to blow open a wall or an airlock that you can't get past quickly enough otherwise.
Surgery duffelbag
Fully stocked with surgery equipment, useful if you don't have a mediborg.

Assault Pod

For 125 Telecrystals, you can purchase the Assault Pod. It is located directly east of the home base. Once purchased, you can use it to drop into any location on the Cyberiad. It has 8 turrets, 2 for each corner. It's a good tool for it you wish to go loud and storm the disk ASAP. However, it is a one-use one-way trip. Make sure that one operative stays behind to pilot the shuttle.


For 100 TC, you can purchase the Teleporter Circuit Board. In your Nuclear Team Shuttle there is an unfinished Teleporter setup. You can construct this, emag it, and it will allow you to teleport to any tracking beacon on station. Your beacon cannot be teleported to unless you emag a teleporter on-station.


Upon spawning in, one operative is designated as the leader - they should be the one to decide what kind of approach the team should take in getting the nuclear disk, as well as spawning with the war declaration device.

The very first thing you should do is memorize the nuclear code! The code will be on a piece of paper in the base, as well as being given directly to the leader in their own notes at the start of the round. DO NOT FORGET IT, write it down if you have to.


Before you drown yourself in guns, bombs and ammo, you should make up and discuss a plan with your fellow operatives. The first thing to decide is whether to go in guns blazing, or take a more stealthy approach. Both have their pros and cons.

If you choose to go the stealthy approach, you will be stuck with the TC you get a round-start. However, you will have the element of surprise/stealth and you can choose to assault the station at whatever point you want to.

If you choose to go guns blazing. Your leader should "declare war" with the war declaration device.

Declaring War

Declaration of War - "The Syndicate Nuclear Strike Team Leader has declared their intent to utterly destroy NSS Cyberiad with a nuclear device, and dares the crew to try and stop them."

It is possible to use the small device found on the nuclear operatives leader to declare war on the station within the first 10 minutes of the round. This will send a loud warning to the station's personnel warning them of the Nuclear Operatives' soon arrival, but give you an additional 180 TC to buy more equipment, as well as four crystals for every crew member over 50. These crystals will be split evenly between your team members. However, you will also be required to wait until the round time reaches 20 minutes before you can use the shuttle, in order to give the crew time to prepare for your arrival.

As declaring war throws any element of surprise or stealth out the window, there are some additional things you should consider before wasting all your TC on guns and ramming into the station:

  • Cargo will almost always be supplying guns to the crew once war gets declared. Consider bombing the cargo bay once you're able to land in order to prevent them from supplying any more arms.
  • Invest in medical equipment - You are likely going to be taking on several crew members eager to gun you down and those bullet wounds will add up over time. A medborg can do the job, or you can have an operative buy a medbeam gun and medical kit to keep the other operatives alive. Just be careful if you're using two medbeams at once as the beams will cause an explosion if they cross.
  • Declaring war can give you enough TC to afford a mech or two, but make sure you stick with the other operatives - the mechs are strong but not very agile and easily torn apart when alone and surrounded.

Most times declaring war means facing a completely armed and armored station filled with barricades and the Captain snug and secure with the disk.


Once Again, you should take a look around for what equipment is already available. Then you should format a plan, once you have done both of those you can start purchasing what equipment you need. In order to purchase equipment, you will need to access your uplink Syndicate uplink.png which is inside your bag at round-start.

All equipment you can purchase is shown in Syndicate Items and Nuclear Agent Items

Recommended Equipment

The unique guns available to nuke ops are very nice, but you'll want to ensure you buy some of the less exciting items as well to ensure a successful mission. The following is a list of items useful in any plan that you'll want to consider in your loadout:

AdrenalImp.png Adrenal Implant (40TC) / AutoImplanter.png CNS Rebooter (60TC) - Both of these work well in combating or preventing stuns - which will render you helpless. The adrenals can be used to recover from a stun instantly but have limited uses, whereas the CNS rebooter only shortens stun times but cannot be disabled or run out of uses.

Emag.png E-Mag (30TC) / AccessTuner.gif Access Tuner (30TC) - You won't have access to anywhere but maintenance when you board, being able to force open doors is highly useful in getting to the disk's location. The Access Tuner takes longer to work, but can also unbolt any doors the AI has locked you out of.

Syndikit.png Combat Medic Kit (20TC) - Much cheaper than the medbeam gun with the bonus of being usable on yourself. Has two emergency stabilization medipens that can keep you going in emergency situations.

Syndi Magboots.png Blood-Red Magboots (10TC) / SyndicateShoes.png Chameleon No-Slips (20TC) - Prevents issues with atmos forcing you into space, as well as preventing slips from water or banana peels alike. The magboots are cheaper but need to be on for protection, slow you down and are extremely obvious. The no-slips have no speed penalty and work well for stealth at a higher price.

DuffleSyndiShotgun.png Additional Ammo (TC Varies) - Self-explanatory, but you'll want to make sure you have enough magazines to deal with whatever plan you're going for. Assuming of course the plan calls for a gun in the first place.

Diamond drill.png Diamond-Tipped Drill (5TC) - You should save 5TC on your uplink in the event you need to use this rather than buying it beforehand. Makes getting into the safe relatively stress-free compared to having to raid medical for a stethoscope and read up on how to crack it while in a firefight.


As part of your uplink, you have the option to call in reinforcements. These can come in the form of more (organic) operatives or specialized syndicate borgs. This can be super helpful if you want more manpower. Additionally have the borgs can provide critical support to keeping you alive longer and otherwise making breaching the station easier.

When you purchase these reinforcements they will be pulled from the pool of Ghosts observing the round. So it's a roll of the dice as to how robust your reinforcements may be. For more information an TC costs, see Support Items

Available Reinforcements

Item Description
Syndicate Reinforcement
Teleports in another nuclear operative to add to your team. They come equipped with only basic equipment, so make sure you set aside spare telecrystals to buy them some gear.
Syndicate Assault Cyborg
A cyborg designed and programmed for systematic extermination of non-Syndicate personnel. The combat borg module has more than enough firepower to eliminate most enemies, including a 15 round grenade launcher, a single-shot heavy machine gun, and an energy sword. They come with an emag and crowbar to force open doors it cannot interface with and an operative/NAD pinpointer to prevent it from getting separated from other operatives. Also comes equipped with nano paste for machine repair.
Syndicate Medical Cyborg
A cyborg designed and programmed for keeping syndicate operatives alive in the field. It comes with a medibeam gun that works the same way as the handheld version operatives can buy, as well as a hypospray loaded with extremely strong healing nanites, which will quickly heal even the worst injuries. It can keep other syndicate cyborgs alive with nanopaste and features an entire set of surgical equipment should emergency surgery become a necessity. They come with an energy saw for close range combat, an emag and crowbar to force open doors it cannot interface with, and an operative/NAD pinpointer to prevent it from getting separated from other operatives.
Syndicate Saboteur Cyborg
A cyborg designed and programmed for hiding onboard NT stations and sabotaging their equipment. It comes with all the standard engineering tools you can find on any NT engineering borg, as well as a special chameleon disguise module that lets it look just like an engineering cyborg when used. If it needs to defend itself or assassinate a target, it is equipped with an energy sword like that of the combat cyborg. They come with an emag and crowbar to force open doors it cannot interface with, and an operative/NAD pinpointer to prevent it from getting separated from other operatives. Also comes equipped with nano paste for machine repair.


When your team is ready to go, head into the Nuclear Team Shuttle. Have your leader set a custom location on the console and prepare to leave. Your shuttle location should be somewhere not very visible and far off station. Usually going just above/to the side of Solars works well.

Once you are there, ensure your entire team is ready to go and has their internals properly set. Find a location to breach and begin your assault. The most important part of attack is to move quickly, stick together, and keep your eyes on the prize NuclearDisk.gif Your pinpointer should direct you towards the nuke and other operatives if need be. Make sure to activate it so you know where you're going.

Key Targets

Often, you will need to adapt the macro strategy of bombing key location to cripple the crews response and recovery. Syndicate bombs accomplish this task spectacularly.

Cargo Technicians opening weapons crates to arm the crew against a Nuclear Threat

Medbay: Setting a bomb off in medbay will kill many doctors, and prevent most of the crew from being revived after death.

Cargo: Cargo will often order weapons, by taking them out you may stop the crew from arming themselves.

Telecomms and AI: If you can take out these parts of the AI Satellite then you will be able to disable crew communications(yours will still work), and prevent the AI from hindering your progress. Use a sniper rifle with penetrator rounds to completely bypass the AI's reinforced walls.

Finally, you should focus on getting to the Captain as soon as possible. No matter how many people you kill or locations you blow to kingdom come, only getting the NAD will ensure victory. Find whoever has it and drag them off ASAP. Make sure to not grab a Plant Data Disk by accident!


Part of accomplishing the mission is living to see it through. Stick with your team and make sure to utilize enhancing drugs to mitigate stuns. Always have some form of medical equipment on you to heal injuries you will inevitably get.

If you have to retreat and regroup. Reanalyze the situation and find a different path to the NAD. Go back to the shuttle if you have to heal/recharge/rearm.

Arming the Nuclear Warhead

Once you have acquired the NAD. Get back to your shuttle and grab the Nuclear Warhead. You have to use the one in your shuttle. Once you have it, fly back to the station and find a spot to anchor the nuke. You must anchor it inside the station(solars/toxins DOES NOT COUNT) and it must be past Arrivals.
Step to Success:

  • Quickly right click the nuke and deploy it.
  • Click it with your open hand.
  • Place the Nuke disk into the slot.
  • Punch in the nuke code, hit enter.
  • Set the time.
  • Set it to Armed.
  • Anchor it(if not already anchored).
  • Take the Nuke Disk out.
  • Take the Nuke Disk with you, or it'll be real embarrassing when a greyshirt finds the nuke by chance and disarms it.
  • Get back to your shuttle.
  • If any other nuke agents are alive, give them a moment to get to the shuttle (Examining your pinpointer will tell you how much time is left before the nuke goes off).
  • GTFO and relish in your victory.
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