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Superiors: N/A
Difficulty: Medium
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Everywhere with an unwelded vent.
Duties: Consume. Disguise.

Morphs are antagonists created either through a random event spawn or summoned by a wizard which consume humanoids and reproduce on the station. Morphs have a simple yet dangerous ability: they can change into anyone and anything. Coupled with their hunting styles and ability to reproduce, they're a serious threat if not addressed immediately.

The Monster Among Us

Not much known is known about Morphs because their history is shrouded in many conflicting theories that are often unclear or turn out to be false false. In their natural form, they are a mass of green flesh, making them easy to spot. However, they have the ability to take on the appearance of any person, object, or creature that they can see. With this ability, they can walk or hide among the crew, where they wait to strike and devour anyone and anything nearby.

Despite this, their appearance is cosmetic. If examined at a close range, it's possible to tell a person or object doesn't appear to be right. They can't use any items or tools that the the person they copy is wearing or holding. No matter what form they're in, they are not able to use objects or devices, nor can they hold anything. Their speech comes out with a gurgling tone, making it possible to identify one by its speech.

Morphs gain resources by eating creatures which they can then spend on reproducing themselves or increasing their mobility.

Morph Abilities

In order to ambush prey and spread itself, the Morph has a variety of abilities that it can utilize. While most are free to use, in order to reproduce and smash open vents, a morph must exhaust some of it's gathered food resources. On top of these abilities, a morph can crawl into an open vent or scrubber by alt-clicking it.

Ability Cost Description
Morph Mimic.png
Free Learn a new form to mimic or become one of your five known forms. Click on a target to remember it's form and click on yourself to change form. Learning a new form when you already have five will cause the earliest form to be forgotten.
Morph Ambush.png
Free While morphed, morphs can prepare an ambush. This will make their first attack extra powerful and will weaken the target. When somebody touches the morph with their hands, the Morph will ambush them, dealing even more damage. Moving or attacking objects will cancel the ambush. After standing still for 15 seconds, this ability will make the morphs disguise perfect, removing the "there is something wrong" message when examining. An alert will be shown to notify the user that the morph is in this mode.
Pass Airlock
Morph Pass Airlock.png
Free In order to achieve more mobility, morphs can squeeze through airlocks. It takes about 6 seconds to perform and does not work on bolted airlocks.
Morph Reproduce.png
150 Food Once enough food is gathered, a morph can use this ability to make a copy of themselves. If no ghost is willing to take the new morph, the food will be refunded and the morph will be alerted that a new morph could not be made at this time.
Smash Vent
Morph Acid Vent.png
10 Food Since the crew often welds vents to hinder vent-crawling antagonists, for a low food cost, a morph may need to open up a welded vent. Morphs can use this ability to spit acid onto the vent nearest to them. After 4 seconds the vent will open.

Consuming and Reproducing

Your ultimate objective on the station is to consume as much matter as possible and reproduce as many time as possible.

While in morph form, you move just slightly slower than humanoids but deal high melee damage. While morphed, Morphs move much slower. However, while morphed they can prepare an ambush attack to quickly take down prey. In addition to ambush tactics, morphs can also use their various mobility abilities to break into places and eat unprotected mobs or distracted crew members.

Different mobs offer different amounts of food resources. Tiny mobs like mice give 5 food. Small mobs like pets and diona nymphs give 10 food. Humanoid mobs (most mobs) give 20 food with a 10 additional food bonus for sentient crew members. Large mobs like drakes and goliaths give 30 food. Once 150 food is gathered, a morph should find a place to reproduce. This can done in a variety of places such as random rooms, maintenance, or even while in a pipe network. By nature, the more morphs on station, the faster they will reproduce until all food sources are consumed.

Combatting Morphs

Generally Morphs do not pose a major threat as long as they are taken out quickly. Much like any other vent-crawling antag, welding vents is a very effective means to restricting their mobility and forcing them into certain areas. In addition, if the morph consumes a trackable object, a pinpointer will always point towards the morph that consumed said object so use this to your advantage. Securing places like Xenobiology, Virology, and the Kitchen will go a long ways towards ensuring the morphs does not get free food resources.

Once killed, a bubbling corpse of the morph will be left behind. Use a sharp object on harm intent on it to butcher it. This will release all the people (and items) the morph consumed. Butchering the corpse allows the crew to retrieve consumed items and to revive fallen crew members!

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