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Superiors: Chief Medical Officer
Difficulty: Medium
Guides: Guide to Virology, Guide to Medical
Access: Medbay, Morgue, Operating Theatre, Virology
Duties: Infect monkeys, cure diseases, splice new viruses.

Congratulations Doctor, you have been selected to study and treat various types of viruses, and create valuable vaccines. So grab your latex gloves, get your breathing mask on, and head over to Virology. As a Virologist (Also known as Pathologist or a Microbiologist) your main job is to find a virus, analyze it, and then produce a cure. Additionally, you will experiment with different viruses and possibly create your very own virus that is beneficial to the station.


Discovering the Cure

In event that there is a disease outbreak, it is up to you to come up with a cure. The only current way of detecting whether someone has an unknown virus is to take their blood and put it in the centrifuge in virology so start sampling! Determine the symptoms and find a cure. Work with your CMO to ensure quick distribution of the cure/vaccine.

Manufacturing Viruses

The other part of your job is researching beneficial diseases. You can create viruses that heal people, reduce the need to breathe, and even barf butterflies(if you so desire). Creating one is relatively simple and will require you to mess around with other viruses and experiment. See more about splicing and radiating viruses in the Guide to Virology.

Your Office

You will spend most of the shift in Virology. You have three pens filled with monkeys as test subjects for your diseases. Additionally, you have a small work area that has a fridge for cultures as well as a machine that can analyze diseases. To get in and out, you must utilize the airlock, before leaving, you should always be sure to cleanse yourself of any foreign bacteria to ensure that an outbreak doesn't occur.

Proper Safety

Always wear a full biohazard suit when working with diseases. The last thing you want to happen is for a disease to be spread among your fellow crew members. Wear full internals to ensure you don't virally ingest a virus.

The Black Death in Space Swordred.gif

Being a traitor is where a dangerous job like this one really shines. Make sure you get the Heads of Staff to crack a virus crate open for you, or use a traitor item on it to pop it open yourself. Brain Rot is quite an effective way to disable the crew.

Releasing a pandemic is also a good way to cause chaos, creating a convenient cover for illicit activities. As an added bonus, curing the disease and eradicating it from the station is a good way to get in the good graces of the crew, further protecting you from any suspicion. As always, protecting yourself from the disease is most important.

NOTE: Releasing non benefical diseases when not a traitor is a great way to be banned!

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