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Cargo Technician

Superiors: Quartermaster directly, who in turn reports into the Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Easy
Guides: Guide to Paperwork, Supply Crates
Access: Cargo Bay, Mail Room, Maintenance
Duties: Distribute crates to the departments that ordered them, collect empty crates, load and unload the supply shuttle.

Supply Department

Cargo Techs are responsible for loading and unloading of crates, printing objects in the Autolathe and delivering ordered crates to various locations around the station. This is one of the best jobs to begin to pick up more intermediate game mechanics and start out with due to its simplicity. Your radio key is 'u', so beginning a message with ':u' will broadcast your voice on the Supply channel.

Your workplace

The Cargo Bay is your home as a Cargo Technician and where you start the game. It contains a Hand Labeler, a Cell Charger and Power Cell set, a Station Bounced Radio, some Rods, a Multitool, a Med-kit, some empty Crates, a MULE, a Copy Machine, and an Autolathe.

Your Boss

Your immediate boss is the Quartermaster who will be the one giving you most of your assignments and guidance. The Quartermaster reports to the Head of Personnel or the Acting HoP. Do what they order you to do as long as it is within the Standard Operating Procedures and Space Law. If you're in doubt on how to fulfill your role, you should bring your questions and concerns to your Quartermaster first.

Crate Delivery Procedure

After removing crates from the supply shuttle, it's usually a good idea to remove the supply manifest from the crate and ensure that the crate was correctly shipped to the station. Common errors include crates intended for a different station or crates with incorrect contents. Keeping these crates will result in a loss of cargo points! It is very important that when a bad crate arrives its supply manifest is stamped with a red DENIED stamp and the crate is returned to the shuttle with all of its contents AND the denied supply manifest inside.

Some crates cannot be opened without access from another department. Don't worry about checking these crates.

Important: Some crates contain objects which cannot be put back into the crate! Don't open crates such as the particle accelerator crate unless you are at the destination of the contents!

Assuming the supply manifest matches the crate ordered, the crate can now be delivered. Disposals mailing is a good option, but some crates such as the station goal need to make it into the hands of someone who knows what they are doing.

If possible, retrieve crates after dropping off their contents. You can use the rapid crate sender (found in the mailing room) to easily return a crate to the mailing room. The RCS has 10 charges before it needs to be placed in the recharger in the mailing room.

Once the contents have been confirmed you can safely ship the supply manifest back with the shuttle. Stamp the manifest with the green GRANTED stamp and place the manifest into a crate being returned for some extra points.

Some quartermasters will be more strict or relaxed about delivery procedures. It's up to you to decide how "by the book" you act as a cargo tech.

Disposals Mailing

If you're looking for the area page, click here.

This is an alternative way of delivering items, and is usually preferable to MULE transport as long as the pipes are still intact.

  1. Wrap your item/crate with package wrapper.
  2. Pick up the destination tagger and click in your hand to set a destination.
  3. Use the destination tagger on the parcel.
    • Optional: Use a pen to write a message on the parcel, or custom set a destination.
  4. Stick it on the conveyor, or dump it in a disposals unit, and let the system handle it.
    • Tip: Click and drag the large parcels to disposals units to put them in. This can only be done a few times however.

You can also gift wrap packages, but these cannot be tagged with a destination, and have to be delivered manually. This will not work with large objects. The process isn't too difficult either.

  1. Wrap the item you wish to gift in package wrapper to make it a parcel.
  2. Get yourself wrapping paper from either an ArtVendor by the holodeck, or find it in maintenance.
  3. Hold the wrapping paper in your active hand, then click the previously made parcel which contains your gift.
  4. You now have turned a boring looking parcel into a gift box! Good job!

Gift wrapping a human is also possible, but they must have a straightjacket on and you need the wrapping paper in your hand. This is usually not a good idea.

Using the MULEBot

  1. Drag the crate on to the MULE.
  2. Set a destination with your PDA or on the control panel.
  3. Send the MULE off!

How to Recharge the MULEBot

  1. Open up the maintenance panel with a screwdriver (Make sure the controls are unlocked first!).
  2. Take out the power cell (top entry).
  3. Insert charged power cell.
  4. Close panel with screwdriver.

Traitoring Swordred.gif

You're a bit of in a pickle here, but wait - there's an Autolathe that can help you GREATLY. Be careful though, if there is a Quartermaster, he will probably notice your shady activities in the Cargo Bay. It is possible to emag the cargo ordering console and order certain special shipments, which will help you greatly if you manage to sneak them onto the station unnoticed by your colleagues.

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