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Superiors: The Syndicate
Difficulty: Varies, from Medium to Extremely Hard
Guides: Guide to Contractor, Syndicate Items, Cryptographic Sequencer
Access: Your workplace or any place your Syndicate items will open.
Duties: Fufill your objectives

Contractors are a variant of the Traitor. Like Traitors, they receive a hidden uplink in their PDA as well as codewords. However, they forfeit their 100 initial telecrystals for access to kidnapping contracts that reward TC upon completion, potentially resulting in a TC total higher than the initial 100.

Welcome to the Big Leagues

Becoming a Contractor

If you are ready to do the jump and join the elite, access the hidden uplink within your PDA and purchase the Contractor Kit in the Bundles category.

Two things will happen then:

  1. You will lose all of your 100 TC, but don't worry! You will have the chance of earning them and more.
  2. You will receive a Contractor Kit that contains essential supplies to get you started as a Contractor. It contains:
Name Description
Contractor Uplink
A Contractor's lifeline. It allows them to view the contracts available to them and accept them. It also permits the withdrawal of telecrystals once a contract is confirmed completed. Finally, it allows for Contractor-specific purchases.
Contractor Standard Loadout Box
A box containing basic gear issued to all Contractors. The contents can be found below.
Contractor Guide
A detailed paper explaining you the basics of being a Contractor, from receiving the kit to kidnapping someone and finally extracting them. Make sure to read it then dispose of it permanently by burning it!
3 random low TC cost items A random assortment of Syndicate Items to aid you in your contracting endeavours. Most items cost less than 25 TC and there may not be duplicates.

The possible items are: (organized in 3 bullets depending on the item's purpose — there is no such distinction in-game!)

  • Offensive: Donksoft SMG, Boxed Throwing Kit, Foam Force Riot Pistol, Syndicate Soap, Dart Gun Kit, Rapid Syringe Gun, Pack of C4 Charges
  • Mixed: Boxed EMP Kit, EMP Flashlight
  • Support: Syndicate Donk Pockets, Traitor Belt, Chameleon No-Slip Shoes, Suspicious Toolbox, Surgery Duffelbag, AI Detector, Syndicate Encryption Key, Radio Jammer, Freedom Implant, Big Brother Obsfuscitation Suit

The Standard Loadout Box contains the following:

Name Description
Contractor Space Suit
An exclusive space suit. Useful for manoeuvring around the station from space. Does not come with internals. The suit and helmet are ultra-compact, meaning they can fit in your pockets!
Contractor Baton
A telescopic baton that applies light electrical shocks. Unlike regular batons, this one has a very low knockdown time and cooldown time (up to 4 seconds) but it deals 70 stamina damage. It is an excellent tool for exhausting your target, making your chases easier. Hitting them twice will exhaust them completely (stamina crit), immobilizing them for some time. This baton is capable of stunning cyborgs, handy if they are being an annoyance.

Like the regular telescopic baton, attacking a target on Help intent will knockdown them while Harm intent will do a regular attack.

Chameleon Jumpsuit and Mask
Chameleon jumpsuit.gifGas mask.png
A chameleon jumpsuit and chameleon voice changer that allow you to change your uniform and voice at will, perfect to conceal your identity.
Agent ID Card
Id regular.png
A special ID card that can be used to forge any identity and occupation. While it starts with very basic access (maintenance tunnels and external airlocks), it can scan real ID cards to gain their access. Use it in-hand to set the ID's name, displayed occupation, and card appearance.

Remember to wear it when kidnapping people to conceal your identity and to scan their ID cards to gain more access throughout the station.

Syndicate Cigarettes
Syndicate Smoke.png
Cigarettes infused with Omnizine, a healing chemical.

Don't smoke one for too long, or you will get addicted to it, causing crippling effects!

A zippo lighter. Use it to light cigarettes or burn the contractor guide.

Contractor Quick Guide

Here is a quick primer on the most important aspects of being a Contractor:

Contractor Uplink

This is your most important item as Contractor — do not lose it or you will be unable to accept contracts or withdraw TC! Using it will bring up its' interface, which is divided in 2 parts:

  • Your Contractor statistics for the round. From there you can see your unclaimed TC, number of completed contracts and your Contractor Rep (more on that further down).
  • Two tabs serving as the main content:
    • Contracts: The most important tab. Accept contracts from there.
    • Hub: Allows you to spend Contractor Rep for special purchases.

Accepting a Contract

Before you can kidnap a crew member and earn TC, you need to accept a contract. Open the Contracts tab in your Contractor Uplink and you will be presented with a list of contracts. Each contract contains the following information:

  • The name, occupation and photograph of the target to kidnap.
  • An IC reason as to why they are a target. These are randomly generated, so don't pay too much attention to it.
  • More importantly, the Extraction Zone. This decides where your target is to be brought and extracted from. Each contract has 3 possible extraction zones, each varying in difficulty. You may pick (and lock the contract) only one location — there is no going back once you made your choice, so be careful!
  • The TC payout per contract depends on the chosen Extraction Zone. Maintenance tunnels are generally considered easy, so have the lowest payout. Highly frequented or restricted areas are considered more difficult and thus yield more TC as a reward.

Once you've ascertained the available contracts, you are free to accept one by picking one of its' extraction zones. You will be locked to that contract until it is either completed or aborted. That means you can only do one contract at a time.

Performing the Contract

So you've accepted a contract, memorised your target's name, job and appearance. It's time to get to work.

Here is a list of useful equipment that you can procure to make your job easier:

  • Zipties.png Cable Ties: Restrains your victim, preventing them from using items or moving when you are pulling them. Always carry a pair. Make them using 15 cable coils.
  • Stunprod.gif Stun Prod: Boasts a longer stun time compared to your baton but has a limited battery. Good opener when kidnapping someone. Craft it with metal rods, an igniter and cable ties, then add a power cell to it.
  • Syringegun.png Syringe Gun: You can load them with syringes containing tranquillizers such as Ether or Morphine, making anyone shot with them fall asleep after some time! Another option is loading them with Perfluorodecalin which, as long as there are more than 4 units in the bloodstream, will silence anyone, preventing them from calling for help.

Once you have the equipment you need, forge yourself a new identity (or an existing one to frame another crew member) using your Agent ID, Chameleon Jumpsuit and Mask to throw Security off when you are called out. Make contact with your target then kidnap and restrain them when the time is right. Bring them to the chosen extraction zone and access your Contractor Uplink. If you have the correct target and you are both in the selected extraction zone, the Call Extraction button will light up — click it and stand still to start the extraction process:

  1. The process starts by you lighting up a signal flare.
  2. Once it's lit up, a portal will appear shortly after.
  3. Finally, when the portal appears, push the target in it. It will not accept non-targets.

Important: The portal remains up for 5 minutes. After that period it will vanish and you will have to wait some time before calling for another extraction, so be swift!

Package Received

You kidnapped your target, called down the extraction portal and pushed them into it. Now what? Well, the portal will vanish along with your target and your contract will be marked as complete. Your Contractor Uplink will be credited with the TC reward according to the chosen extraction zone with a substantial penalty if the target was extracted while dead! Your ATM account will also be credited with a random amount of Credits, although this is less important.

With this, you've successfully completed a contract, congratulations! You can withdraw your hard-earned TC through your Contractor Uplink — they will appear in your hand, so make sure to have your hidden uplink ready to cash them in. After that, you are free to take up another of your remaining contracts.

Aborting a Contract

If you feel a contract you've accepted suddenly became very difficult or impossible to complete, you have the ability to abort it through your Contractor Uplink. However, you will not be able to take it up again nor will a new one be given to you, losing precious TC!

Contractor Rep

Contractor Rep is a special currency you earn from completing contracts, at a rate of 2 Rep per contract. It permits the purchase of items and other things that are generally unique to Contractors.

The available purchases are:

Name Description Cost Purchase Limit
Contract Reroll Replaces your inactive contracts with new ones, containing a new target and extraction zones. 2 Rep N/A
Contractor Pinpointer
A low accuracy pinpointer that can track anyone in the sector without the need for suit sensors. Can only be used by the first person to activate it. 1 Rep 2
Fulton Extraction Kit
A balloon that can be used to extract equipment or personnel to a Fulton Recovery Beacon. Anything not bolted down can be moved. Link the pack to a beacon by using the pack in hand.

Does not work indoors!

1 Rep 1
Blackout Overloads the station's power net, shorting random APCs.

Has a global 15 minute cooldown.

3 Rep N/A
Contractor Baton
A replacement baton, good if you need a spare, want to give one to an ally, or got disarmed of your own. 1 Rep 2
Contractor Zippo Lighter
An unique black and gold zippo lighter with no purpose other than showing off. 12 Rep 1
Contractor Balloon
An unique black and gold balloon with no purpose other than showing off.

All contracts must be completed in the hardest location to unlock this.

12 Rep 1


  • Change your identity often to confuse Security. That includes your appearance (clothes, hair), ID card and voice.
  • Contractors receive a kit that is geared towards stealth. Try spending your TC towards stealthy items to remain under the radar!
  • Familiarise yourself with the station's layout and don't hesitate to create hidden escapes to make a clean getaway.
  • Have a contract that is very difficult or impossible to complete? Don't forget you can spend Contractor Rep to reroll all of your inactive contracts!
  • Keep your space suit handy to manoeuvre around the station or escape from people chasing you.
  • Make contact with fellow agents using codewords! If they agree to meet, ask to scan their ID card for their access, opening you more pathways around the station.
  • When kidnapping someone, remember to turn off their suit sensors so that they cannot be tracked through the Crew Monitor.
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