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Superiors: Head Revolutionary
Difficulty: Medium
Guides: N/A
Access: Varies
Duties: Convert most crewmembers using your special flash and kill all of the Heads Of Staff

A Revolutionary is a person who is either a Head Revolutionary or a person who was converted by a Head Revolutionary. They have one simple goal: Take over the station by any means necessary. They will recruit ordinary crewmembers into Revolutionaries and once ready, they will kill the Heads of Staff, and they will kill and destroy whoever and whatever gets in their way.

If the heads of staff die, the revolutionaries win. If the head revolutionaries die, the crew wins.

Viva La Revolution!

During a Revolution round, it's the job of the Head Revolutionaries to run around recruiting their fellow team members to the cause and finding inventive ways to kill the Captain, Head of Security, Head of Personnel, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director and the Quartermaster. The emergency shuttle can be called but will never arrive during this game mode. The round will not end until either side has won. Heads are considered dead if they leave the z-level of the station or enter a locker. They will be listed as having abandoned the station.

Head Revolutionaries

You have a hard job ahead of you that can be rather frustrating.

Your first course of action should be to start flashing people. Be a bit covert about it, but you still want results. If you see someone walking around with sunglasses or a welding mask on, you won't be able to flash them; the same applies to members of Security, those with mindshield implants, and the Heads of Staff themselves. You are equipped with a chameleon security HUD that can disguise itself as a number of different types of glasses; wear it to see who is and is not implanted. If you get spotted, run like hell!

As a rev head, your primary turning targets are Roboticists, Scientists, and the Cargo Technicians; Robotics has replacement flashes, Research Division makes explosives, and Cargo Bay serves as a great base of operations (not to mention that they can order you more flashes and weapons if you have an ID with the right access).

Your number one concern, at least until things get moving, is to STAY LOW. Let the converted revolutionaries do the fighting for you. Keep your identity a secret if possible, and only associate with non-revs if need be (or to flash them).

Converted Revolutionaries

So you spawned, and some jerk next to you just randomly flashed you. Your new job is to find a way to kill heads of staff without getting caught and making sure the head revolutionaries don't die. Remember that, as a converted rev, if you can manage to kill even one head, you've done your job. Also, remember that your game isn't necessarily over if you get caught; most security members will try to convert you or just simply brig you.

Surviving the revolution

Heads of Staff

Your lives are on the line, here. This does not mean "Hide in a closet and hope like hell they don't find me", and it definitely doesn't mean "Let the AI sort it out" or "Just space everyone; we'll find them eventually". Finding revs isn't that hard, and should be fairly simple, assuming the Rev Heads don't have 20 or so followers by this point.

You will need to provide leadership to departments in order to combat this threat. Revolutions are like a plague and they spread fast, get on top of issues and give people orders. DO NOT go out unaccompanied. Stick by armed and mindshielded personal and put your safety above everything else.


Work with command to combat the revolution. You will need to stick together and arrest anyone who seems to be up to devious tasks. You will be the main force keeping the station from being overtaken. Focus on deconversion and mindshielded personnel. Make sure that the revolutionaries do not occupy key area such as the Brig, Cargo, or Medbay


Implanting revolutionaries will cause them to deconvert immediately. If attempting to do this causes a message such as "Robert Robust looks as if they've remembered their true allegiance" you have deconverted them. Naturally, this does not mean implant every person on station. If you suspect someone of being a rev watch them and if they start displaying signs of being pro-revolution, go ahead and implant them.

Additionally, harmbatoning a revolutionary on the head has a chance to deconvert them.

If you implant them, and nothing happens, you were wrong and just implanted somebody who had nothing to do with the revolutionaries. However, if you get a message like "Robert Robust resists the implant", then they are a rev head, and should be executed or sent off-station.

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